DPV366 Figure 03

Potyviridae family

Phylogenetic analysis of coat protein amino acid sequences of members of the family Potyviridae using the FM method (modified from Berger et al., 1997). The family is divided currently into six genera, namely Potyvirus, Macluravirus, Ipomovirus, Tritimovirus, Rymovirus and Bymovirus. As shown here the mite-transmitted Rymovirus species, AgMV, HoMV and RGMV (enclosed in a box), cluster with the aphid-transmitted species of the genus Potyvirus. On the basis of this and other information we believe their inclusion in a separate genus Rymovirus is no longer justified. The Potyviridae Study Group are looking at this proposal to remove the Rymovirus genus and place these mite transmitted viruses in the genus Potyvirus. Other mite-transmitted viruses now form the new Tritimovirus genus. The ‘BCMV +’ represents the bean common mosaic virus subgroup consisting of BCMV (of which AzMV, BlCMV, DeMV, PStV are strains), BCMNV, CABMV (includes SAPV), WMV-2 (includes VNV), PWV and ZYMV, and the ‘BYMV +’ refers to the bean yellow mosaic virus subgroup consisting of BYMV (includes pea mosaic virus) and ClYVV.