Curated Sequences

Genus: Begomovirus

Type member: Bean golden yellow mosaic virus

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Abutilon golden mosaic Yucatan virus ()
kc430935DNA-A, Mexican isolate Conkal-2007

Abutilon mosaic Bolivia virus ()
hm585445DNA-A, isolate AbMBoV
hm585446DNA-B, isolate AbMBoV

Abutilon mosaic Brazil virus (AbBV)
fn434438DNA-A, Bahia isolate
fn434439DNA-B, Bahia isolate
jf694479DNA-B, isolate BgV06B.1.C77
jf694480DNA-A, isolate BgV01A.1.C21
jf694481DNA-A, isolate BgV01A.1.C67
jf694482DNA-A, isolate BgV01A.1.C22
jf694483DNA-B, isolate BgV01B.1.C35

Abutilon mosaic virus (AbMV)
am886130DNA-B, Cape Town isolate
hq588899DNA-A, isolate IN-Udg-JIE1-2010
hq588900DNA-A, isolate IN-Udg-JIK5-2010
hq588901DNA-A, isolate IN-Udg-JIX12-2010
jn236209DNA-B, isolate IN-UDG-JAX-2010
u51137DNA-A, Hawaian isolate
u51138DNA-B, Hawaian isolate
x15983DNA-A, Frischmuth et al., 1990
x15984DNA-B, Frischmuth et al., 1990

Acalypha yellow mosaic Siliguri virus ()
jn676052AC2 and AC3 proteins, West Bengal isolate SILIGU-1

Acalypha yellow mosaic virus (AYMV)
eu184018Coat protein, Barrackpore isolate
jn807766Coat protein, Indian Croton isolate
jn807769Coat protein, Indian Acalypha isolate

African cassava mosaic Burkina Faso virus ()
he616777DNA-A, isolate BF:Oua:BF127:08
he616778DNA-B, isolate BF:Oua:BF127:08
he616779DNA-A, isolate BF:Oua:BF128A:08
he616780DNA-A, isolate BF:Oua:BF128B:08
he616781DNA-A, isolate BF:Oua:BF128C:08

African cassava mosaic virus (ACMV)
af112352DNA-A, Cameroon S1 strain
af112353DNA-B, Cameroon S1 strain
af126800DNA-A, Ugandan mild strain
af126801DNA-B, Ugandan mild strain
af126802DNA-A, Ugandan severe strain
af126803DNA-B, Ugandan severe strain
af259894DNA-A, Cote d'Ivoire isolate
af259895DNA-B, Cote d'Ivoire isolate
af366902DNA-A, Cameroon strain CM/D02
af423177Coat protein, Ugandan Namulonge isolate
aj427910DNA-A, Nigerian Ogoroco isolate
aj427911DNA-B, Nigerian Ogoroco isolate
am502338DNA-A, Ugandan Kalangala clone 27-ug226-2
am502339DNA-A, Ugandan Mpigi clone 22-ug56b5
am502340DNA-A, Ugandan Rakai clone wcass4-3
ay211460Coat protein AV1, Cameroon isolate CM/AK2
ay211461Coat protein AV1, Cameroon isolate CM/AK
ay211462Coat protein AV1, Cameroon isolate CM/39
ay211463Coat protein AV1, Cameroon isolate CM/YA
ay211464Coat protein AV1, Cameroon isolate CM/BB
ay211465Coat protein AV1, Cameroon isolate CM/H7
ay211466Coat protein AV1, Cameroon isolate CM/DO3
ay211884DNA-A, Cameroon isolate from Manihot sp.
ay211885DNA-A, Cameroon isolate CM/DO3
ay211886DNA-B, Cameroon isolate CM/KT
ay562421Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, isolate Uganda Severe isolate aug115
ay562422Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, isolate Uganda Severe isolate aug211
ay562423Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, isolate Uganda Severe isolate aug226
ay562429Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, isolate Uganda Mild isolate aug124
ay795982DNA-A, isolate TZ
eu367500AC4 protein and intergenic region, Nigerian soybean isolate
eu685318DNA-A, isolate ACMV-[NG:Mg:03]
eu685320DNA-A, isolate ACMV-[NG:Ll:06]
eu685322DNA-A, isolate ACMV-[NG:So:03]
eu685324DNA-A, isolate ACMV-[NG:Rc:03]
eu685325DNA-A, isolate ACMV-[NG:Sb:07]
eu685328Incomplete DNA-A with AC3 and AC4 proteins, isolate NG:Cc:03
fj751233DNA-A, Pakistan Gossypium clone Punc19 (defective sequence)
fj751234DNA-A, Pakistan Gossypium clone Lob1
fj751235DNA-A, Pakistan Gossypium clone Gos1 (defective sequence)
fj807631DNA-A, isolate Angola:Funda:2008
fm877473DNA-A, isolate Burkina Faso-Kamboinse-2008
fn435271DNA-A, DRC isolate Ybi1[Pr]
fn435272DNA-A, DRC isolate Ybi2[Pr]
fn435273DNA-A, DRC isolate Ybi3[Pr]
fn435274DNA-A, DRC isolate Ybi4[Pr]
fn435275DNA-A, DRC isolate Ybi1[Cm]
fn435276DNA-A, DRC isolate Ybi2[Cm]
fn435277DNA-A, DRC isolate Ybi3[Cm]
fn668378DNA-A, isolate DRC 6
fn668379DNA-B, isolate DRC 6
fr675645AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yandumba
fr675646AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bodadi
fr675647AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Banalia
fr675648AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bodjaba
fr675649AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yongo
fr675650AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bombombwa
fr675651AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bahume
fr675652AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bambwe
fr675653AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Badambila
fr675654AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Gwania
fr675655AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bandagwe
fr675656AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bakweme
fr675657AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bengamisa
fr675658AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bangwade
fr675659AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bawi
fr675660AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bagbasingbe
fr675661AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bawombi
fr675662AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Batiamanduku
fr675663AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yakusu
fr675664AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Madula
fr675665AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Kisangani
fr675666AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bandu
fr675667AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Biaro
fr675668AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Batiakasima
fr675669AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Kisobi-Maliabo
fr675670AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yalokombe
fr675671AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yalikanda
fr675672AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Belgika
fr675673AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yaotumbe
fr675674AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yalifoka
fr675675AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yaombo
fr675676AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yalosuka
fr675677AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yatolema
fr675678AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yaniongo
fr675679AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yalokombe1
fr675680AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Lianga
fr675681AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yanonge
fr675682AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Baulo
fr675683AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yangambi
fr675684AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Isangi
fr675685AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yaeoli
fr675686AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Lileko
fr675687AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Ngazi
fr675688AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yaotonga
fr675689AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Djabir
fr675690AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Ligasa
fr675691AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Liande
fr675692AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bolinga
fr675693AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yafeta
fr675694AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yafela
fr675695AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yaula
fr675696AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yailombo
fr675697AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Wenge
fr675698AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yaolelemo
fr675699AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Basoko
fr675700AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bosuku
fr675701AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yakondo
fr675702AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Mangala
fr675703AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Ibila
fr675704AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Liesse
fr675705AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yangonde
fr675706AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bolikango1
fr675707AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bobati2
fr675708AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Mongandjo
fr675709AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bogbalagbogbo
fr675710AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bogbogobo
fr675711AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yambuya
fr675712AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Ekilo
fr675713AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yalibongo
fr675714AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yalibutu
fr675715AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yambaw
fr675716AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bakere
fr675717AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yambesa
fr675718AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yaoloko
fr675719AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Mombana
fr675720AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Bongwange
fr675721AC4 protein, isolate ACMV-Ybi Yamabuki
gq169505DNA-A, Pakistan cotton clone ACMV-[PK;Mul;Dar;06]
gq204106DNA-A, Pakistan cotton clone ACMV/PK/Mul/Gos2/08
gq204107DNA-A, Pakistan cotton clone ACMV/PK/Mul/Har/08
gq204108DNA-A, Pakistan cotton clone ACMV/PK/Mul/Som/08
gq204109DNA-A, Pakistan cotton clone ACMV/PK/Mul/Sto/08
gu580897DNA-A, Angolan isolate AOS
he814062DNA-A, isolate Central African Republic-Bambari-CF35-2007
he814065DNA-A, isolate Chad-Ndokono-TD2-2008
hm468428DNA-A, isolate Pakistan/Multan/Tomentosum/08
j02057DNA-A, West Kenyan isolate 844
j02058DNA-B, West Kenyan isolate 844
jn053421DNA-A, Kenyan Jatropha isolate K1J1
jn053422DNA-A, Kenyan Jatropha isolate B5J1
jn053423DNA-A, Kenyan Jatropha isolate B5J2
jn053424DNA-A, Kenyan Jatropha isolate K1J16
jn053425DNA-A, Kenyan Jatropha isolate K4J2
jn053426DNA-A, Kenyan Jatropha isolate S5J1
jn053427DNA-A, Kenyan Jatropha isolate K3J16
jn053428DNA-A, Kenyan Jatropha isolate K4J20
jn053429DNA-A, Kenyan Jatropha isolate S5J3
jn053430DNA-A, Kenyan Manihot isolate K4C1
jn053431DNA-A, Kenyan Manihot isolate S4C2
jn165086DNA-B, Ghanaian isolate ACMGV
jn165088DNA-A, Ghanaian isolate ACMGV
x17095DNA-A, Nigerian strain
x17096DNA-B, Nigerian strain
x68318Coat protein, clone pPCR6
x68319Coat protein, clone pPCR5
x68320Coat protein, clone pPCR4

Ageratum enation virus (AEV)
aj437618Complete sequence, Nepal
aj810825Coat protein, isolate Pakistan-2004
am261836Complete sequence, Pakistan:Punjab, Lahore clone SonAL8(3)
am698011Complete sequence, Pakistan Ageratum conyzoides clone AgA
am701770Complete sequence, Pakistan Brassica rapa subsp. rapa clone Turnip A
dq343286Coat protein, Lucknow Ageratum isolate
dq515969Coat protein, Lucknow Dimorphotheca simuata isolate
eu439259Coat protein, Lucknow Amaranthus isolate
eu798949Intergenic region with AC4 and AV2 proteins, Lucknow isolate
eu867513Complete sequence, Indian Lucknow Amaranthus isolate
eu867514Coat protein, Gorakhpur isolate
fj177031Complete sequence, Lucknow Gomtinagar isolate
fn543099Complete sequence, Indian Zinnia isolate
fn794198Complete sequence, isolate Palampur
fn794201Complete sequence, isolate Palampur (second sequence)
gq268327Complete sequence, Gorakhpur isolate
gq412352Coat protein, Indian Gorakhpur isolate
he861940Complete sequence, isolate Palampur
hm134237Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Bahadurgarh-2
hm149260Complete sequence, Papaver isolate 2
hq407395Complete sequence, Indian tobacco curly shoot virus isolate WSF1
jf682240Coat protein, Lucknow Arctotis isolate
jf682242Complete sequence, Lucknow Amaranthus isolate
jf682243Coat protein, Lucknow Amaranthus red leaf isolate
jf728860Complete sequence, isolate Mohali clone Age 1
jf728861Complete sequence, isolate Mohali clone Age 3
jf728862Complete sequence, isolate Mohali clone Age 4
jf728863Complete sequence, isolate Mohali clone Age 5
jf728864Complete sequence, isolate Mohali clone Age 6
jf728865Complete sequence, isolate Mohali clone Age 9
jf728866Complete sequence, isolate Mohali clone Age 10
jf728867Complete sequence, isolate Mohali clone Age 11
jn896941Coat protein, isolate India:UP:Bahraich:Black Gram3:2011
jn896942Coat protein, isolate India:UP:Bahraich:Ageratum conyzoides5a:2011
jn896943Coat protein, isolate India:UP:Bahraich:Ageratum conyzoides6:2011
jn896944Coat protein, isolate India:UP:Bahraich:Croton bonplandianum7:2011
jn896945Coat protein, isolate India:UP:Bahraich:Croton bonplandianum9:2011
jq911765Complete sequence, Lucknow Papaver isolate
jq911767Complete sequence, Lucknow Ageratum isolate
jx436472Complete sequence, Indian isolate TC357
jx436473Complete sequence, Indian isolate BG199
kc589699Complete sequence, Indian isolate Sikar M 2

Ageratum leaf curl Cameroon virus ()
fr717143Complete sequence, defective isolate SatA7
fr717144Complete sequence, Cameroon isolate pBal
fr873228Complete sequence, isolate AGFG24
fr873229Complete sequence, isolate AGFG14
fr873230Complete sequence, isolate AGFG23

Ageratum leaf curl virus (ALCuV)
aj851005Complete sequence, Chinese Guangxi isolate G52

Ageratum yellow vein Hualian virus (AYVHuV)
dq866124Complete sequence, Taiwan tomato isolate FHS7A2
dq866132Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate A4-4
dq866133Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate A2

Ageratum yellow vein Sri Lanka virus (AYVSLV)
af314144DNA-A, Sri Lankan isolate

Ageratum yellow vein virus (AYVV)
ab100305Complete sequence, tomato leaf curl isolate Indonesia 2
ab189846Partial sequence including intergenic region, C4, V2 and parts of C1 and V1 proteins, Indonesian Tomato2 isolate
ab189851Partial sequence including intergenic region, C4, V2 and parts of C1 and V1 proteins, Indonesian Purwokerto isolate
ab189852Partial sequence including intergenic region, C4, V2 and parts of C1 and V1 proteins, Indonesian Bandung isolate
ab189853Partial sequence including intergenic region, C4, V2 and parts of C1 and V1 proteins, Indonesian Malang isolate
ab189854Partial sequence including intergenic region, C4, V2 and parts of C1 and V1 proteins, Indonesian Magelang isolate
ab189913Partial sequence including intergenic region, C4, V2 and parts of C1 and V1 proteins, Indonesian Bandung isolate
ab306314Complete sequence, Japanese isolate Tomato-Ishigaki05
af307861Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate
af327902Complete sequence, isolate Tw-PD
aj495813Complete sequence, Chinese Hainan isolate Hn2
aj514868Movement protein AV2, isolate H1
aj514869Movement protein AV2, isolate H3
aj558120Complete sequence, Chinese Guangxi isolate G13
aj564744Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Hn2-19
aj704580Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G11
aj811441Partial sequence ncluding C3 and C2 genes, Guangxi isolate G7
aj849900Movement protein AV2, Chinese Hainan isolate Hn9
aj849901Movement protein AV2, Chinese Hainan isolate Hn10
aj849902Movement protein AV2, Chinese Hainan isolate Hn11
aj849903Movement protein AV2, Chinese Hainan isolate Hn12
aj849904Movement protein AV2, Chinese Hainan isolate Hn13
aj849905Movement protein AV2, Chinese Hainan isolate Hn14
aj849906Movement protein AV2, Chinese Hainan isolate Hn17
aj849907Movement protein AV2, Chinese Hainan isolate Hn19
aj849908Movement protein AV2, Chinese Hainan isolate Hn20
aj849909Movement protein AV2, Chinese Hainan isolate Hn22
aj849910Movement protein AV2, Chinese Hainan isolate Hn23
aj849911Movement protein AV2, Chinese Hainan isolate Hn24
aj849912Movement protein AV2, Chinese Guangxi isolate G66
aj849913Movement protein AV2, Chinese Guangxi isolate G67
aj849914Movement protein AV2, Chinese Guangxi isolate G69
aj849915Movement protein AV2, Chinese Guangxi isolate G86
aj849916Complete sequence, Chinese Guangxi isolate G68
aj971253Movement protein AV2, Chinese Guangxi isolate G95
aj971254Movement protein AV2, Chinese Guangxi isolate G96
am691013Movement protein AV2, Chinese Fujian isolate F09
am940137Complete sequence, Guangxi Sonchus isolate G129
am940138Movement protein AV2, Guangxi Sonchus isolate G130
dq866134Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate TA3
ef458639Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate NT
ef527823Complete sequence, Chinese isolate F2
ef531601Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate F1
ef531602Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate F3
ef531603Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate F4
ef544600Complete sequence, Chinese isolate F09
ef554784Complete sequence, Fujian isolate (identical to ef527823)
eu200958Movement protein AV2, Fujian Malvastrum isolate Fs2
eu200959Movement protein AV2, Fujian Malvastrum isolate Fs4
eu200960Movement protein AV2, Fujian Malvastrum isolate Fs6
eu487045Complete sequence, Philippines (Mindanao) tomato isolate P157
fj495183Complete sequence, Fujian Euphorbia isolate
fj869908Complete sequence, Chinese tobacco isolate F11
hf569291Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate G97
hf569292Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate G115
hf674926Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX0718-2
hf674927Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX0718-3
hf674928Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX1011-21
hg003652Complete sequence, Chinese isolate G115
jn703794Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate Lis 1 (identical to AF307861)
jn809811Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP1
jn809812Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP2a
jn809813Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP2b
jn809815Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP3a
jn809816Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP3d
jn809817Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP4a
jn809818Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP5d
jn809820Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP6b
jn809821Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP6d
jn809823Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP7b
jn809824Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP7d
jn809826Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP8d
jq804985Complete sequence, Chinese isolate NN-1
jx911332Complete sequence,Vietnamese isolate Z1
jx972141Complete sequence, Chinese isolate OX1
kc172826Complete sequence, Chinese tomato isolate
kc282641Complete sequence, isolate R3
kc577539Complete sequence, Philippines isolate Sn1
x74516Complete sequence, Tan et al., 1995
y14167Defective interfering DNA, 1305nt
y14168Defective interfering DNA, 1343nt

Allamanda leaf curl virus ()
ef602306DNA-A, Chinese isolate G10

Alternanthera yellow vein virus (AlYVV)
aj965540Complete sequence, Chinese Guangxi isolate G38
am050736Complete sequence, Hainan isolate Hn51
am691015Movement protein AV2, Chinese Fujian isolate F22
am691016Movement protein AV2, Chinese Fujian isolate F23
am691017Movement protein AV2, Chinese Fujian isolate F24
dq375456Complete sequence, Chinese Eclipta prostrata isolate G8
dq641703Complete sequence, Vietnamese Hue Zinnia isolate
dq641704Complete sequence, Vietnamese Hanoi Eclipta isolate
ef544601Complete sequence, Chinese isolate F21
ef544602Complete sequence, Chinese isolate PT1
ef544603Complete sequence, Chinese isolate LC1
ef544604Complete sequence, Chinese isolate F22
eu188920Coat protein, Barrackpore isolate
eu286797Complete sequence, Chinese Elipta prostrata isolate F30
eu286798Complete sequence, Chinese Elipta prostrata isolate F31
fj015062Complete sequence, Chinese Elipta prostrata isolate YN598
fj712190Complete sequence, Fujian Yong'an isolate
fn397860Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate YYJi1
fn397863Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate YYJi2
fn432361Complete sequence, Samundri Sonchus arvensis isolate

Asystasia begomovirus 1 ()
jf694485DNA-B, isolate ABgV1

Asystasia begomovirus 2 ()
jf694487DNA-A, defective isolate A-2

Bean calico mosaic virus (BCaMV)

Bean chlorosis virus ()
jn848770DNA-A, isolate Venezuela:La Barinesa 459:2006
jn848771DNA-B, isolate Venezuela:La Barinesa 459:2006

Bean chlorotic mosaic virus ()
jn848772DNA-A, isolate Venezuela:Rubio 932:2007
jq283246DNA-B, isolate Venezuela:Rubio 932:2007

Bean dwarf mosaic virus (BDMV)

Bean golden mosaic virus (BGMV)
fj665283DNA-A, Brazilian soybean isolate SAdG 7
jf694449DNA-A, isolate BgV03A.1.C3
jf694450DNA-A, isolate BgV03A.1.C14
jf694451DNA-A, isolate BgV03A.1.C60
jf694452DNA-A, isolate BgV03A.1.C62
jf694453DNA-A, isolate BgV03A.1.C69
jf694454DNA-A, isolate BgV03A.1.C79
jf694455DNA-B, isolate BgV03B.1.C43
jf694456DNA-B, isolate BgV03B.1.C44
jf694457DNA-B, isolate BgV03B.1.C45
jf694458DNA-B, isolate BgV03B.1.C46
jf694459DNA-B, isolate BgV03B.1.C47
jn419003DNA-A, isolate BR:Car3:10
jn419004DNA-A, isolate BR:Car4:10
jn419006DNA-A, isolate BR:Mac2:10
jn419008DNA-B, isolate BR:Mes2:10
jn419017DNA-B, isolate BR:Deg2:10

Bean golden yellow mosaic virus (BGYMV)
af173555DNA-A, Chiapas Mexico strain
af173556DNA-B, Chiapas Mexico strain
aj544531DNA-A, Cuban isolate
d00200DNA-B, Morinaga et al., 1987
d00201DNA-A, Morinaga et al., 1987
dq119824DNA-A, Florida Homestead isolate
dq119825DNA-B, Florida Homestead isolate
dq836302Coat protein, Yucatan isolate
l01635DNA-A, Type II probably Dominican Republic
l01636DNA-B, Type II probably Dominican Republic
m10070DNA-A, Howarth et al., 1985
m10080DNA-B, Howarth et al., 1985
m91604DNA-A, Guatemalan isolate
m91605DNA-B, Guatemalan isolate

Bean leaf curl Madagascar virus ()
am701757Complete sequence, Madagascar:Anosy, Fort Dauphin isolate

Bean yellow mosaic Mexico virus ()
fj944023DNA-A, isolate 06.05.11

Bell pepper leaf curl virus ()
am051090Coat protein almost complete, Lahore isolate

Bhendi yellow vein Bhubhaneswar virus ()
fj589571Complete sequence, isolate OYBHU

Bhendi yellow vein Delhi virus ()
fj515747DNA-A, isolate OY131

Bhendi yellow vein India virus ()
gu112048Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY115B
gu112050Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY96

Bhendi yellow vein mosaic virus (BYVMV)
af241479Complete sequence, Indian Madurai isolate
aj002453Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate oyvm301
aj278860Coat protein, Indian Okra yellow vein mosaic isolate variant 2
aj278861Coat protein, Indian Okra yellow vein mosaic isolate variant 3
aj278862Coat protein, Indian Okra yellow vein mosaic isolate variant 4
am087108Movement protein AV2, Joydebpur isolate 1
am087109Movement protein AV2, Joydebpur isolate 2
ay738095Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Dharwad isolate
ef417918Coat protein, Barrackpore isolate VC-3
eu184017Coat protein, Barrackpore Urena lobata isolate
eu482411Complete sequence, Bhendi yellow vein mosaic Maharastra isolate Nol 101
eu589392Complete sequence, Bhendi yellow vein mosaic Maharashtra isolate NOL751
fj176235Complete sequence, Indian Thadagam, Tamil Nadu isolate OY158
fj176236Complete sequence, Indian Pandaralli, Tamil Nadu isolate OY175
fj179370Complete sequence, Indian Tumkur, Karnataka isolate OY-T
fj179373Complete sequence, Indian Kalyani, West Bengal isolate OY-W1
fn645917Complete sequence, Indian Haryana clone 10a1-RCA-AI-F
fn645921AC4 protein, Haryana clone 10a1-RCA-AV-p
fn645923Complete sequence, Indian Haryana clone 10c-RCA-AII-F
gq245760Complete sequence, New Delhi okra leaf curl isolate
gu112004Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY81B
gu112005Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY112
gu112006Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY92B
gu112007Complete sequence, Indian isolate EL13
gu112008Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY80A
gu112009Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY98
gu112010Complete sequence, Indian Okra leaf curl isolate EL14A
gu112011Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY03
gu112012Complete sequence, Indian isolate OYSOK1
gu112013Complete sequence, Indian isolate OYSOK2
gu112014Complete sequence, Indian isolate OYSOK3
gu112015Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY60
gu112016Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY011
gu112017Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY115A
gu112018Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY04
gu112019Complete sequence, Indian isolate OYW2
gu112020Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY39A
gu112021Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY39B
gu112022Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY143
gu112023Complete sequence, Indian isolate OYDWR2
gu112024Complete sequence, Indian isolate OYSID
gu112025Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY66
gu112026Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY126
gu112027Complete sequence, Indian isolate OYEn
gu112028Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY125
gu112029Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY155B
gu112030Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY164B
gu112031Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY169
gu112032Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY156
gu112033Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY124
gu112034Complete sequence, Indian isolate OYNun
gu112035Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY65
gu112036Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY170
gu112037Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY129
gu112038Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY150A
gu112039Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY150B
gu112040Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY121
gu112041Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY168A
gu112042Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY171
gu112043Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY171A
gu112044Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY157
gu112045Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY116
gu112046Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY127
gu112047Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY155A
gu112051Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY01
gu112052Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY117
gu112053Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY168B
gu112054Complete sequence, Indian isolate EL12
gu112055Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY014
gu112056Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY36
gu112057Complete sequence, Indian isolate OYKaivara
gu112058Complete sequence, Indian isolate OYKaivara1
gu112059Complete sequence, Indian isolate OYCN6
gu112060Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY-G6-Ag
gu112061Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY93
gu112062Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY07
gu112063Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY134
gu112064Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY34
gu112065Complete sequence, Indian isolate OYCHINT
gu112066Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY49
gu112067Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY54A
gu112068Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY54B
gu112069Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY45
gu112070Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY59
gu112071Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY99
gu112072Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY138A
gu112073Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY174
gu112074Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY56
gu112075Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY83
gu112076Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY79A
gu112077Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY80B
gu112078Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY133
gu112079Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY167
gu181356Complete sequence, Indian Aurangabad Okra yellow vein mosaic isolate
hm590503Complete sequence, isolate India:Dhanbad:2008
hm590505Complete sequence, isolate India:Varanasi:2008
hq845753Coat protein, Dharwad isolate
jq326263Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY77B
jq326264Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY79B
jq326265Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY159
jq326266Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY163
jq326267Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY165
jq326268Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY173
jq326269Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY138B
jq326270Complete sequence, Indian isolate OYDWR1
jq359503Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY141
jq359504Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY118
jq359505Complete sequence, Indian isolate 126B
jq359506Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY76
jq359507Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY01
jq359508Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY129
jq359509Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY121
jq359510Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY175
jq359511Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY122
jq359512Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY126
jq359513Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY117
jq359514Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OYVMV
jq359515Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate EL12
jq359516Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY60
jq359517Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY139
jq359518Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OYNUN
jq359519Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY138B
jq359520Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OYW1
jq359521Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY118
jq359522Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY165
jq359523Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY79B
jq359524Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OYCO1
jq359525Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY171
jq359526Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY56
jq359527Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY198
jq359528Movement protein BC1, Indian isolate OY196
jx678966Complete sequence, Thailand isolate Ok2
jx678967Complete sequence, Thailand isolate WTHOK6

Blainvillea yellow spot virus (BIYSV)
eu710756DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi25:07
eu710757DNA-B, isolate BR:Coi25:07
jf694467DNA-B, isolate BgV05B.1.C51
jf694468DNA-A, isolate BgV06A.1.C80
jf694469DNA-B, isolate BgV06B.1.C82
jf694470DNA-B, isolate BgV06B.1.C55
jf694476DNA-A, isolate BgV06A.1.C81
jf694477DNA-B, isolate BgV06B.1.C56
jf694478DNA-B, isolate BgV06B.1.C70
jx871389DNA-A, isolate BR:Rla3:10
jx871390DNA-A, isolate BR:Rla4:10
jx871391DNA-A, isolate BR:Rla5:10
jx871392DNA-A, isolate BR:Rla6:09
jx871393DNA-A, isolate BR:Lim1:09
jx871394DNA-A, isolate BR:Jun1:09
kc706516DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic04.1:10
kc706517DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic04.2:10
kc706518DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic08:10
kc706519DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic09:10
kc706520DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic11:10
kc706521DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic13:10
kc706522DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic20:10
kc706523DNA-B, isolate BR:Vic07:10
kc706524DNA-B, isolate BR:Vic08:10
kc706525DNA-B, isolate BR:Vic11:10
kc706526DNA-B, isolate BR:Vic18:10
kc706527DNA-B, isolate BR:Vic21:10
kc706528DNA-B, isolate BR:Vic26c:10
kc706529DNA-B, isolate BR:Vic26s:10

Blechum interveinal chlorosis virus ()
jx827487DNA-A, isolate Campeche
jx827488DNA-B, isolate Campeche

Boerhavia yellow spot virus (BoYSV)
dq318927Coat protein, Yucatan isolate
ef121755DNA-A, Yucatan isolate

Cabbage leaf curl Jamaica virus (CabLCJV)
dq178608DNA-A, isolate CUc-3, clone 1910 Cu-A6
dq178609DNA-B, isolate CUc-3, clone 1966 Cu3-B6
dq178610DNA-A, isolate CUc-3, clone 1910 Cu3-A8
dq178611DNA-B, isolate CUc-3, clone 1966 Cu3-B8
dq178614DNA-A, isolate Douglas Castle

Cabbage leaf curl virus (CaLCuV)
dq178612DNA-A, Jamaican isolate Douglas Castle
dq178613DNA-B, Jamaican isolate Douglas Castle
fj174699Coat protein, Cuban Capsicum isolate

Capraria yellow spot Yucatan virus ()
kc426927DNA-A, Yucatan isolate
kc426928DNA-B, Yucatan isolate

Cassava mosaic Madagascar virus ()
he617299DNA-A, isolate MG:Tol:06
he617300DNA-B, isolate MG:Tol:06

Catharanthus yellow mosaic virus ()
he580234Complete sequence, Pakistan clone KN4
he580235Complete sequence, Pakistan clone KN5
hf565176Replication enhancer AC3, Pakistan Mentha clone M5
hf565179AC1 and AC4 proteins, Pakistan Mentha clone M8

Centrosema yellow spot virus ()
jn419002DNA-A, isolate BR:Car1:09

Chayote yellow mosaic virus (ChaYMV)
aj223191DNA-A, Nigeria (Ibadan)

Chenopodium leaf curl virus ()
hm626515DNA-A, Florida Citra isolate
hm626516DNA-A, Florida Citra whitefly VEM isolate

Chilli leaf curl India virus ()
fm877858Complete sequence, North Indian isolate

Chilli leaf curl Multan virus ()
fn252382Movement protein AV2 and incomplete coat protein, Pakistan isolate

Chilli leaf curl Vellanad virus ()
hm007121Complete sequence, isolate India/Vellanad/Chilli/2008

Chilli leaf curl virus (ChiLCuV)
af336806Complete sequence, Pakistan Pepper leaf curl Multan isolate
am087118Movement protein AV2, Jessore isolate 1
am087119Movement protein AV2, Jessore isolate 2
am404179Complete sequence, Pakistan:Punjab, Pepper leaf curl Lahore clone BpAL 4(3)
am491589Complete sequence, Pakistan Capsicum annuum Pepper leaf curl Lahore clone PeAL2
am691745Complete sequence, Pakistan Capsicum annum clone P1
dq114477Complete sequence, Shorkot isolate
dq116877Complete sequence, Multan chilli isolate clone PC7
dq116878Complete sequence, Khanewal chilli isolate 1 clone PC8 (pepper leaf curl Pakistan virus)
dq116879Complete sequence, Khanewal chilli isolate 2 clone PC5
dq629103Complete sequence, Indian isolate PRM
dq989326Complete sequence, New Delhi papaya isolate
ef190217Complete sequence, Indian Varanasi pepper isolate
eu939533Complete sequence, Narwan isolate
fm179613Complete sequence, Punjab tomato isolate
gu136803Complete sequence, Indian Amritsar papaya isolate
he806431Complete sequence, isolate P-15
he806432Complete sequence, isolate T-19
he806433Complete sequence, isolate T-20
he806434Complete sequence, isolate T-22
he806435Complete sequence, isolate T-24
he806436Complete sequence, isolate T-35
he806437Complete sequence, isolate T-37
he819238Complete sequence, isolate TOS-93
hm004433Coat protein AV1 region, Indian Soyla isolate
hm007100Complete sequence, isolate India/Guntur/Chilli/2009 clone pChGuB16
hm007104Complete sequence, isolate India/Jodhpur/Chilli/2009 clone pChJodB26
hm007114Complete sequence, isolate India/Noida/Chilli/2007 clone pChNoiB7
hm007116Complete sequence, isolate India/Pataudi/Chilli/2007 clone pChPataB9
hm007119Complete sequence, isolate India/Salem/Chilli/2008 clone pChSalH36
hm134223Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Panipat-1
hm134224Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Panipat-2
hm134226Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Panipat-4
hm134232Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Noida
hm134233Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Department
hm134236Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Najafgarh-3
hm140364Complete sequence, Indian papaya isolate DU
hm140365Complete sequence, Indian papaya isolate HD
hm140366Complete sequence, Indian papaya isolate Panipat-1
hm140370Complete sequence, Indian papaya isolate Najafgarh-2
hm140371Complete sequence, Indian papaya isolate Noida
hm587709Complete sequence chilli isolate YN1045
hm992939Complete sequence, isolate Bhavanisagar:India:2010 (non-functional and probably not this species)
jn555600Complete sequence, Sri Lankan isolate CL-15
jn555601Complete sequence, Sri Lankan isolate CL-14
jn604489Complete sequence, isolate Sal1
jn604490Complete sequence, isolate Sal2
jn604491Complete sequence, isolate Sh1
jn604492Complete sequence, isolate Taq1
jn604493Complete sequence, isolate Taq2
jn604494Complete sequence, isolate Taq3
jn604495Complete sequence, isolate Taq4
jn604496Complete sequence, isolate Th1
jn604497Complete sequence, isolate Th2
jn604498Complete sequence, isolate Th3
jn604499Complete sequence, isolate Th4
jn604500Complete sequence, isolate KW1
jn663846Complete sequence, isolate Ahmedabad clone Xba I-14
jn663861Complete sequence, isolate Jorehat clone BamH I-3
jn663865Complete sequence, isolate Nagpur clone BamH I-5
jn663866Complete sequence, isolate New Delhi clone BamH I-2
jn663870Complete sequence, isolate Palampur clone BamH I-2
jn880419Complete sequence, Indian Solanum capicastrum isolate
jn896946Coat protein, isolate India:UP:Lucknow:Capsicum sp.11b:2011
jq765395Complete sequence, isolate India:Udaipur:Gaillardia:2009
jx524173Complete sequence, isolate Lucknow

Chino del tomate Amazonas virus ()
hm357461DNA-A, Brazilian isolate AM10

Chino del tomate virus (CdTV)
af007823DNA-B, Thomas et al., 1997
af101476DNA-A, Jian et al., 1998
af101478DNA-B, Jian et al., 1998
af106936Coat protein, Mexico Sinaloa isolate
af226664DNA-A, variant H8
af226665DNA-A, variant H6
af226666DNA-B, variant B52
dq347945DNA-A, Mexican Sinaloa soybean isolate
dq885456DNA-A, Mexican RK variant
l34746Nuclear shuttle protein, Mexico clone pBMX9B
l34747Coat protein, Mexico clone pTMX22A
l34749Nuclear shuttle protein, Mexico clone pTMX44B
u57458DNA-B, Torres-Pacheco et al., 1996

Cleome golden mosaic virus ()
hm357462Central region DNA-A including AC2, AC3 and partial coat protein, Brazil Silves-AM isolate
hq396465DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BA 05 (apparently defective)

Cleome leaf crumple virus (ClLCrV)
fn435999DNA-A, Brazilian Matto grosso do sol 2007 isolate
fn436000DNA-B, Brazilian Matto grosso do sol 2007 isolate
hm195184DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:Mar1:09
jf694460DNA-B, isolate BgV03B.1.C48
jf694461DNA-A, isolate BgV05A.1.C75
jf694462DNA-B, isolate BgV05B.1.C52
jf694463DNA-B, isolate BgV05B.1.C53
jf694464DNA-B, isolate BgV05B.1.C54
jf694465DNA-B, isolate BgV05B.1.C49
jf694466DNA-B, isolate BgV05B.1.C50
jn103427DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:AL-Par1:09
jn103428DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:SE-Ind1:10
jn103429DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:SE-Nps1:09
jn103430DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:SE-Jpt1:09
jn103431DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:SE-Nps2:09
jn103432DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:SE-Nps3:09
jn103433DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:AL-Ata1:07
jn103434DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:AL-Ril1:07
jn103435DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:AL-Smc1:09
jn103436DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:AL-Mac6:10
jn103437DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:PE-Goi1:10
jn103438DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:PB-Alh1:10
jn103439DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:BA-Cds1:10

Cleome yellow mosaic virus ()
hm357463Central region DNA-A including AC2, AC3 and partial coat protein, Brazil Pirinopolis isolate

Clerodendron golden mosaic virus (ClGMV)
dq641692DNA-A, Vietnamese Sonla isolate
dq641693DNA-B, Vietnamese Sonla isolate
hq317134DNA-A, Chinese isolate YN1095
hq317135DNA-B, Chinese isolate YN1095

Clerodendron yellow mosaic virus ()
ay950580Coat protein, isolate nbpgr
ef408037Complete sequence, Indian iari isolate
eu184015Coat protein, Barrackpore isolate
he863667Complete sequence, Pakistan clone SA23

Clerodendrum golden mosaic China virus ()
fj011668DNA-A, isolate Fz7
fj011669DNA-B, isolate Fz7
fj011670Movement protein AV2, isolate Fz8
fj011671DNA-B, isolate Fz8
fj011672Movement protein AV2, isolate Fz9
fj011673DNA-B, isolate Fz9
fn396962DNA-A, Chinese Jiangsu isolate YX1
fn396963DNA-B, Chinese Jiangsu isolate YX1
fn396964Movement protein AV2, Chinese Jiangsu isolate YX3
fn396965Movement protein AV2, Chinese Jiangsu isolate YX5
fn984493Movement protein AV2, Chinese Zhejiang isolate Z2
jq305797DNA-A, isolate Sal[USA:LA:11]
jq305798DNA-B, isolate Sal[USA:LA:11]

Clerodendrum golden mosaic Jiangsu virus ()
fn396966DNA-A, Chinese Jiangsu isolate YX2
fn396967Movement protein AV2, Chinese Jiangsu isolate XY4
fn396968Movement protein AV2, Chinese Jiangsu isolate YX6

Corchorus golden mosaic virus (CoGMV)
dq641688DNA-A, Vietnamese Hanoi isolate
dq641689DNA-B, Vietnamese Hanoi isolate
eu636712DNA-A, Indian Barrackpore isolate
fj455448DNA-B, Barrackpore clone CoGMV-1231
fj463901DNA-B, Bahraich clone CoGMV-B-UP-18
fj463902DNA-A, Bahraich clone CoGMV-A-UP-36
fj790326DNA-A, Indian isolate Barrackpore-2
fj790327DNA-B, Indian isolate Barrackpore-2

Corchorus yellow spot virus (CoYSV)
dq875868DNA-A, Yucatan isolate
dq875869DNA-B, Yucatan isolate

Corchorus yellow vein mosaic virus ()
kc196077Complete sequence, isolate Maharashtra
kc223600Complete sequence, Indian isolate CEA8

Corchorus yellow vein virus (CYVV)
ay727903DNA-A, Hoa Binh isolate
ay727904DNA-B, Hoa Binh isolate

Cotton leaf crumple virus (CLCrV)
af480940DNA-A. Mexican isolate
af480941DNA-B, Mexican isolate
ay083350DNA-A, Arizona isolate
ay083351DNA-A, Texas isolate
ay742220DNA-A, Californian isolate
ay742221DNA-B, Californian isolate

Cotton leaf curl Alabad virus (CLCuAV)
af465619Coat protein, Indian Ludhiana isolate
aj002450Coat protein, Pakistan isolate oyvm202
aj002452Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate clc804a
aj002455Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate clc802a

Cotton leaf curl Bangalore virus (CLCuBV)
ay705380Complete sequence, Indian isolate
gu112003Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY136A

Cotton leaf curl Burewala virus ()
am421522Complete sequence, Pakistan:Vehari, Punjab clone LA2
am774294Complete sequence, Pakistan clone LA 241
am774295Complete sequence, Pakistan clone LA Kw5
am774296Complete sequence, Pakistan clone LA 3
am774297Complete sequence, Pakistan clone LA 7
am774298Complete sequence, Pakistan clone LA 8
am774299Complete sequence, Pakistan clone LA 13
am774300Complete sequence, Pakistan clone LA 16
am774301Complete sequence, Pakistan clone LA 20
am774302Complete sequence, Pakistan clone LA 28
am774303Complete sequence, Pakistan clone LA 33
am774304Complete sequence, Pakistan clone KoB
am774305Complete sequence, Pakistan clone KoT
eu365618Complete sequence, clone Octa-2
eu365619Complete sequence, clone Octa-5
eu365620Complete sequence, clone Octa-9
eu384570Complete sequence, isolate 7
eu384571Complete sequence, isolate 18
eu384572Complete sequence, isolate 20
fn645929Complete sequence, Indian Punjab clone L2-RCA-AI-F
fn645932Complete sequence, Indian Punjab clone L4K-RCA-AI-F
fn645934Coat protein, Punjab clone LG-RCA-AI-p
fn645935Truncated replication protein AC1, Punjab clone LG-RCA-AII-p
fr750318Complete sequence, Pakistan clone MV12
fr750319Complete sequence, Pakistan clone MV2A
fr750320Complete sequence, Pakistan clone MV2B
fr750321Complete sequence, Pakistan clone MV15
fr750322Complete sequence, Pakistan clone MV16
fr750323Complete sequence, Pakistan clone MV18A
fr750324Complete sequence, Pakistan clone MV18B
fr819707Complete sequence, Xanthium clone CLCuBV-Xant
fr837932Complete sequence, Pakistan clone MV13
fr837933Complete sequence, Pakistan clone MV14A
fr837934Complete sequence, Pakistan clone MV14C
gq247893Complete sequence, Sri-Ganganagar isolate
gu385879Complete sequence, Lucknow Cyamopsis tetragonoloba leaf curl isolate
he861731Defective genome, clone NCD1
he985227Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate GMT02
hf549180Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate c-28
hf549181Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate C-32
hf549183Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate C-50
hf549184Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate C-58
hm461862Complete sequence, isolate Bihar clone tomF1
hm461863Complete sequence, isolate Bihar clone tomF2
hm461866Complete sequence, isolate Lucknow clone lko old
hm461867Complete sequence, isolate Lucknow clone lko new
jf416947Complete sequence, Rajasthan clone BK1
jf502353Complete sequence, isolate In:Fazilka:2004
jf502354Complete sequence, isolate In:Abohar:2009
jf502355Complete sequence, isolate In:Fazilka:2009
jf502356Complete sequence, isolate In:SriGanganagar:2009
jf502357Complete sequence, isolate In:Bathinda:2009
jf502360Complete sequence, isolate In:Abohar4:2010
jf502365Complete sequence, isolate In:Fazilka1:2010
jf502366Complete sequence, isolate In:Fazilka2:2010
jf502367Complete sequence, isolate In:SriGanganagar1:2010
jf502368Complete sequence, isolate In:SriGanganagar2:2010
jf502370Complete sequence, isolate In:Hissar1:2010
jf502371Complete sequence, isolate In:Hissar2:2010
jf502372Complete sequence, isolate In:Haryana:2010
jf502373Complete sequence, isolate In:Hanumangarh
jf509747Complete sequence, Indian isolate In:SriGanganagar:2005
jf510458Complete sequence, isolate In:Bathinda2:2010
jf510459Complete sequence, isolate In:Dabwali1:2010
jf510460Complete sequence, isolate In:Dabwali2:2010
jf510461Complete sequence, isolate In:Dabwali3:2010
jf798576AV1, AC2 and AC3 proteins, Lucknow isolate
jn678802Complete sequence, isolate CLR_02
jn678805Complete sequence, isolate CLR_13

Cotton leaf curl Gezira virus (CLCuGV)
af155064Complete sequence, Egyptian Okra enation isolate
af260241Complete sequence, Sudan Gezira cotton isolate
ay036006Complete sequence, Sudan Gezira Okra isolate
ay036007Complete sequence, Sudan Gezira Sida isolate
ay036008Complete sequence, Sudan Shambat Okra isolate
ay036010Complete sequence, Egyptian Okra leaf curl isolate
eu024120Complete sequence, Mali Bamako Okra isolate
eu432373Complete sequence, Niger okra isolate AFNG1
eu432374Complete sequence, Niger okra isolate AFNG2
fj469626Complete sequence, Nigerian Sadore clone NG1FL
fj469627Complete sequence, Nigerian Sadore clone NG2FL
fj868828Complete sequence, Sudan okra isolate
fm164726Complete sequence, Cameroon recombinant okra leaf curl isolate LY11
fm210276Complete sequence, Cameroon isolate M51R2
fn554519Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Tie:Okra1
fn554520Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Tie:Okra2
fn554521Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Kampala:Okra1
fn554522Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Kampala:Okra2
fn554523Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Kampala:Okra3
fn554524Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Kampala:Okra4
fn554525Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Kampala:Okra5
fn554526Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Kampala:Okra6
fn554527Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Kampala:Okra7
fn554528Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Kampala:Okra8
fn554529Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Kampala:Okra9
fn554530Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Kampala:Okra10
fn554531Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Po:Okra1
fn554532Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Po:Okra2
fn554533Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Po:Okra3
fn554534Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Po:Okra4
fn554535Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Po:Okra5
fn554536Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Po:Okra6
fn554537Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Po:Okra7
fn554538Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Kamboinse:Okra1
fn554539Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Kamboinse:Okra2
fn554540Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Bazega:Okra
fn554541Complete sequence, Burkina Faso isolate BF:Bama:Okra
fr751142Complete sequence, Pakistan clone NT1
fr751143Complete sequence, Pakistan clone NT7
fr751144Complete sequence, Pakistan clone NT26
fr751145Complete sequence, Pakistan clone NT31
fr751146Complete sequence, Pakistan clone NT28
gu935337Movement protein V2, Tanzanian isolate TZ1
gu935338Movement protein V2, Tanzanian isolate TZ2
gu935339Movement protein V2, Tanzanian isolate TZ3
gu935340Movement protein V2, Tanzanian isolate TZ4
gu945265Complete sequence, Jordan hollyhock isolate
he793429Complete sequence, Cameroon isolate Mue5:BCG
he800524AC1, AC2, AC3 and AC4 genes, Oman isolate Pap-2

Cotton leaf curl Kokhran virus (CLCuKV)
aj002448Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate clc72b
aj002449Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate clc806b
aj496286Complete sequence, Faisalabad x2f isolate
ay146957Movement protein, Indian isolate S
ay456683Complete sequence, Dabawali isolate
ay659854Truncated and defective replication protein AC1, Bangalore isolate
dq343283Coat protein, soybean isolate
fn552006Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate Sak
gu385878Coat protein, Lucknow cotton isolate clone jit-1
hm468427Complete sequence, isolate Pakistan/Multan/2008/stocksii1
hq257374Complete sequence, Indian isolate SriBt12:10

Cotton leaf curl Multan virus (CLCuMV)
af363011Complete sequence, Indian strain G
af465618Coat protein AV1, Indian Delhi isolate
af465620Coat protein AV1, Indian Hisar isolate
af465621Coat protein AV1, Indian Sirsa isolate
af521594Coat protein, isolate Indian Hisar isolate HS-2
aj002446Coat protein, Pakistan isolate clc80
aj002447Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate clc62
aj002458Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate clc26
aj002459Complete sequence, Pakistan okra leaf curl isolate
aj132430Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate, Briddon et al., 2000
aj496287Complete sequence, isolate 31cf
aj496461Complete sequence, isolate 33af
am501481Complete sequence, Faisalabad tomato isolate
ay146958Movement protein AV2, Indian isolate L
ay146959Movement protein AV2, Indian isolate H
ay146960Movement protein AV2, Indian isolate D
ay577460Coat protein, Indian Sirsa isolate
ay704660AC2, AC3, incomplete AC1 and incomplete coat protein, Bangalore Hibiscus isolate
ay704662AC2, AC3, incomplete AC1 and incomplete coat protein, Bhubaneswar Hibiscus isolate
ay765253Complete sequence, Hissar isolate
ay765254Complete sequence, Sirsa isolate
ay765256Complete sequence, Delhi isolate
ay765257Complete sequence, Ludhiana isolate
ay795605Complete sequence, New Delhi isolate
ay795606Complete sequence, Abohar isolate
ay795607Complete sequence, Hisar isolate
dq191160Complete sequence, Bhatinda isolate
dq456836Partial sequence including AV2, AV1, AC2 and AC3 proteins, Sriganganagar-2 isolate
ef057791Partial sequence including AV2, AV1, AC2 and AC3 proteins, Sri Ganganagar isolate
ef465535Complete sequence, Chinese isolate G6
eu365613Complete sequence, Gossypium darwinii symptomless virus isolate Dar1
eu365614Complete sequence, Gossypium darwinii symptomless virus isolate Dar3
eu365615Complete sequence, Gossypium darwinii symptomless virus isolate Dar4
eu365616Complete sequence, Rajasthan isolate
eu384573Complete sequence, isolate Lat-RCA
eu384574Complete sequence, Cotton leaf curl Rajasthan isolate Mustil-6A-3
fj218486Complete sequence, isolate Hirs-1
fj218487Complete sequence, isolate Multan
fj770370Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Okra06
fm202328Complete sequnce, clone Tan2
fn552001Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate Sha
fn552002Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate T.jam
fn552003Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate T.adam
fn552004Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate LS4
fn552005Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate LS6
fn645912Complete sequence, Indian Haryana clone 3d-RCA-AI-F
gq220850Complete sequence, Indian Sri-Ganganagar isolate
gq503175Complete sequenece, Chinese Guangxi isolate
gq924756Complete sequence, Chinese Nanning isolate GX1
gu574208Complete sequence, Chinese Guangxi isolate Okra1
hf549182Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate C-49
hf565178Replication enhancer AC3, Pakistan Mentha clone M7
hm037920Complete sequence, isolate Sirsa-UC
hm037923Complete sequence, isolate Sirsa-Haryana-En(P)
hm235774Complete sequence, isolate Naruana-Punjab
hq158009Complete sequence, isolate Ganganagar-Rajasthan
hq158010Complete sequence, isolate Mohanpura-Rajasthan
hq158011Complete sequence, isolate Sirsa-Haryana
hq455347Complete sequence, Chinese isolate FC1
hq455348Complete sequence, Chinese isolate FC2
hq455349Complete sequence, Chinese isolate FC3
hq455353Complete sequence, Chinese isolate FG
hq455355Complete sequence, Chinese isolate GX8
hq455356Complete sequence, Chinese isolate GX11
hq455357Complete sequence, Chinese isolate GX21
hq455361Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HP
hq455363Complete sequence, Chinese isolate JM
hq455365Complete sequence, Chinese isolate ZhH
hq455367Complete sequence, Chinese isolate ZhSh
jf502358Complete sequence, CLCuRV isolate In:Bathinda:2005
jf502359Complete sequence, CLCuRV isolate In:SriGanganagar:2005
jf502361Complete sequence, CLCuRV isolate In:Abohar1:2010
jf502362Complete sequence, CLCuRV isolate In:Abohar2:2010
jf502363Complete sequence, CLCuRV isolate In:Abohar3:2010
jf502364Complete sequence, CLCuRV isolate In:Abohar5:2010
jf502369Complete sequence, CLCuRV isolate In:Bathinda1:2010
jf509746Complete sequence, Indian CLCuRV isolate In:Abohar:2003
jf509748Complete sequence, Indian CLCuRV isolate In:SriGanganagar:2005
jf509749Complete sequence, Indian CLCuRV isolate In:Bathinda1:2005
jf509750Complete sequence, Indian CLCuRV isolate In:Fazilka:2005
jn558352Complete sequence, Indian papaya isolate CLCuV
jn678803Complete sequence, isolate CLR_07
jn678804Complete sequence, isolate CLR_11
jn678806Complete sequence, isolate Bt_09
jn807763Complete sequence, Hibiscus isolate 2
jn880418Complete sequence, Indian hibiscus isolate
jn968573Complete sequence, isolate GD37
jq317603Complete sequence, isolate GX01
jq424826Complete sequence, Chinese isolate G11
jq679092Defective/recombinant Chinese isolate GX1
jq943408Complete sequence, Chinese isolate NS1
jq963625Complete sequence, Chinese isolate GY1
jq963627Complete sequence, Chinese isolate GY2
jq963629Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SZ1
jq963631Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SZ2
jx286656Complete sequence, Chinese isolate CH01
jx286658Complete sequence, Chinese isolate KP01
jx286660Complete sequence, Chinese isolate NH01
jx286662Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SS01
jx286664Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Okra08
jx861210Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Fz1
jx914662Complete sequence, isolate JS-Hi-A-3-2
kc171654Complete sequence, isolate GX88
x98995Complete sequence, Pakistan clone ps10 (NB identical to AJ496461)

Cotton leaf curl Shadadpur virus ()
he861732Defective genome, clone NCD2
he861733Defective genome, clone NCD3
he861734Defective genome, clone NCD4

Cotton leaf curl virus-? ()
aj222703Defective DNA isolate Pakistan tobacco 0
aj222704Defective DNA isolate Pakistan tobacco 10
aj222705Defective DNA isolate Pakistan tobacco 10 (CLCR02 recombinant)
aj222706Defective DNA isolate Pakistan tobacco 4 (1231nt)
aj222707Defective DNA isolate Pakistan tobacco 4 (857nt)
aj242974Defective DNA Pakistan CLCR01 recombinant
gu385766Coat protein, Lucknow Crotalaria isolate

Cowpea golden mosaic virus (CPGMV)
af029217DNA-A, Nigeria (Nsukka)

Crassocephalum yellow vein virus ()
ef165536Complete sequence, Chinese Jinghong isolate
fn401520Complete sequence, Chinese isolate YYJi3

Croton yellow vein mosaic virus (CYVMV)
aj507777Complete sequence, Indian isolate
am087110Movement protein AV2, Jessore isolate 1
am087111Movement protein AV2, Jessore isolate 2
ay007616Coat protein, Tobacco leaf curl isolate Kar2
ay188965Movement protein AV2, Indian Lucknow isolate
ay738091Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Panipat isolate
dq339122Coat protein, Indian Phyllanthus niruri isolate
ef597246Coat protein, Indian Barrackpore clone CCP-18
eu573927Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, Lucknow Jatropha isolate
eu682401AC1 and AC4 proteins, Lucknow Jatropha isolate
eu727086Complete sequence, Indian Lucknow Jatropha isolate
eu853864Coat protein, Indian Lucknow strain 2 isolate
fj593629Complete sequence, Indian Pataudi radish isolate
fn645898Complete sequence, Indian Haryana clone 9b-RCA-AI-F
fn645901Complete sequence, Indian Haryana clone 9c-RCA-AI-F
fn645902Complete sequence, Indian Haryana clone 9c-RCA-AII-F
fn645915Complete sequence, Indian Haryana clone 8-RCA-AI-F
fn645926Complete sequence, Indian Punjab clone Ku-RCA-AI-F
fn678906Complete sequence, Pakstan Alcea isolate clone HYDNA A
hm134225Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Panipat-3
hm134230Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Panipat-8
hq631429AC4 protein, Indian Calotropis isolate
jn663850Complete sequence, isolate Bhubaneswar clone BamH I-13
jn817516Complete sequence, isolate CYVMV-Del-Cr
jn817517Complete sequence, isolate CYVMV-WB-Cr
jn831446Complete sequence, isolate CYVMV-Bang-Cr2
jx270684Complete sequence, Indian clone M4A
kc207820Coat protein AV1, isolate India:UP:Bahraich:Croton bonplandianus:2012

Croton yellow vein virus ()
hq597030Movement protein AV2, West Bengal isolate SILIGURI

Cucurbit leaf crumple virus (CuLCrV)
af224760DNA-A, Californian isolate
af224761DNA-B, Californian isolate
af256200DNA-A, Arizona leaf curl isolate
af327559DNA-B, Arizona leaf curl isolate

Dalechampia chlorotic mosaic virus ()
jn848775DNA-A, isolate Venezuela:Albarico 1020:2007
jn848776DNA-B, isolate Venezuela:Albarico 1020:2007
jn848777DNA-A, isolate Venezuela:Juana de Avila 1088:2008

Desmodium leaf distortion virus (DesLDV)
dq318930Coat protein, Yucatan isolate
dq875870DNA-A, Yucatan isolate
dq875871DNA-B, Yucatan isolate

Dicliptera yellow mottle Cuba virus (DiYMoCV)
aj549960DNA-A, Cuban isolate

Dicliptera yellow mottle virus (DiYMoV)
af139168DNA-A, Florida

Dolichos yellow mosaic virus (DoYMV)
aj968370Complete sequence, Mysore isolate
am157412Complete sequence, Bangalore-1 isolate
am157413Complete sequence, Bangalore-2 isolate
ay271891Complete sequence, Hyacinth bean yellow mosaic Bangladesh Gazipur isolate
ay309241Complete sequence, Indian isolate
gu591170Coat protein, Indian cowpea isolate CpKn
jx315325Complete sequence, Indian Aadharpur isolate clone JD18

East African cassava mosaic Cameroon virus (EACMCV)
af112354DNA-A, Cameroon isolate
af112355DNA-B, Cameroon isolate
af259896DNA-A, Cote d'Ivoire isolate
af259897DNA-B, Cote d'Ivoire isolate
aj867444DNA-A, Nigerian Kano isolate
ay211887DNA-A, isolate KO
ay795983DNA-A, isolate TZ1
ay795984DNA-A, isolate TZ7
ay795989DNA-B, isolate TZ1
eu685319DNA-A, isolate EACMCV-CM[NG:Mg:03]
eu685321DNA-A, isolate EACMCV-CM[NG:Ll:06]
eu685323DNA-A, isolate EACMCV-CM[NG:So:03]
eu685326DNA-A, isolate EACMCV-CM[NG:Iba:06]
eu685327AC2 and AC3 proteins, isolate EACMCV-CM[NG:Cc:03]
fj826890DNA-B, Cameroon isolate
jf909094DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC15E11:2008
jf909117DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC41AI3:2009
jn165087DNA-B, Ghanaian isolate EACMGV
jn165089DNA-A, Ghanaian isolate EACMGV

East African cassava mosaic Kenya virus (EACMKV)
aj704965DNA-B, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K300
aj704966DNA-B, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K228
aj704967DNA-B, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K230
aj704968DNA-B, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K229
aj704969DNA-B, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K238
aj704970DNA-B, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K261
aj704971DNA-B, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K298
aj704972DNA-B, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K308
aj717569DNA-A, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K302
aj717570DNA-A, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K303
aj717571DNA-A, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K304
aj717572DNA-A, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K298
aj717573DNA-A, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K301
aj717574DNA-A, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K308
aj717575DNA-A, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K310
aj717576DNA-A, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K307
aj717577DNA-A, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K238
aj717578DNA-A, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K229
aj717579DNA-A, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K230
aj717580DNA-A, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K300
aj717581DNA-A, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K261
aj717582DNA-A, Kenyan EACMV type KE3 isolate K228
jf909078DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC01B01:2005
jf909079DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC03B13:2005
jf909080DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC03E02:2006
jf909081DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC04B19:2005
jf909083DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC07B31:2008
jf909085DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC09B43:2008
jf909086DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC10B53:2008
jf909087DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC11AA6:2008
jf909088DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC11B32:2008
jf909089DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC11B55:2008
jf909091DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC14B73:2008
jf909092DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC14E06:2008
jf909093DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC15B21:2008
jf909095DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC16B00:2004
jf909098DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC21AT2:2004
jf909100DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC26BA1:2009
jf909101DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC27AG1:2009
jf909102DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC27BF1:2009
jf909103DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC28AK1:2009
jf909104DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC29AK1:2009
jf909105DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC29BG1:2009
jf909107DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC31AB2:2009
jf909108DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC31BL1:2009
jf909109DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC31BT1:2009
jf909112DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC33BD2:2009
jf909113DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC33BN1:2009
jf909114DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC35BC1:2009
jf909116DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC40BR2:2009
jf909122DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC49AI4:2009
jf909123DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC49BE3:2009
jf909124DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC49BO2:2009
jf909125DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC59BH1:2009
jf909126DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC60BO1:2009
jf909127DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO02B00:2005
jf909128DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO04AF2:2009
jf909129DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO05AK2:2009
jf909130DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO05BD3:2009
jf909132DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO09BI3:2009
jf909134DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO11BP3:2009
jf909135DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO12BS3:2009
jf909136DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO13AA3:2009
jf909137DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO13AY2:2009
jf909138DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO13BW3:2009
jf909140DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO16AI2:2009
jf909141DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO16BF1:2009
jf909142DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO17AL2:2009
jf909143DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO17BI1:2009
jf909144DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO18AP2:2009
jf909145DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO18BN1:2009
jf909146DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO20AZ2:2009
jf909147DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO20BS1:2009
jf909148DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO21AH3:2009
jf909172DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT14B79:2005
jf909186DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT45B12:2008
jf909187DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT48B08:2008
jf909197DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT64B02:2008
jf909199DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT69B17:2008
jf909200DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ03AN3:2004
jf909201DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ04AS3:2004
jf909202DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ10AK1:2005
jf909203DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ15AK2:2009
jf909204DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ19AQ1:2009
jf909205DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ20AF3:2009
jf909206DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ21AI3:2009
jf909207DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ23AS3:2009
jf909208DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ23BE1:2009
jf909209DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ24AY3:2009
jf909210DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ25AE4:2009
jf909211DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ29AQ1:2009
jf909212DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ31AW1:2009
jf909213DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC07AI3:2008
jf909214DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC12AD4:2008
jf909215DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC16AZ1:2004
jf909216DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC26AA1:2009
jf909217DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC34AA1:2009
jf909218DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC40AF3:2009
jf909219DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC40BY1:2009
jf909220DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC45AF1:2009
jf909221DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC50AM4:2009
jf909222DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO05AL2:2009
jf909223DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO14AC3:2009
jf909224DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO16AF2:2009
jf909225DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO17AM2:2009
jf909226DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO21AD3:2009
jf909227DNA-B, isolate Seychelles:La Digue:SC04AP1:2009
jf909228DNA-B, isolate Seychelles:Mahe:SC17AR2:2005
jf909229DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT01A01:2005
jf909230DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT02A06:2005
jf909231DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT07A31:2005
jf909232DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT08A36:2005
jf909233DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT10A46:2005
jf909234DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT11A51:2005
jf909235DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT12A56:2005
jf909236DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT23A02:2003
jf909237DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT25A13:2003
jf909238DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT33A26:2003
jf909239DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT36A77:2004
jf909240DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT39A37:2004
jf909241DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT42A41:2008
jf909242DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT42B03:2008
jf909243DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT43A46:2008
jf909244DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT43B04:2008
jf909245DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT44A51:2008
jf909246DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT45B07:2008
jf909247DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT45E12:2008
jf909248DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT49B14:2008
jf909249DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT50A75:2008
jf909250DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT51A01:2008
jf909251DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT53B10:2008
jf909252DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT58A27:2008
jf909253DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT58B26:2008
jf909254DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT72AL1:2008
jf909255DNA-B, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT72B18:2008

East African cassava mosaic Malawi virus (EACMMV)
aj006459DNA-A, Malawi strain MH
aj006460DNA-A, Malawi strain MK

East African cassava mosaic virus (EACMV)
af126804DNA-A, Ugandan 2 mild strain
af126805DNA-B, Ugandan 3 mild strain
af126806DNA-A, Ugandan severe strain
af126807DNA-B, Ugandan severe strain
af230375DNA-B, Ug1 segment
af423178Coat protein, Ugandan Namulonge isolate
af423179Coat protein, Tanzanian Mtwara isolate
aj006458DNA-A, Kenyan strain K2B
aj618956DNA-A, Ugandan Kaberamaido isolate
aj618957DNA-A, Ugandan Nakasongola isolate
aj618958DNA-A, Ugandan Mpigi isolate
aj618959DNA-A, Ugandan Busia isolate
aj704934DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K35
aj704935DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K211
aj704936DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K24
aj704937DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K325
aj704938DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K268
aj704939DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K29
aj704949DNA-B, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K48
aj704950DNA-B, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K25
aj704951DNA-B, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K27
aj704952DNA-B, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K208
aj704953DNA-B, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K201
aj704954DNA-B, Kenyan type UG isolate K66
aj704955DNA-B, Kenyan type UG isolate K262
aj704956DNA-B, Kenyan type UG isolate K223
aj704957DNA-B, Kenyan type UG isolate K140
aj704958DNA-B, Kenyan type UG isolate K79
aj704959DNA-B, Kenyan type UG isolate K81
aj704960DNA-B, Kenyan type UG isolate K23
aj704961DNA-B, Kenyan type UG isolate K282
aj704962DNA-B, Kenyan type UG isolate K90
aj704963DNA-B, Kenyan type UG isolate K115
aj704964DNA-B, Kenyan type UG isolate K137
aj704973DNA-B, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K197
aj704974DNA-B, Kenyan type UG isolate K72
aj717516DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K115
aj717517DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K127
aj717518DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K137
aj717519DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K139
aj717520DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K136
aj717521DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K140
aj717522DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K262
aj717523DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K81
aj717524DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K66
aj717525DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K78
aj717526DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K67
aj717527DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K72
aj717528DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K108
aj717529DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K79
aj717530DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K223
aj717531DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K90
aj717532DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K73
aj717533DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K277
aj717534DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K23
aj717535DNA-A, Kenyan type UG isolate K282
aj717536DNA-A, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K53
aj717537DNA-A, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K27
aj717538DNA-A, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K25
aj717539DNA-A, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K49
aj717540DNA-A, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K208
aj717541DNA-A, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K201
aj717542DNA-A, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K48
aj717543DNA-A, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K16
aj717544DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K41
aj717545DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K9
aj717546DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K6
aj717547DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K312
aj717548DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K325
aj717549DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K313
aj717550DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K315
aj717551DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K29
aj717552DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K35
aj717553DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K33
aj717554DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K36
aj717555DNA-A, Kenyan type KE2 isolate K197
aj717556DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K322
aj717557DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K24
aj717558DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K268
am502326DNA-A, Ugandan Arua clone 24-ug177-10
am502327DNA-A, Ugandan Arua clone 24-ug175-8
am502328DNA-A, Ugandan Iganga clone 32-ug441
am502329DNA-A, Ugandan Kalangala clone 27-ug233-2
am502330DNA-A, Ugandan Kalangala clone 27-ug237-2
am502331DNA-A, Ugandan Wakiso clone 26-ug115a
am502332DNA-A, Ugandan Wakiso clone 25-ug128-2
am502333DNA-A, Ugandan Rakai clone wcass3-5
am502334DNA-A, Ugandan Rakai clone wcass6-8
am502335DNA-A, Ugandan Wakiso clone wcass1-2
am502336DNA-A, Ugandan Wakiso clone wcass2-1
am502337DNA-A, Ugandan Bushenyi clone 28-ug289-5
am502341DNA-B, Ugandan Kalangala clone 27-ug233-1
am502342DNA-B, Ugandan Kalangala clone 27-ug237-8
am502343DNA-B, Ugandan Wakiso clone wcass2-5
am502344DNA-B, Ugandan Nakasongola clone 20-ug1a8
ay211467Coat protein AV1, Cameroon isolate KO
ay211468Coat protein AV1, Cameroon isolate BB
ay562424Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, isolate Uganda2 Severe isolate eug112
ay562425Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, isolate Uganda2(Uganda variant) isolate eug137
ay562426Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, isolate Uganda2(Uganda variant) isolate eug228
ay562427Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, isolate Uganda2 Severe isolate eug313
ay562428Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, isolate Uganda2 Mild isolate eug322
ay562430Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, isolate Uganda2 Severe isolate eug237
ay676464Defective DNA-A, Tanzanian isolate 15
ay795985DNA-A, Kenya strain, isolate TZT
ay795986DNA-A, Kenya strain, isolate TZM
ay795987DNA-A, isolate YV
ay795988DNA-A, Uganda 2 strain isolate TZ10
fm877474DNA-A, isolate Ug2/Svr /Burkina Faso-Koubri-2008
fn435278DNA-A, DRC isolate Ybi1[Pr]
fn435279DNA-A, DRC isolate Ybi2[Pr]
fn435280DNA-A, DRC isolate Ybi1[Cm]
fn435281DNA-A, DRC isolate Ybi2[Cm]
fn668377DNA-A, isolate UG-Ca055
fn668380DNA-B, isolate UG-Ca055
fr675722TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yandumba-Dual
fr675723TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bobadi-dual
fr675724TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Banalia-Dual
fr675725TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bodjaba-Dual
fr675726TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bodjaba-Single
fr675727TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yongo-Dual
fr675728TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yongo-Single
fr675729TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bombombwa-Dual
fr675730TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bombombwa-Single
fr675731TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bahume-Dual
fr675732TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bahume-Single
fr675733TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bambwe-Dual
fr675734TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Badambila-Dual
fr675735TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Gwania-Dual
fr675736TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bandagwe-Dual
fr675737TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bandagwe-Single
fr675738TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bakweme-Dual
fr675739TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bengamisa-Dual
fr675740TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bangwade-Dual
fr675741TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bangwade-Single
fr675742TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bawi-Dual
fr675743TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bagbasingbe-Dual
fr675744TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bawombi-Bawombi
fr675745TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Batiamanduku-Dual
fr675746TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Batiamanduku-Single
fr675747TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yakusu-Dual
fr675748TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yakusu-Single
fr675749TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Madula-Dual
fr675750TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Madula-Single
fr675751TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Kisangani-Dual
fr675752TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bandu-Dual
fr675753TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Risasi-Single
fr675754TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Biaro-Dual
fr675755TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Biaro-Single
fr675756TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Batiakasima-Single
fr675757TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Mokobe-Single
fr675758TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yalokombe-Dual
fr675759TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yalokombe-Single
fr675760TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yalikanda-Dual
fr675761TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Belgika-Dual
fr675762TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Belgika-Single
fr675763TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yaotumbe-Dual
fr675764TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yaotumbe-Single
fr675765TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yalifoka-Dual
fr675766TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yaombo-dual
fr675767TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yalosuka-Dual
fr675768TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yalosuka-Single
fr675769TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yatolema-Dual
fr675770TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yalokombe1-Dual
fr675771TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yalokombe1-Single
fr675772TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Lianga-Dual
fr675773TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yanonge-Dual
fr675774TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yanonge-Single
fr675775TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Baulo-Dual
fr675776TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yangambi-Dual
fr675777TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Isangi-Dual
fr675778TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Isangi-Single
fr675779TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yaeoli-Dual
fr675780TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Lileko-Dual
fr675781TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Lileko-Single
fr675782TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Ngazi-Dual
fr675783TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yaotonga-Dual
fr675784TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Djabir-Dual
fr675785TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Djabir-Single
fr675786TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Ligasa-Dual
fr675787TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Ligasa-Single
fr675788TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Liande-Dual
fr675789TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bolinga-Dual
fr675790TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yafeta-Dual
fr675791TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yafela-Dual
fr675792TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yaula-Dual
fr675793TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yailombo-Dual
fr675794TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Wenge-Dual
fr675795TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yaelelemo-Dual
fr675796TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Basoko-Dual
fr675797TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Basuku-Dual
fr675798TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bokondo-Dual
fr675799TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bokondo-Single
fr675800TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Mangala-Dual
fr675801TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yaofanola-Dual
fr675802TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Ibila-Dual
fr675803TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Liesse-Dual
fr675804TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yangonde-Dual
fr675805TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bolikango1-Dual
fr675806TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bolikango1-Single
fr675807TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bobati2-Dual
fr675808TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Mongandjo-Dual
fr675809TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bogbalagbogbo-Dual
fr675810TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bogbalagbogbo-Single
fr675811TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bogbogobo-Dual
fr675812TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bogbogobo-Single
fr675813TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yambuya-Dual
fr675814TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Ekilo-Dual
fr675815TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yalibongo-Dual
fr675816TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yalibongo-Single
fr675817TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yalibutu-Dual
fr675818TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yambauw-Dual
fr675819TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bakere-Dual
fr675820TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yambesa-Dual
fr675821TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yaoloko-Dual
fr675822TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Mombana-Dual
fr675823TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Mombana-Single
fr675824TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Bongwange-Dual
fr675825TrAP protein AC2, isolate EACMV-Ybi Yamabuki-Dual
gu395301Intergenic region with AC4 and AV2 proteins, Cameroon Gamago isolate
gu580898AV2, AV1, AC3 and AC2 protein, Angolan isolate AOA
he814063DNA-A, isolate Uganda strain, isolate Central African Republic-Ippy-CF36-2007
he814064DNA-A, isolate Uganda strain, isolate Chad-Ndokono-TD1-2008
he984147DNA-A, isolate Madagascar:Diana:635A6:2011
jf909063DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ01B07:2004
jf909064DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ02B00:2004
jf909065DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ02B37:2004
jf909066DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ03B00:2004
jf909067DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ03B11:2004
jf909068DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ04B16:2004
jf909069DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ06B21:2004
jf909070DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ07B00:2004
jf909071DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ07B26:2003
jf909072DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ10B00:2005
jf909073DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ18BW3:2009
jf909074DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ21AL3:2009
jf909075DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ26BP1:2009
jf909076DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ29BE2:2009
jf909077DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Anjouan:AJ32BT2:2009
jf909082DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC05B25:2008
jf909084DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC09B29:2008
jf909090DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC12B61:2008
jf909096DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC18B00:2005
jf909097DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC20B00:2004
jf909099DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC22AY2:2004
jf909106DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC30BP1:2009
jf909110DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC32AF2:2009
jf909111DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC32BY1:2010
jf909115DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC36BI2:2009
jf909118DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC43AO3:2009
jf909119DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC45AI1:2009
jf909120DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC47AX3:2009
jf909121DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Grande-Comore:GC47BZ2:2009
jf909131DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO09AR2:2009
jf909133DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO10BN3:2009
jf909139DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO15AZ1:2009
jf909149DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO29AN3:2009
jf909150DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Moheli:MO30BY1:2009
jf909151DNA-A, isolate Seychelles:Mahe:SC01B01:2006
jf909152DNA-A, isolate Seychelles:Mahe:SC02B07:2006
jf909153DNA-A, isolate Seychelles:La Digue:SC03AK1:2009
jf909154DNA-A, isolate Seychelles:La Digue:SC08AX1:2004
jf909155DNA-A, isolate Seychelles:Mahe:SC10AS1:2004
jf909156DNA-A, isolate Seychelles:Mahe:SC12B01:2004
jf909157DNA-A, isolate Seychelles:La digue:SC15B16:2004
jf909158DNA-A, isolate Seychelles:Mahe:SC16B00:2005
jf909159DNA-A, isolate Seychelles:Mahe:SC16B20:2005
jf909160DNA-A, isolate Seychelles:Mahe:SC17B31:2005
jf909161DNA-A, isolate Seychelles:Mahe:SC18B32:2005
jf909162DNA-A, isolate Seychelles:Praslin:SC22B15:2009
jf909163DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT03B38:2005
jf909164DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT03E63:2005
jf909165DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT04B41:2005
jf909166DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT04E67:2005
jf909167DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT07B51:2005
jf909168DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT09B65:2005
jf909169DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT10B67:2005
jf909170DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT11B71:2005
jf909171DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT12B76:2005
jf909173DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT23B10:2003
jf909174DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT24B16:2004
jf909175DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT25B20:2003
jf909176DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT26B24:2004
jf909177DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT27B31:2004
jf909178DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT28B34:2004
jf909179DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT33B59:2003
jf909180DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT34B44:2004
jf909181DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT36B00:2004
jf909182DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT36B49:2004
jf909183DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT43B01:2008
jf909184DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT43E01:2008
jf909185DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT44B01:2008
jf909188DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT48E15:2008
jf909189DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT49A66:2008
jf909190DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT49E10:2008
jf909191DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT50B12:2008
jf909192DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT51B14:2008
jf909193DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT55B06:2008
jf909194DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT57E10:2008
jf909195DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT59B30:2008
jf909196DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT59E19:2008
jf909198DNA-A, isolate Comoros:Mayotte:YT67B08:2009
jn053432DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate B2J5
jn053433DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate B3J1
jn053434DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate B3J13
jn053435DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate B4J15
jn053436DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate BxJ4
jn053437DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate K2J4
jn053438DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate K4J3
jn053439DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate B2J13
jn053440DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate B3J2
jn053441DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate B4J3
jn053442DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate B5J3
jn053443DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate BxJ5
jn053444DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate K1J3
jn053445DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate K3J4
jn053446DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate K5J6
jn053447DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate B2J2
jn053448DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate B3J3
jn053449DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate B4J5
jn053450DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate B5J15
jn053451DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate BxJ15
jn053452DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate K2J3
jn053453DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate K4J1
jn053454DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate S1J12
jn053455DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Jatropha isolate S4J1
jn053456DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Manihot isolate S3C1
jn053457DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Manihot isolate B2C5
jn053458DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Manihot isolate S4C6
jn053459DNA-A, Kenyan strain Uganda2 severe Manihot isolate B3C2
jn941177DNA-A, isolate AO7
jx910240DNA-A, Congo isolate
z83254Coat protein and intergenic region, ACMV-EACMV recombinant from Uganda
z83255Coat protein and intergenic region, ACMV-EACMV recombinant from Uganda; second sequence
z83256DNA-A, Tanzanian isolate
z83257DNA-A, Ugandan recombinant with ACMV
z83258Coat protein, Kenyan isolate

East African cassava mosaic Zanzibar virus (EACMZV)
aj006461Coat protein and movement protein, Malawi strain YG
aj516003DNA-A, Kenyan Kilifi isolate
aj628732DNA-B, Kenyan Kilifi isolate
aj704940DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K18
aj704941DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K212
aj704942DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K19
aj704943DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K10
aj704944DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K3
aj704945DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K272
aj704946DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K337
aj704947DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K270
aj704948DNA-B, Kenyan isolate K275
aj717559DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K5
aj717560DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K3
aj717561DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K12
aj717562DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K19
aj717563DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K270
aj717564DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K275
aj717565DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K272
aj717566DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K18
aj717567DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K10
aj717568DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K212
aj717583DNA-A, Kenyan isolate K337
he806427DNA-A, isolate SB1
he806428DNA-A, isolate SB2
he806429DNA-B, isolate SB3
he806430DNA-B, isolate SB4

Eclipta yellow vein virus (EYVV)
fr772082Complete sequence, Hollyhock leaf curl isolate [Pakistan:20-4:06] Faisalabad3
gq478343Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate

Emilia yellow vein virus (EYVV)
eu377539Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Fz1
eu377540Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate Fz2
eu377541Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate Fz3
eu377542Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate Fz4
eu377543Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate Fz5
eu377544Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate Fz6
jq247188Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Fz12

Erectites yellow mosaic virus (ErYMV)
dq641698DNA-A, Vietnamese Hoabinh fireweed isolate

Eupatorium yellow vein mosaic virus (EpYVMV)
aj438937Complete sequence, Japanese isolate Fukuoka-s

Eupatorium yellow vein virus (EpYVV)
ab007990Complete sequence
ab079766Complete sequence, Yamaguchi isolate
ab300463Complete sequence, Japanese Suya isolate
ab433979Complete sequence, Japanese Kagawa tomato isolate
aj438936Complete sequence, Japanese isolate Fukuoka-m

Euphorbia golden mosaic virus ()
dq318931Coat protein, Yucatan isolate

Euphorbia leaf curl Guangxi virus (EuLCGxV)
am411424Complete sequence, isolate G35-1

Euphorbia leaf curl virus (EuLCV)
aj558121Complete sequence, Guangxi isolate G35
aj811911Movement protein AV2 and partial coat protein, Guangxi isolate G7
fj487911Complete sequence, Fujian isolate
kc161185Complete sequence, isolate PF1

Euphorbia mosaic Peru virus (EuMPV)
am886131DNA-A, Machu Pichu isolate

Euphorbia mosaic virus (EuMV)
af068642DNA-A, Puerto Rico isolate
dq318937DNA-A, Yucatan isolate
dq318938DNA-B, Yucatan isolate
dq395342DNA-A, Jamaican Wissadula isolate
dq520942DNA-A, Mexican Jalasco pepper isolate
eu740969DNA-B, Jamaican Wissdula isolate
fj348361AC2 and AC3 proteins, Cuban tobacco isolate
fj407052DNA-A, Jamaican Euphorbia isolate
fj807782DNA-A, Cuban tobacco isolate
fj807783DNA-B, Cuban tobacco isolate
hq185235DNA-B, Mexican Jalisco pepper isolate
hq896201DNA-A, Cuban isolate 27
hq896202DNA-B, Cuban isolate 27
jq963887DNA-A, US isolate Eu4
jq963888DNA-B, US isolate Eu4

Euphorbia yellow mosaic virus (EuYMV)
fj619507DNA-A, Brazilian isolate
fj619508DNA-B, Brazilian isolate
fn435995DNA-A, Brazilian isolate Mato grosso do sul:1:2007
fn435996DNA-B, Brazilian isolate Mato grosso do sul:1:2007
fn435997DNA-A, Brazilian isolate Mato grosso do sul:2:2007
fn435998DNA-B, Brazilian isolate Mato grosso do sul:2:2007
hm357460Central region DNA-A including AC2, AC3 and partial coat protein, Brazil SP isolate
jf756669DNA-A, isolate Brazil:DF:Planaltina:AB5818:2007
jf756670DNA-A, isolate Brazil:DF:Taquara:ABA3:2002
jf756671DNA-A, isolate Brazil:GO:Itaberai:5082A:2007
jf756672DNA-A, isolate Brazil:GO:Sao Miguel do Passa Quatro AB403:2002
jf756673DNA-A, isolate Brazil:DF:Taquara 8880:2009
jf756674DNA-A, isolate Brazil:GO:Morrinhos 9027:2009
jf756675DNA-A, isolate Brazil:GO:Sao Miguel do Passa Quatro AB404:2002
jf756676DNA-A, isolate Brazil:GO:Luziania 8675:2009
jf756677DNA-B, isolate Brazil:GO:Itaberai 5082B:2007
jf756678DNA-B, isolate Brazil:GO:Acreuna AB3540:2005
jn419000DNA-A, isolate BR:Car2:09
jn419001DNA-B, isolate BR:Car2:09
jx415184DNA-A, isolate BR:GO:Luz768a:03]
jx415185DNA-A, isolate [BR:GO:Luz768b:03]
jx415186DNA-A, isolate [BR:GO:Luz768c:03]
jx415189DNA-A, isolate [BR:GO:Acr3539:05]
jx415191DNA-A, isolate [BR:768Cro3b:08]
jx415192DNA-A, isolate [BR:768Tom8a:08]
jx415200DNA-A, isolate [BR:3539AB1:09]
jx871379DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic9:10
kc706530DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo166:08

French bean leaf curl virus ()
jq866297DNA-A, isolate FbLCV-Kanpur

Gossypium punctatum mild leaf curl virus (GPMLCuV)
eu384575DNA-A, isolate Punc-15A
eu384576DNA-B, isolate Dar-6B
eu384577DNA-B, isolate Dav-15-B
eu384578DNA-B, isolate Punc-15R-B
fj210467DNA-A, isolate PAK;Mul;Loba1;08
fj218485DNA-A, isolate Gossyp-1
fj218488DNA-B, isolate Loba-1B
fj218489DNA-B, isolate Must-B.2.7
fj218490DNA-B, isolate Soma-B2.7
fj218491DNA-B, isolate Stockcii-BNC1
gu112081DNA-A, Indian isolate OY77
he805962Defective DNA-A, Punjab clone 06WTG

Hibiscus variegation virus ()
dq318932Coat protein, Yucatan isolate

Hollyhock leaf crumple virus (HLCrV)
af014881Complete sequence, Egypt (Giza) isolate
aj542539Complete sequence, Cairo2 isolate clone H90-7
ay036009Complete sequence, Egypt (Cairo) isolate

Honeysuckle yellow vein Kagoshima virus (HYVKgV)
ab178949Complete sequence, Japanese Tobacco leaf curl virus isolate KG5TOB
ab236323Complete sequence, Japanese Miyazaki tomato isolate

Honeysuckle yellow vein mosaic virus (HYVMV)
ab020781Complete sequence, Onuki & Hanada, 1998
ab079765Complete sequence, Yamaguchi tobacco isolate
ab108828Coat protein, replication enhancer C3 and TrAP protein C2, isolate NG1
ab108829Coat protein, replication enhancer C3 and TrAP protein C2, isolate OT2
ab108830Coat protein, replication enhancer C3 and TrAP protein C2, isolate HY3
ab108831Coat protein, replication enhancer C3 and TrAP protein C2, isolate KG6
ab108832Coat protein, replication enhancer C3 and TrAP protein C2, isolate TK10
ab108833Coat protein, replication enhancer C3 and TrAP protein C2, isolate HY12
ab108834Coat protein, replication enhancer C3 and TrAP protein C2, isolate KM21
ab108835Coat protein, replication enhancer C3 and TrAP protein C2, isolate KM22
ab108836Coat protein, replication enhancer C3 and TrAP protein C2, isolate KM23
ab108837Coat protein, replication enhancer C3 and TrAP protein C2, isolate KM25
ab108838Coat protein, replication enhancer C3 and TrAP protein C2, tobacco isolate KG5Tob
ab178945Complete sequence, Japanese isolate FK1
ab178947Complete sequence, Japanese isolate OT1
ab178948Complete sequence, Japanese isolate OT2
ab182261Complete sequence, Japanese isolate SP1
ab287440Complete sequence, Japanese honeysuckle isolate Nara1
ab287441Complete sequence, Japanese honeysuckle isolate Nara2

Honeysuckle yellow vein virus (HYVV)
ab055009Complete sequence, isolate KK, strain Kochi
ab178946Complete sequence, Japanese Kobe isolate HY12
ab236321Complete sequence, Japanese Fukui tomato isolate
ab236325Complete sequence, Japanese Masuda tomato isolate
aj542540Complete sequence, UK1 isolate (MAFF10-7)
aj543429Complete sequence, isolate UK2
fj434943Complete sequence, South Korean TbLCKV isolate
fj817425Complete sequence, New Zealand isolate HYVVNZ1
gq477135Complete sequence, South Korean Daegu isolate
hm164540Complete sequence, isolate TLCV_Korea_IS1
hm164541Complete sequence, isolate TLCV-Korea-IS4
hm164542Complete sequence, isolate TLCV-Korea-IS8
hm164543Complete sequence, isolate TLCV-Korea-IS-HS
hm164544Complete sequence, isolate TLCV-Korea-jeju126
hm164545Complete sequence, isolate TLCV-Korea-Jeju138
hm164546Complete sequence, isolate TLCV-Korea-Jeju144
hm164547Complete sequence, isolate TLCV-Korea-KJ
hm164548Complete sequence, isolate TLCV-Korea-SC1
hm164549Complete sequence, isolate TLCV-Korea-SC2
hm164550Complete sequence, isolate TLCV-Korea-SC3
hq189431Complete sequence, South Korean isolate DJ

Horsegram yellow mosaic virus (HgYMV)
aj627904DNA-A, Indian Coimbatore isolate
aj627905DNA-B, Indian Coimbatore isolate
am932425DNA-A, Bangalore french bean isolate
am932426DNA-B, Bangalore french bean isolate
am932427DNA-A, Bangalore horse gram isolate
am932428DNA-B, Bangalore horse gram isolate
am932429DNA-A, Bangalore lima bean isolate
am932430DNA-B, Bangalore lima bean isolate
gu323321DNA-A, Sri Lankan isolate LK:09
gu323322DNA-B, Sri Lankan isolate LK:09
kc019306DNA-A, isolate India:Banglore:French bean:2011
kc019307DNA-B, isolate India:Banglore:French bean:2011

Indian cassava mosaic virus (ICMV)
af423180Coat protein, Indian Trivandrum isolate
aj314739DNA-A, Maharashtra isolate
aj314740DNA-B, Maharashtra isolate
aj512823DNA-B, Kerala Ker6 isolate
aj575819DNA-A, Adivaram 2 isolate
aj575820DNA-B, Muvattupuzzha Ker3 isolate
am158955DNA-B, Koodathi Ker5 isolate
am238428Defective recombinant DNA-B, clone D1B
am238429Defective recombinant DNA-B, clone D2B
ay188956Movement protein AV2, Indian Lucknow Acalypha isolate
ay312989Coat protein, Trivandrum isolate, Antony et al.
ay730035DNA-A, isolate Maharastra 2
ay730036DNA-B, isolate Maharastra 2
ay998122Coat protein, Indian Kolli hills isolate
dq017669Movement protein BC1, Kollihills strain
dq303479Movement protein AV2, Indian isolate TN
dq314584AC3 protein, Indian Salem isolate
dq515968Coat protein, Indian Lucknow isolate
dq658178AC4 protein, Indian Trichy isolate
eu113300Coat protein, Lucknow Jatropha curcas isolate
eu439256Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, Lucknow isolate
gq924760DNA-A, Jatropha curcas mosaic isolate
gq924761DNA-B, Jatropha curcas mosaic isolate
hm143917Coat protein, Hyderabad Jatropha isolate
hq113112Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Kerala-11
hq415765Replication protein AC1, isolate Thaliyur/H226
hq415767Replication protein AC1, isolate Athur/Uk
jf496656DNA-B, Jatropha curcas mosaic virus Jalgaon isolate
jf496657DNA-A, Jatropha curcas mosaic virus Jalgaon isolate
jn692494DNA-A, Jatropha curcas mosaic virus isolate JC-3
jx518289DNA-A, Jatropha curcas isolate IN:SG:12
jx915744DNA-B, Jatropha curcas mosaic isolate SG
z24758DNA-A, Hong et al., 1993
z24759DNA-B, Hong et al., 1993

Ipomoea yellow vein virus (IYVV)
aj132548Complete sequence, isolate from Southern Spain
eu839577Complete sequence, isolate ES:MAL:IG3:06
eu839578Complete sequence, isolate ES:MAL:IG5:06
fn432356Complete sequence, Sweet potato leaf curl Bengal isolate BCKV

Jacquemontia mosaic Yucatan virus ()
jq821386DNA-A, Merida isolate
jq821387DNA-B, Merida isolate

Jatropha leaf curl virus (JLCuV)
eu798996DNA-A, New Delhi isolate
gq499338Movement protein, AV2 Indian Lucknow isolate
gu451249DNA-A, Indian isolate PDVN-MPR-Guj-1
kc513823DNA-A, Indian isolate Lucknow

Jatropha mosaic India virus ()
fj346232AC2 and AC3 proteins, Lucknow isolate
gq847545AC2 and AC3 proteins, Lucknow strain 2
gu574210AC2 and AC3 proteins, Lucknow strain SLS-W
gu906292AC2 and AC3 proteins, Rajasthan isolate
hm230683DNA-A, Lucknow strain SK-2
hq113113Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate TPTY-03
hq597029Movement protein AV2, West Bengal isolate SILIGU-1
hq840737AC2 and AC3 proteins, Lucknow Jatropha isolate
hq848382AC2 and AC3 proteins, Lucknow Jatropha isolate
hq910408AC2 and AC3 proteins, Aligarh isolate
jn135236DNA-A, isolate Katarniaghat
jn698951AC2 and AC3 proteins, isolate JC8
jn698952AC2 and AC3 proteins, isolate JC7
jn698953AC2 and AC3 proteins, isolate Hyderabad
jn698954DNA-A, isolate Katerniaghat 2
jn704612Coat protein AV1, Indian Withania isolate Aligarh
jn704613Coat protein AV1, Indian Withania isolate Rajasthan
jn704614Coat protein AV1, Indian Withania isolate SKS-W
jn807767AC2 and AC3 proteins, isolate Gujarat1
jn807768AC2 and AC3 proteins, isolate Gujarat2

Jatropha mosaic Nigerian virus ()
jx025358Complete sequence, isolate 2
jx025359Complete sequence, isolate 3
jx025360Complete sequence, isolate 5

Jatropha yellow mosaic virus (JYMV)
fj177030DNA-A, Tikamgarh isolate

Kenaf leaf curl virus ()
ef620561Coat protein, clone LCCP-EI-Bkp-11
ef620562Coat protein, clone LCCP-EI-Har-22
ef620563Coat protein, clone LCCP-NI-Bah-02
eu366903Complete sequence, Bahraich isolate
eu822321Complete sequence, Indian Kaisarganj isolate
eu822322Complete sequence, Indian Bhangha isolate
fn806777Complete sequence, Chinese Sida acuta isolate Y340
fn806778Complete sequence, Chinese Sida acuta isolate Y341
gu112049Complete sequence, Indian isolate OY-Tumkur
hm448898Complete sequence, Chinese tomato isolate YN377

Kudzu mosaic virus (KuMV)
dq641690DNA-A, Vietnamese Hoabinh isolate
dq641691DNA-B, Vietnamese Hoabinh isolate
fj539014DNA-A, Chinese isolate Yg3
fj539015DNA-B, Chinese isolate Yg3
fj539016AV2 protein, Chinese isolate Yg1
fj539017AV2 protein, Chinese isolate Yg2
fj539018AV2 protein, Chinese isolate Yg4
hq162271DNA-A, isolate Vietnam/Hanoi/soybean/2010
hq162272DNA-B, isolate Vietnam/Hanoi/soybean/2010

Lindernia anagallis yellow vein virus (LAYVV)
ay795900Complete sequence, Chinese isolate
dq022657Movement protein AV2, Lindermia isolate
dq022658Movement protein AV2, papaya isolate
dq641701Complete sequence, Vietnamese Hanoi isolate
kc172827Complete sequence, Chinese isolate LA1

Ludwigia yellow vein Vietnam virus (LuYVVNV)
dq641699DNA-A, Vietnamese Hochiminh isolate

Ludwigia yellow vein virus (LuYVV)
aj965539DNA-A, Chinese Guangxi isolate G37
dq641708DNA-A, Vietnamese Hochiminh isolate

Luffa yellow mosaic virus (LYMV)
af509739DNA-A, Vietnam isolate
af509740DNA-B, Vietnam isolate

Macroptilium golden mosaic virus (MacGMV)
af176092Coat protein, Puerto Rico isolate
ef645647DNA-A, isolate Jamaica 1 Spanish Town
eu158096DNA-A, August Town isolate
eu158097DNA-B, August Town isolate
fj981727DNA-B, isolate Jamaica 1 Spanish Town

Macroptilium mosaic Puerto Rico virus (MaMPRV)
af449192DNA-A, bean isolate
af449193DNA-B, bean isolate

Macroptilium yellow mosaic Florida virus (MaYMFV)

Macroptilium yellow mosaic virus (MaYMV)
aj344452DNA-A, Cuban isolate
ef582840DNA-A, Jamaican Mona isolate
ef582841DNA-B, Jamaican Mona isolate
ef585288DNA-A, Jamaican Hope Pastures isolate
ef585289DNA-B, Jamaican Hope Pastures isolate
ef585290DNA-A, Jamaican St. Thomas isolate
ef585291DNA-B, Jamaican St. Thomas isolate
ef585292DNA-B, Jamaican isolate pmrsrfb14

Macroptilium yellow net virus ()
jn418999DNA-B, isolate BR:Mur1:09

Macroptilium yellow spot virus ()
jn419005DNA-A, isolate BR:Bas1:09
jn419007DNA-A, isolate BR:Ced1:09
jn419009DNA-A, isolate BR:Mac1:10
jn419012DNA-A, isolate BR:Bat1:10
jn419013DNA-A, isolate BR:Agf1:10
jn419014DNA-A, isolate BR:Agf2:10
jn419015DNA-A, isolate BR:Pir1:10
jn419016DNA-A, isolate BR:Deg1:10
jn419018DNA-A, isolate BR:Inp1:10
jn419019DNA-A, isolate BR:Inp2:10
jn419020DNA-A, isolate BR:Pdi1:10
jn419022DNA-A, isolate BR:Mac5:10
kc004091DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb8:11
kc004092DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb9:11
kc004093DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb10:11
kc004094DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb11:11
kc004095DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb12:11
kc004096DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb13:11
kc004097DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb14:11
kc004098DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb15:11
kc004099DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb16:11
kc004100DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb17:11
kc004101DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb18:11
kc004102DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb19:11
kc004103DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf15:11
kc004104DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf16:11
kc004105DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf17:11
kc004106DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf18:11
kc004107DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf19:11
kc004108DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf20:11
kc004109DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf21:11
kc004110DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf22:11
kc004111DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb1:11
kc004112DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf23:11
kc004113DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf1:11
kc004114DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf2:11
kc004115DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf7:11
kc004116DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb2:11
kc004117DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf3:11
kc004118DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb3:11
kc004119DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf4:11
kc004120DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf5:11
kc004121DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf8:11
kc004122DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf6:11
kc004123DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf9:11
kc004124DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb4:11
kc004125DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf10:11
kc004126DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf11:11
kc004127DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb5:11
kc004128DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf12:11
kc004129DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf13:11
kc004130DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf14:11
kc004131DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb6:11
kc004132DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf24:11
kc004133DNA-A, isolate BR:Oaf25:11
kc004134DNA-A, isolate BR:Crb7:11

Macroptilium yellow vein virus ()
jn419021DNA-A, isolate BR:Mac4:10

Malachra yellow vein mosaic virus ()
eu285589Coat protein, Barrackpore isolate

Malvastrum leaf curl Guangdong virus (MaLCGdV)
am236779Complete sequence, isolate GD6
am236780Complete sequence, isolate GD9
am236781Movement protein AV2, isolate GD7
am236782Movement protein AV2, isolate GD8
am236783Movement protein AV2, isolate GD10
am503099Movement protein AV2, Fujian isolate FJ1
am503100Movement protein AV2, Fujian isolate FJ2
am503101Movement protein AV2, Fujian isolate FJ4
am503102Movement protein AV2, Fujian isolate FJ5
am503103Movement protein AV2, Fujian isolate FJ6
am503104Complete sequence, Fujian isolate FJ3
ef554783Complete sequence, Fujian isolate
eu200955Movement protein AV2, Fujian isolate Fs1
eu200956Movement protein AV2, Fujian isolate Fs3
eu200957Movement protein AV2, Fujian isolate Fs5
fj712189Complete but apparently defective sequence, Fujian Oct 2006 isolate

Malvastrum leaf curl Philippines virus ()
kc577540Complete sequence, Philippines isolate Mc1

Malvastrum leaf curl virus (MaLCV)
aj971263Complete sequence, Guangxi Malvastrum isolate G87
am260699Complete sequence, Guangxi papaya isolate G100
am260700Movement protein AV2, Guangxi papaya isolate G136

Malvastrum yellow leaf curl virus (MaYLCV)
aj971265Complete sequence, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y194
aj971524Complete sequence, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y193
hf674920Complete sequence, tomato leaf curl Yunnan isolate T1
hf674921Complete sequence, tomato leaf curl Yunnan isolate T5
jn082233Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SC101 clone SC101-03
jn082237Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SC101 clone 10
kc189894Complete sequence, isolate SC327

Malvastrum yellow mosaic Helshire virus (MaYMHV)
fj600483DNA-A, Jamaican isolate Ma179A5

Malvastrum yellow mosaic Jamaica virus (MaYMJV)
fj600482DNA-A, Jamaican isolate 9bA43
fj600484DNA-B, Jamaican isolate Ma9bB6
fj600485DNA-B, Jamaican isolate Ma9bB26
fj601917DNA-A, Jamaican isolate Ma179A73

Malvastrum yellow mosaic virus (MalYMV)
am236755DNA-A, isolate Hn36
am236756DNA-A, isolate Hn37
am236757Movement protein AV2, Chinese Henan isolate Hn38
am236758Movement protein AV2, Chinese Henan isolate Hn39
am236759Movement protein AV2, Chinese Henan isolate Hn44
am236760Movement protein AV2, Chinese Henan isolate Hn45
am691014Movement protein AV2, Chinese Fujian isolate F21

Malvastrum yellow vein Changa Manga virus ()
fr715681Complete sequence, clone MV10

Malvastrum yellow vein China virus (MaYVCNV)
fn386459Complete sequnce, Baoshan isolate 278
fn386460Complete sequnce, Baoshan isolate 281
fn806779Complete sequence, Chinese Baoshan Sida acuta isolate Y340

Malvastrum yellow vein Honghe virus ()
fn552749Complete sequence, isolate Y249 (doubtfully distinct from Malvastrum yellow vein Yunnan virus)

Malvastrum yellow vein virus (MYVV)
aj457824Complete sequence, Yunnan Y47 isolate
aj564740Movement protein AV2, isolate Y52
aj564741Movement protein AV2, isolate Y53
aj744881Complete sequence, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y206
aj971492Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y189
aj971493Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y216
aj971494Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y217
aj971495Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y249
aj971496Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y250
aj971497Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y251
aj971498Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y252
aj971499Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y206
jn082235Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SC101 clone 10112
jn082236Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SC103 clone 21
jn082239Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SC101 clone 101211

Malvastrum yellow vein Yunnan virus (MYVYV)
aj786711Complete sequence, isolate Y160
aj971500Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y160
aj971501Complete sequence, isolate Y277
aj971502Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y278
aj971503Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y279
aj971504Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y280
am236771Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y304
am236772Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y305
am236773Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y306
am236774Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y307
am236775Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y308
jn082234Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SC101 clone SC101-43
jn082238Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SC101 clone 10134
jx679249Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SC224-3
jx679250Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SC226-5
jx679256Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SC224-8
kc189891Complete sequence, isolate SC44
kc189892Complete sequence, isolate SC327
kc456663Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SC44-2
kc456664Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SC327-18

Melon chlorotic leaf curl virus (MCLCuV)
af325497DNA-A, Guatemalan isolate
af325498DNA-B, Guatemalan isolate
af440790DNA-B, Costa Rica squash yellow mild mottle isolate
ay064391DNA-A, Costa Rica squash yellow mild mottle isolate 98-631
ay805325Coat protein, Costa Rica watermelon isolate
ay805327Replication protein AC1, Costa Rica papaya isolate
dq836304Coat protein, Yucatan squash isolate
dq865249Coat protein, Yucatan watermelon isolate
jn408719AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3142
jn408721AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3143
jn573299AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3185
jn592715AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3162
jn592716AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3166
jn592717AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3189
jn592722AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3229
kc153490DNA-A, Costa Rican squash yellow mild mottle isolate 2A
kc153491DNA-B, Costa Rican squash yellow mild mottle isolate 4B

Melon chlorotic mosaic virus (MeCMV)
hm163576DNA-A, Venezuelan isolate 2009-02-04-06
hm163577DNA-B, Venezuelan isolate 2009-02-04-06

Merremia leaf curl virus (MeLCuV)
dq644561Complete sequence, Puerto Rican isolate Merremia N1
fj969829Complete sequence, Sweet potato golden vein associated virus isolate PA [BR:Bel1]
fj969830Complete sequence, Sweet potato golden vein associated virus isolate PB1-[BR:Sou1]

Merremia mosaic Puerto Rico virus ()
fj944021DNA-A, strain PR89
fj944022DNA-B, strain PR89

Merremia mosaic virus (MerMV)
af068636DNA-A, Puerto Rico isolate (possibly Tomato mosaic leaf curl virus)
ay508991DNA-A, Venezuela, Trujillo tomato mosaic leaf curl isolate
ay508992DNA-B, Venezuela, Trujillo tomato mosaic leaf curl isolate
ay965899DNA-B, Puerto Rico isolate
dq644557DNA-A, Puerto Rican isolate PR80-H3
dq644558DNA-A, Puerto Rican isolate PR4-H6
dq644559DNA-B, Puerto Rican isolate PR4-N5
dq644560DNA-B, Puerto Rican isolate PR80-N5

Mesta yellow vein mosaic virus (MYVMV)
dq298138Coat protein, Basirhat isolate
ef362801Coat protein, Indian Barackpore isolate
ef373060Complete sequence, Barackpore isolate
ef428256Complete sequence, isolate Barrackpore1 FL-3
ef432372Complete sequence, isolate Barrackpore2
ef614152Coat protein, isolate Barrackpore1
ef614153Coat protein, isolate Bongaon
ef614154Coat protein, isolate Haringhata
ef614155Coat protein, isolate Bahraich
ef614156Coat protein, isolate Bhangha
ef614157Coat protein, isolate Kaisarganj
fj159262Complete sequence, Indian isolate EI-FL-20
fj159263Complete sequence, Indian isolate EI-FL-21
fj159264Complete sequence, Indian isolate EI-FL-22
fj159265Complete sequence, Indian isolate EI-FL-23
fj159266Complete sequence, Indian isolate EI-FL-24
fj159269Complete sequence, Indian isolate SI-FL-27
fj159270Complete sequence, Indian isolate SI-FL-28
fj159271Complete sequence, Indian isolate SI-FL-29
fj345398Complete sequence, Barrackpore isolate
fj345399Complete sequence, Haringhata isolate
fj345400Complete sequence, Bongaon isolate
fn645918Complete but truncated sequence, Indian Haryana clone 10a1-RCA-AII-D
fn645919AC4 protein, Haryana clone 10a1-RCA-AIII-D
fn645920AC3 protein, Haryana clone 10a1-RCA-AIV-p
fn645922Complete sequence, Indian Haryana clone 10c-RCA-AI-F
fr772081Complete sequence Hollyhock yellow vein mosaic, isolate [Pakistan:17-5:06] Lahore10
gu111997Complete sequence, Indian isolate EL14
gu111998Complete sequence, Indian isolate EL37
gu111999Complete sequence, Indian isolate EL41
gu112000Complete sequence, Indian isolate EL32
gu112001Complete sequence, Indian isolate EL39
gu112002Complete sequence, Indian isolate EL38
he578897Complete sequence, Pakistan Lahore clone FQ-1
jq911766Complete sequence, Lucknow hollyhock yellow vein mosaic isolate
jx181786Complete sequence, isolate Okra:Ludhiana:2010
kc019308Complete sequence, isolate India:Gandhinagar:2012 clone 3
kc019309Complete sequence, isolate India:Gandhinagar:2012 clone 1
kc342220Complete sequence, Indian Okra enation leaf curl virus Surat isolate

Mimosa yellow leaf curl virus (MiYLCV)
dq641695DNA-A, Vietnamese Binhduong Mimosa isolate

Mimosa yellow vein virus ()
hq876467Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Gaur-01

Mulberry mosaic virus ()
fj827040Coat protein AV1, Kerala isolate v1
hm138689Movement protein BC1, Indian Thiruvananthapuram isolate

Mungbean yellow mosaic India virus (MYMIV)
af126406DNA-A, isolate bg3
af142440DNA-B, isolate bg3
af314145DNA-A, Bangladesh isolate
af416741DNA-B, mungbean isolate
af416742DNA-A, mungbean isolate
af481865DNA-A, Indian isolate
af486834Nuclear shuttle protein BV1, Indian cowpea isolate
af503580DNA-B, Indian isolate
aj416349DNA-A, Jabalpur soybean yellow mosaic isolate
aj420331DNA-B, Jabalpur soybean yellow mosaic isolate
aj512495DNA-A, Pakistan Legume yellow mosaic virus isolate 14
aj512496DNA-A, Pakistan Legume yellow mosaic virus isolate 130/7
aj512497DNA-A, Pakistan Legume yellow mosaic virus isolate 130/12
aj512498DNA-A, Pakistan Legume yellow mosaic virus isolate 106
am087116Movement protein AV2, Bogra isolate 1
am087117Movement protein AV2, Bogra isolate 2
am233490Nuclear shuttle protein BV1, Pakistan isolate
am950268DNA-A, Pakistan:Islamabad Mungbean clone MI15
am992617DNA-B, Pakistan:Islamabad, Vigna radiata clone MI21
am992618DNA-A, Pakistan:Nawabshah Glycine max clone MI18
ay049771DNA-B, soybean isolate
ay049772DNA-A, soybean isolate
ay269990DNA-A, Pakistan legume yellow mosaic cowpea isolate
ay269992DNA-A, Pakistan legume yellow mosaic mungbean isolate
ay271893DNA-A, Akola isolate
ay271894DNA-B, Akola isolate
ay271895DNA-A, Nepal isolate
ay547317DNA-A, Varanasi Dolichos isolate
ay618902DNA-A, Indian Varanasi cowpea golden mosaic isolate
ay738093Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Patna isolate
ay937195DNA-A, Anand isolate
ay937196DNA-B, Anand isolate
ay937197Partial sequence of DNA-A including proteins AC1, AC2 and AC4 Gujarat clone CP1.8
ay937198Partial sequence of DNA-A including proteins AC1, AC2 and AC4 Gujarat clone MB1.8
ay939925DNA-B, Indian cowpea isolate
dq061273DNA-B, Varanasi Dolichos isolate
dq389145Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, Bareily cowpea isolate
dq389146Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, Nagpour soybean isolate
dq389147Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, Meerut cowpea isolate
dq389148Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, Kanpour Dolichos isolate
dq389149Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, New Delhi Cassia isolate
dq389151Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, Ludhiana soybean isolate
dq389152Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, Pantanagar soybean isolate
dq389153DNA-A, New Delhi cowpea isolate
dq389154DNA-A, Kanpour cowpea isolate
dq389155Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, Punjab Agricultural University soybean isolate
dq400847DNA-A, Punjab blackgram isolate
eu523045DNA-A, New Delhi soybean isolate
eu523046DNA-B, New Delhi soybean isolate
fj821189Partial sequence of DNA-A including proteins AC1, AC2, AC3 and AC4, Indian IIPR Vinga mungo isolate
fm161881DNA-B, Pakistan:Nawab Shah Glycine max clone MI17
fm202439DNA-B, Pakistan:Faisalabad Vigna radiata clone B4
fm202440DNA-B, Pakistan:Islamabad Vigna radiata clone B13
fm202441DNA-B, Pakistan:Narowal Vigna radiata clone MI3
fm202442DNA-B, Pakistan:Narowal Vigna radiata clone MI5
fm202443DNA-B, Pakistan:Narowal Vigna radiata clone MI6
fm202444DNA-B, Pakistan:Narowal Vigna radiata clone MI8
fm202445DNA-B, Pakistan:Nawab Shah Glycine max clone MI16
fm202446DNA-B, Pakistan:Faisalabad Vigna unguiculata clone B3
fm202447DNA-B, Pakistan:Islamabad Vigna mungo clone MI20
fm208833DNA-A, Pakistan Glycine max clone A1
fm208834DNA-A, Pakistan:Hyderabad Glycine max clone A1E
fm208835DNA-A, Pakistan:Faisalabad Vigna mungo clone A2
fm208836DNA-A, Pakistan:Islamabad Vigna radiata clone A4
fm208837DNA-A, Pakistan:Faisalabad Vigna radiata clone A6
fm208838DNA-A, Pakistan:Faisalabad Vigna radiata clone A6G
fm208839DNA-A, Pakistan:Muzafar Gar clone A14
fm208840DNA-A, Pakistan:Faisalabad Vigna unguiculata clone A17
fm208841DNA-A, Pakistan:Narowal Vigna mungo clone A20
fm208842DNA-A, Pakistan:Narowal Vigna radiata clone MI9
fm208843DNA-A, Pakistan:Narowal Vigna radiata clone MI7
fm208844DNA-A, Pakistan:Islamabad Vigna mungo clone MI12
fm208845DNA-A, Pakistan:Islamabad Vigna mungo clone MI13
fm208846DNA-A, Pakistan:Narowal Vigna radiata clone MI2
fm955598DNA-A, Pakistan:Kundian, Mianwali Vigna radiata clone MI75
fm955599DNA-A, Pakistan:Layah Vigna radiata clone MI72
fm955600DNA-A, Pakistan:Multan Vigna radiata clone MI76
fm955603DNA-B, Pakistan:Multan Vigna radiata clone MI71
fm955604DNA-B, Pakistan:Layah Vigna radiata clone MI73
fm955605DNA-B, Pakistan:Multan Vigna radiata clone MI77
fm955606DNA-B, Pakistan:Kundian, Mianwali Vigna radiata clone MI74
fm955609DNA-B, Pakistan:Narowal Vigna radiata clone MI10
fm958506DNA-B, Pakistan:Muzafargar isolate
fn794200DNA-A, Palampur french bean isolate
fr714861DNA-B, Palampur french bean isolate
fr837935DNA-A, Pakistan clone MV11
gq387501Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Mb01
gq387502Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Mb02
gq387503Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Mb03
gq387504Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Mb04
gq387505Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Mb05
gq387506Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Ub01
gq387507Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Ub02
gq387508Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Ub03
gq387509Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Ub04
gq387510Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Ub05
gu591171Coat protein AV1, Indian cowpea isolate CpKn
hf922628DNA-A, Bengal soybean isolate
jn181003Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Guntur
jn181004Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Kurnool
jn181005Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Tirupati
jn181006Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate Vizianagaram
jn368432DNA-A, isolate Bogor
jn368433DNA-A, isolate Purwakarta 1
jn368434DNA-A, isolate Purwakarta 2
jn368435DNA-A, isolate Brebes 1
jn368436DNA-A, isolate Brebes 2
jn368437DNA-A, isolate Rembang
jn368438DNA-A, isolate Brebes 3
jn368439DNA-A, isolate Brebes 4
jn368440DNA-B, isolate Bogor
jn368441DNA-B, isolate Purwakarta 1
jn368442DNA-B, isolate Purwakarta 2
jn368443DNA-B, isolate Brebes 1
jn368444DNA-B, isolate Brebes 2
jn368445DNA-B, isolate Rembang
jn368446DNA-B, isolate Brebes 3
jn368447DNA-B, isolate Brebes 4
jn543395DNA-A, Nepal isolate
jn543396DNA-B, Nepal isolate
jx110618DNA-A, Tirupati isolate
kc019303DNA-A, isolate India:Varanasi:French bean:2011 clone 1
kc019304DNA-A, isolate India:Varanasi:French bean:2011 clone 22
kc019305DNA-B, isolate India:Varanasi:French bean:2011
kc243784Coat protein AV1, Indian Hyderabad isolate
kc243785Coat protein AV1, Indian Kadapa isolate

Mungbean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV)
ab017341DNA-A, Thailand isolate
af262064DNA-B, clone pKA27; Vigna mungo yellow mosaic, Vanitharami et al., 2000
af314530DNA-A, Vigna mungo soybean strain
aj132574DNA-B; Vigna mungo yellow mosaic, Karthikeyan et al., 1999
aj132575DNA-A; Vigna mungo yellow mosaic, Karthikeyan et al., 1999
aj421642DNA-A, Madurai soybean yellow mosaic isolate
aj439057DNA-B, Vigna mungo yellow mosaic clone pKA34
aj439058DNA-B, Vigna mungo yellow mosaic clone pKA28
aj439059DNA-B, Vigna mungo yellow mosaic clone pKA21
aj582267DNA-B, Indian Soybean yellow mosaic virus isolate
aj867554DNA-B, Madurai soybean isolate
ay269991DNA-A, Pakistan soybean isolate
ay271892DNA-A, Cambodia Phnom Penh isolate
ay271896DNA-A, Haryana isolate
ay738104Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Ranibennur isolate
d14703DNA-A, Morinaga et al., 1993
d14704DNA-B, Morinaga et al., 1993
dq389144Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, Navasari soybean isolate NAV
dq389150Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, Aurangabad soybean isolate
dq400848DNA-A, Vamban blackgram isolate
dq400849DNA-B, Vamban blackgram isolate
dq865201DNA-A, Namakkal mothbean isolate
dq865202DNA-B (first type), Namakkal mothbean isolate
dq865203DNA-B (second type), Namakkal mothbean isolate
fj595239AC1 and AC4 proteins, Indian isolate TNAU
fj595240AC1 and AC4 proteins, Indian isolate Annur
fj663015Coat protein, Indian isolate VSKN
fm242701DNA-A, Pakistan Rhynchosia isolate
fm242702DNA-B, Pakistan Rhynchosia isolate
fm955607DNA-B, Pakistan Rhynchosia capitata clone MI67
jq004982AC2 and non-functional AC3 proteins, Indian Navsari isolate
jq398669DNA-A, isolate Urdbean:New Delhi:2011
jq398670DNA-B, isolate Urdbean:New Delhi:2011
jx244172DNA-A, isolate VN1
jx244173DNA-A, isolate VN5
jx244174DNA-A, isolate VN7
jx244175DNA-A, isolate VN10
jx244176DNA-A, isolate VN15
jx244177DNA-B, isolate VN1
jx244178DNA-B, isolate VN5
jx244179DNA-B, isolate VN7
jx244180DNA-B, isolate VN10
jx244181DNA-B, isolate VN15

Okra enation leaf curl virus ()
gu111996Complete sequence, Indian isolate EL10

Okra leaf curl Cameroon virus ()
fr717137Complete sequence, isolate pGRec17F6
he793426Complete sequence, Cameroon isolate Lik1:GR23
he793427Complete sequence, Cameroon isolate Lik1:GR17
he793428Complete sequence, Cameroon isolate Njo5:TOC10

Okra leaf curl Oman virus ()
he862273Complete sequence, isolate OK-2
hf536716Complete sequence, isolate OK-3

Okra leaf curl virus ()
jf792242Coat protein, Hyderabad isolate

Okra mottle virus (OMoV)
eu914817DNA-A, Brazilian isolate 6319
eu914818DNA-B, Brazilian isolate 6319
eu914819DNA-A, Brazilian isolate 6328
fj686695DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:Sag8:Soy:08
fj686696DNA-B, Brazilian isolate BR:Sag8:Soy:08

Okra yellow crinkle virus (OYCrV)
dq875879Complete sequence, Mali isolate
dq902715Complete sequence, Mali isolate clone MLO1/2004
eu024118Complete sequence, Mali Bamako isolate
eu024119Complete sequence, Mali Bamako isolate labelled Okra leaf curl virus but identical to eu024118
fm164724Complete sequence, Cameroon isolate NJ52
fm210275Complete sequence, Cameroon isolate M13F2
he793424Complete sequence, Cameroon isolate Njo5:TOC15
he793425Complete sequence, Cameroon isolate Lik1:GR9

Okra yellow mosaic Mexico virus (OYMMV)
dq022611DNA-A, isolate Mazatepec-3
dq308546Coat protein, Yucatan Abutilon isolate, clone p112-3
dq318929Coat protein, Yucatan Corchorus isolate
dq318935Coat protein, Yucatan Sida isolate
dq318936Coat protein, Yucatan Andoda isolate
ef591629Substantial sequence including AV1, AC2 and AC3 proteins, isolate 3abg
gu972604DNA-B, isolate Mezatepec-3
gu990612DNA-A, isolate Sida:Colima 2
gu990613DNA-A, isolate Sida
gu990614DNA-A, isolate Herissantia:Colima 1
hm035059DNA-A, Texas isolate
hm035060DNA-B, Texas isolate
hq020409DNA-A, isolate Iguala-13-14
hq116414DNA-A, isolate Iguala-15-16
jx219471DNA-B, isolate Sida:Colima 2
jx219472DNA-B, isolate Sida
jx219473DNA-B, isolate Herissantia:Colima 1

Okra yellow mottle Iguala virus (OYMolgV)
ay751753DNA-A, Mexican isolate

Okra yellow vein mosaic virus (OYVMV)
aj002451Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate oyvm201
aj002457Coat protein, Pakistan isolate oyvm8
ay738096Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Karnal isolate CR-2004-1
eu077596Coat protein, Indian Aurangabad isolate
eu360303Complete sequence, Mesta yellow vein Bahraich isolate
fj159267Complete sequence, Mesta yellow vein Bahraich isolate NI-FL-25
fj159268Complete sequence, Mesta yellow vein Bahraich isolate NI-FL-26
fj179371Complete sequence, Indian Chandigarh isolate OY177
fj179372Complete sequence, Indian Coimbator, Tamil Nadu isolate OYCO4
fr694925Complete sequence, isolate Himachal
gq288400Coat protein AV1, Barrackpore isolate
gu112080Complete sequence, Indian isolate OYCo4
jx181785Complete sequence, isolate Okra:Ropar:2010

Papaya golden mosaic virus ()
dq318928Coat protein, Yucatan isolate

Papaya leaf crumple virus ()
he580236Complete sequence, Pakistan clone KN6
hm140367Complete sequence, Indian papaya isolate Panipat 8 [IN:Pani:Pap:08]
hm140368Complete sequence, Indian papaya isolate Nirulas [IN:ND:Pap:07]
hm140369Complete sequence, Indian papaya isolate Naj1 [IN:ND:Pap:08]

Papaya leaf curl China virus (PaLCuCNV)
aj558116Complete sequence, Guangxi isolate G12
aj558117Complete sequence, Guangxi isolate G30
aj558123Complete sequence, Guangxi isolate G2
aj558124Complete sequence, Guangxi isolate G8
aj558125Complete sequence, Guangxi isolate G10
aj632299Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G5
aj632300Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G28
aj632301Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G29
aj704587Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G15
aj704588Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G20
aj704589Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G21
aj704590Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G55
aj704591Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G56
aj704592Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G58
aj704593Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G60
aj704594Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G61
aj704595Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G62
aj704596Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G64
aj704597Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G65
aj704604Complete sequence, Guangxi isolate G22
aj811438Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G6
aj811439Complete sequence, Guangxi isolate G7
aj811914Complete sequence, Guangxi isolate G4
aj849937Proteins AV2, AV1, AC3 and AC2, Chinese Guangxi isolate G47
aj849938Proteins AV2, AV1, AC3 and AC2, Chinese Guangxi isolate G48
aj849939Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G50
aj849940Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G51
aj876548Complete sequence, Guangxi Corchoropsis isolate G43
aj876549Movement protein AV2, Guangxi Corchoropsis isolate G45
aj971255Movement protein AV2, Chinese Guangxi isolate G98
aj971256Movement protein AV2, Chinese Guangxi isolate G99
am691552Complete sequence, Chinese Fuzhou isolate F25
am691553Complete sequence, Chinese Fuzhou isolate LC1-2
am691554Complete sequence, Chinese Fuzhou isolate FQ1
dq641700Complete sequence, Vietnamese Hatay tobacco isolate
eu874386Complete sequence, Henan tomato isolate ZM1
fn256260Complete sequence, Chinese Henan tomato isolate HeNZM1
fn297834Complete sequence, Chinese tomato isolate GX4
hf569287Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate G97
hf569288Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate G96
hf569289Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate G111
hf569290Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate G113
hf674935Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX0107-1
hf674936Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX1011-3
hf674937Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX1011-16
hf674938Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX1116-2
hf674939Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX1228-7
hf674940Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX1228-8
hf674941Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX1228-17
hf674942Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HNLY-11
hg003651Complete sequence, isolate G111
jf682837Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Fz10
jx128101Complete sequence, isolate GX88
jx128102Complete sequence, isolate GX89
jx294075Complete sequence, Chinese Guangxi Ageratum isolate
jx555979Complete sequence, isolate JiaoZuo

Papaya leaf curl Guandong virus (PaLCuGV)
aj558122Complete sequence, Guangxi isolate GD2
ay650283Complete sequence, Guangzhou isolate
fj495184Complete sequence, Fujian Euphorbia isolate
fj869907Complete sequence, Chinese tobacco isolate F11
jn703795Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate Pt9
kc161184Complete sequence, isolate PF1

Papaya leaf curl virus (PaLCV)
aj436992Complete sequence, Pakistan cotton leaf curl isolate
ay183472Coat protein, Chang et al., probably wrongly identified as this virus
ay738092Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Patna isolate
ay738103Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Bhubaneswar isolate
dq359119Movement protein AV2, Chinese Malvastrum isolate Fz1
dq359120Movement protein AV2, Chinese Malvastrum isolate Fs1
dq376036Coat protein, Indian isolate PD
dq376037Coat protein, Indian isolate AD
dq376038Coat protein, Indian isolate Oad
dq376039Coat protein, Indian isolate Kavitha
ef175733Complete sequence, Indian Varanasi radish leaf curl isolate
eu126822Coat protein, Chawla isolate
eu126823Coat protein, New Delhi cv. African Dwarf isolate
eu126824Coat protein, New Delhi cv. Coimbatore-2 isolate
eu194914Complete sequence, Pusa Bihar tobacco isolate (labelled Radish leaf curl virus)
fm955601Complete sequence, Pakistan Rhynchosia capitata clone MI69
fm955602Complete sequence, Pakistan Rhynchosia capitata clone MI68
fn543112Complete sequence, croton yellow vein virus clone 1
gq139516Coat protein, Bihar tobacco isolate
gq165465Coat protein, Bihar papaya isolate
gq200446Complete sequence, India:Pratapgarh Crotalaria juncea clone SHLD-NIFL-Pra-01
gq200447Complete sequence, India:Pratapgarh Crotalaria juncea clone SHLD-NIFL-Pra-02
gq200448Complete sequence, India:Pratapgarh Crotalaria juncea clone SHLD-NIFL-Pra-03
hm134228Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Panipat-6
hm143914Complete sequence, Lucknow clone SKS-Ng
hq630856Coat protein, Lucknow isolate
hq682190Complete sequence, Varanasi radish leaf curl isolate (probably defective)
hq698591Complete sequence, Indian Varanasi radish isolate
jn135233Complete sequence, Lucknow Amaranthus isolate
jn807765Complete sequence, Indian soybean isolate
jq043440AC2 and AC3 proteins, Jatropha isolate
jq954859Complete sequence, Lucknow Aster isolate
y15934Complete sequence

Passionfruit severe leaf distortion virus (PFSLDV)
fj972767DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BR:LNS2:Pas:01
fj972768DNA-B, Brazilian isolate BR:LNS2:Pas:01

Pedilenthus leaf curl virus (PedLCuV)
am712436Complete sequence, Pakistan:Multan Pedilanthus leaf curl clone ptv3(2)
am948961Complete sequence, Nawab Shah soybean isolate
dq116884Complete sequence, Rahim Yar Khan tomato isolate 1 clone PT7
fm164938Complete sequence, Pakistan Euphorbia isolate clone MI38
gu732204Complete sequence, isolate ToLCPKV [IN:Bih]
hf563621Replication enhancer AC3, Pakistan Mentha clone M4
hf565177Coat protein AV1 and Replication enhancer AC3, Pakistan Mentha clone M6
hm134220Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Honey Dew
hm134221Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate DSch
hm134222Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Nirulas DU
hm134231Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Najafgarh-1
jn807764Complete sequence, isolate crape jasmine
jq012790Complete sequence, Indian Cestrum nocturnum isolate

Pepper golden mosaic virus (PepGMV)
af077025Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate
af149227DNA-A, Texas pepper, Costa Rica isolate
af499442DNA-B, Texas pepper isolate
ay928512DNA-A, isolate Mo
ay928513DNA-B, isolate Mo
ay928514DNA-A, isolate D
ay928515DNA-B, isolate D
ay928516DNA-A, isolate Ser
ay928517DNA-B, isolate Ser
dq836303Coat protein AV1, Yucatan isolate
ef210556DNA-A, pepper mild tigre isolate
ef210557DNA-B, pepper mild tigre isolate
gu128147DNA-B, Mexican isolate Guanajuato1
gu128148DNA-A, Mexican isolate Guanajuato1
gu128149DNA-A, Mexican isolate Guanajuato2
gu564594DNA-A, Mexican isolate SLP1
gu564595DNA-B, Mexican isolate SLP1
he967513Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGDZI03W2007
he967514Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGDZI09W2007
he967515Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGDZI16W2008
he967516Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGDZI19W2010
he967517Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGCHO12C2007
he967518Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGCHO13C2007
he967519Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGCHO04C2007
he967520Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGCHO15C2007
he967521Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGHUA05W2007
he967522Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGHUA06W2007
he967523Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGHUA21W2008
he967524Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGHUA210W2008
he967525Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGHUA14C2008
he967526Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGHUA16C2008
he967527Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGHUA18C2008
he967528Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGHUA11C2008
he967529Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTLA31C2007
he967530Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTLA62C2008
he967531Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTLA63C2008
he967532Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTLA64C2008
he967533Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGPVE12C2007
he967534Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGPVE17C2007
he967535Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGPVE19C2007
he967536Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGPVE219C2007
he967537Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTUL16W2008
he967538Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTUL110W2008
he967539Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTUL511W2009
he967540Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTUL117W2010
he967541Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTUL113W2008
he967542Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTUL19L2009
he967543Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTUL32L2008
he967544Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTUL35L2008
he967545Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTUL532L2010
he967546Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTUL33L2008
he967547Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGTUL38L2008
he967548Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER42W2007
he967549Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER112W2008
he967550Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER121W2008
he967551Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER129W2009
he967552Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER23W2010
he967553Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER40W2010
he967554Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER14W2008
he967555Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER15W2008
he967556Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER58W2008
he967557Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER71W2008
he967558Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER113W2008
he967559Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER116W2008
he967560Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER141W2008
he967561Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER115W2008
he967562Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER52W2007
he967563Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER53W2007
he967564Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGBER71W2007
he967565Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGCER37L2009
he967566Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGCER38L2009
he967567Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGCER44C2009
he967568Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGCER45C2009
he967569Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGCER46C2009
he967570Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGCER49C2009
he967571Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGLIB26C2009
he967572Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGLIB27C2009
he967573Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGLIB28C2009
he967574Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGLIB29C2009
he967575Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGPOT12C2009
he967576Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGPOT13C2009
he967577Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGPOT16C2009
he967578Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGHUJ21C2009
he967579Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGHUJ23C2009
he967580Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGHUJ25C2009
he967581Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGHUJ27C2009
he967582Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGPEL64W2007
he967583Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGPEL93W2007
he967584Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGPEL94W2007
he967585Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGPEL95W2007
he967586Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGELO14L2007
he967587Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGELO27L2007
he967588Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PGELO35L2007
jn592718AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3176
jn592719AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3201
jn592720AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3228
jn592721AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3150
jn609290AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3182
jn609291AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-4265
jn609292AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3696
jn688724DNA-A, Costa Rican isolate Turrialba 2
jn688725DNA-A, Costa Rican isolate Turrialba 1
jn688726DNA-A, Costa Rican isolate Cervantes
jn688727DNA-A, Costa Rican isolate Tablon
jq743486DNA-A, isolate Llano Grande
u57457DNA-A, Texas pepper strain Tamaulipas

Pepper huasteco yellow vein virus (PHYVV)
ay044162DNA-A, Sinaloa strain
ay044163DNA-B, Sinaloa strain
gu128146DNA-B, Mexican isolate Guanajuato1
gu128150DNA-A, Mexican isolate Guanajuato1
gu128151DNA-B, Mexican isolate Guanajuato2
gu564593DNA-B, Mexican isolate SLP1
gu564596DNA-B, Mexican isolate Rioverde
he967649Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHDZI03W2007
he967650Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHDZI12W2008
he967651Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHDZI18W2008
he967652Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHDZI25W2008
he967653Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHCHO02C2007
he967654Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHCHO13C2007
he967655Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHCHO03C2008
he967656Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHCHO02C2009
he967657Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHHUA06W2007
he967658Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHHUA211W2008
he967659Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHHUA210W2008
he967660Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHHUA16C2008
he967661Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHHUA18C2008
he967662Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHHUA111C2008
he967663Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHHUA112C2008
he967664Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHTLA31C2007
he967665Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHTLA62C2008
he967666Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHTLA64C2008
he967667Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHTLA67C2008
he967668Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHPVE12C2007
he967669Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHPVE17C2007
he967670Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHPVE14C2008
he967671Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHPVE320C2009
he967672Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHTUL59W2009
he967673Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHTUL510W2009
he967674Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHTUL514W2010
he967675Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHTUL115W2008
he967676Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHTUL33L2008
he967677Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHTUL38L2008
he967678Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHTUL114L2009
he967679Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHTUL312L2009
he967680Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHTUL37L2008
he967681Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHTUL312L2008
he967682Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHBER52W2007
he967683Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHBER54W2008
he967684Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHBER129W2009
he967685Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHBER1210W2009
he967686Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHBER41W2007
he967687Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHBER113W2008
he967688Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHCER43C2009
he967689Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHCER44C2009
he967690Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHLIB110C2009
he967691Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHLIB111C2009
he967692Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHLIB112C2009
he967693Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHLIB113C2009
he967694Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHPOT12C2009
he967695Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHPOT13C2009
he967696Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHPOT16C2009
he967697Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHPOT19C2009
he967698Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHHUJ23C2009
he967699Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHHUJ27C2009
he967700Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHPEL93W2007
he967701Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHPEL95W2007
he967702Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHPEL123W2009
he967703Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHPEL03W2010
he967704Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHELO14L2007
he967705Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHELO22L2007
he967706Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHELO35L2007
he967707Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHELO25L2007
he967708Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHELO26L2007
he967709Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHMOC27W2009
he967710Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHMAU25W2009
he967711Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHMAU30W2009
he967712Coat protein AV1, Mexican isolate PHMAU31W2009
jq303122DNA-A, Mexican isolate San Luis Potosi

Pepper leaf curl Bangladesh virus (PepLCBV)
af314531Complete sequence, Bangladesh chilli leaf curl isolate
ay738094Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Calcutta isolate
dq116881Complete sequence, Khanewal chilli isolate clone PC2No1
ef035481Partial sequence including coat protein, West Bengal isolate WCH2
eu888908Intergenic region with AC4 and AC2 proteins, Gorakhpur isolate
hm007096Complete sequence, isolate India/Coimbatore/Chilli/2008 clone pChCoB2 (perhaps a different species)
hm007097Complete sequence, isolate India/Ghazipur/Chilli/2007 clone pChGhB37
hm007101Complete sequence, isolate India/Jabalpur/Chilli/2008 clone pChJabB20
hm007106Complete sequence, isolate India/Kanpur/Chilli/2008 clone pChKanB19
hm007111Complete sequence, isolate India/Mograhat/Chilli/2007 clone pChMogK4
jn663853Complete sequence, isolate Chhapra clone Xba I-1
jn663864Complete sequence, isolate Nagpur clone BamH I-4
y18056Movement protein and coat protein, clone H21-2

Pepper leaf curl Lahore virus (PepLCLaV)
jn135234Complete sequence, isolate Lucknow

Pepper leaf curl virus (PepLCV)
af134484Complete sequence, Thailand isolate
af414287DNA-A, Malaysian chilli leaf curl isolate
dq343285Coat protein, soybean isolate
jn192450AV2 and AV1 proteins, Mirzapur isolate
jn201335AC1 and AC4 proteins, Mirzapur isolate

Pepper leaf curl Yunnan virus (PepLCYuV)
eu585781Complete sequence, Yunnan isolate YN323
jf681151AC2 and AC3 proteins, Chinese tobacco isolate JX-5
jf681155AC2 and AC3 proteins, Chinese tobacco isolate JX-3

Pepper yellow leaf curl China virus ()
kc149938Complete sequence, isolate YN65-1
kc149939Complete sequence, isolate YN65-10
kc149940Complete sequence, isolate YN57-4
kc149941Complete sequence, isolate YN57-18

Pepper yellow leaf curl Indonesia virus (PepLCIV)
ab189845Partial sequence including intergenic region, C4, V2 and parts of C1 and V1 proteins, Tomato2 isolate
ab189849Partial sequence including intergenic region, C4, V2 and parts of C1 and V1 proteins, Tomato3 isolate
ab189850Partial sequence including intergenic region, C4, V2 and parts of C1 and V1 proteins, Pepper1 isolate
ab213599DNA-B, isolate Tomato2
ab246170Partial sequence including intergenic region, C4, V2 and parts of C1 and V1 proteins, Bogor isolate
ab267836DNA-A, isolate Tomato1
ab267837DNA-B, isolate Tomato1
ab267838DNA-A, Ageratum isolate
ab267839DNA-B, Ageratum isolate
dq083764DNA-A, Bogor pepper isolate
dq083765DNA-A, Bogor tomato isolate

Pepper yellow vein Mali virus (PepYVMLV)
am691547Complete sequence, Chinese Fuzhou isolate LC1-3
am691548Complete sequence, Chinese Fuzhou isolate LJ1
am691549Complete sequence, Chinese Fuzhou isolate FY1
am691550Complete sequence, Chinese Fuzhou isolate FY5
am691555Complete sequence, Chinese Fuzhou isolate F26
ay502935Complete sequence, Mali isolate
fm876847Complete sequence, isolate Burkina Faso-Bazega-sweet pepper-2007
fm876848Complete sequence, isolate Burkina Faso-Bazega-hot pepper1-2007
fm876849Complete sequence, isolate Burkina Faso-Ouaga-sweet pepper1-2008
fm876850Complete sequence, isolate Burkina Faso-Ouaga-hot pepper-2008
fm876851Complete sequence, isolate Burkina Faso-Ouaga-sweet pepper2-2008
fm876852Complete sequence, isolate Burkina Faso-Bazega-hot pepper2-2008
fn555171Complete sequence, isolate BF:Po:Hpe:08
fn555172Complete sequence, isolate BF:Ban:Hpe1:09
fn555173Complete sequence, isolate BF:Ban:Hpe2:09
fn555174Complete sequence, isolate BF:Ban:Hpe3:09

Peristrophe mosaic virus ()
he806447DNA-B, Cuban isolate 11B_1_C1206

Potato yellow mosaic Panama virus (PYMPV)

Potato yellow mosaic Trinidad virus (PYMTV)
af039031DNA-A, Trinidad isolate
af039032DNA-B, Trinidad isolate
fr851299DNA-A, isolate Grenada:Paradise:2007
fr851300DNA-A, isolate Grenada:Hermitage:2007
fr851301DNA-B, isolate Grenada:Hermitage:2007
fr851302DNA-B, isolate Grenada:Paradise:2007
jn848773DNA-A, Datura leaf distortion isolate Venezuela:Rubio 933:2007
jn848774DNA-B, Datura leaf distortion isolate Venezuela:Rubio 933:2007

Potato yellow mosaic virus (PYMV)
ay120882DNA-A, Guadeloupe isolate
ay120883DNA-B, Guadeloupe isolate
ay965897DNA-A, Puerto Rico isolate
ay965898DNA-B, Puerto Rico isolate
d00940DNA-A, VE isolate
d00941DNA-B, VE isolate
eu518935DNA-A, Colombian Valle del Cauca tomato isolate
fm163465TrAP protein, Grenada isolate GPG
jq045705DNA-A, isolate Tulua/Valle del Cauca/2008
jq045706DNA-B, isolate Tulua/Valle del Cauca/2008

Pouzolzia golden mosaic virus ()
jx183732Complete sequence, Chinese isolate TY01
jx183733Complete sequence, Chinese isolate TY02

Premna leaf curl virus ()
jq793786DNA-A, isolate VN7

Pumpkin yellow mosaic virus (PuYMV)
ef197941DNA-A, Malaysian pumpkin isolate MP1

Pumpkin yellow vein mosaic virus (PuYVMV)
am087112Movement protein AV2, Jessore isolate 1
am087113Movement protein AV2, Jessore isolate 2

Radish leaf curl virus (RaLCV)
gu732203Complete sequence, isolate [IN:Bih]
hq257375Complete sequence, Indian isolate Bih06:10
jq411026Complete sequence, clone IN:LabIso:11

Rhynchosia golden mosaic Havana virus ()
hm236368DNA-A, Cuban isolate 28
hm236369DNA-B, Cuban isolate 28

Rhynchosia golden mosaic Sinaloa virus (RhGMSIV)
dq406672DNA-A, Los Mochis 2004 isolate
dq406673DNA-B, Los Mochis 2004 isolate

Rhynchosia golden mosaic virus (RhGMV)
af239671DNA-A, Honduras
af408199DNA-A, Mexican tobacco strain
af442117Coat protein, Puerto Rico isolate
dq347950DNA-A, Mexican soybean isolate 1068
dq356429DNA-B, Mexican soybean isolate 1045
eu339936DNA-A, Mexican soybean isolate 1045
eu339937DNA-B, Mexican soybean isolate 1068
eu339938DNA-A, Rhyncosia minima isolate
eu339939DNA-A, Asteraceae isolate

Rhynchosia golden mosaic Yucatan virus (RhGMYuV)
eu021216DNA-A, clone Rh239-1
fj792608DNA-B, Mexican isolate 239
gq352453DNA-A, Mexican clone Desm-C6
gq352454Movement protein BC1, Mexican clone Desm-BC4

Rhynchosia mild mosaic virus ()
fj944019DNA-A, strain PR79
fj944020DNA-B, strain PR79

Rhynchosia rugose golden mosaic virus ()
hm236370DNA-A, Cuban isolate 171
hm236371DNA-B, Cuban isolate 171

Rhynchosia yellow mosaic India virus ()
hm777508DNA-A, isolate Thiruvananthapuram clone JRH1
hm777509DNA-A, isolate Thiruvananthapuram clone JRH9
hm777510DNA-B, Indian isolate Thiruvananthapuram clone JRH3
hm777511DNA-B, Indian isolate Thiruvananthapuram clone JRX1
hm777512DNA-B, Indian isolate Thiruvananthapuram clone JRX10
hq141675DNA-B, Indian Thiruvananthapuram clone JRX5

Rhynchosia yellow mosaic virus ()
am999981DNA-A, Pakistan Lahore clone M133
am999982DNA-B, Pakistan Lahore clone M135
fm208847DNA-A, Pakistan:Lahore clone MI32
fm208848DNA-B, Pakistan:Lahore clone MI34

Rose leaf curl virus ()
gq478342Complete sequence, Pakistan isolate

Sauropus leaf curl virus ()
jn809819Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP5e
jn809822Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate SP6e
jn809825Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP7e
jn809827Complete sequence, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP8e

Senecio yellow mosaic virus (SeYMV)
aj876550DNA-A, Guangxi isolate G46
aj876551Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G83
aj876552Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G84

Sida Brazil virus (SiBV)
fn436001DNA-A, Brazilian Matto grosso do sol 2007 isolate
fn436002DNA-B, Brazilian Matto grosso do sol 2007 isolate

Sida ciliaris golden mosaic virus ()
jx857691DNA-A, isolate Venezuela:Lara:M3:2009
jx857692DNA-B, isolate Venezuela:Lara:M3:2009

Sida common mosaic virus (SiCMV)
eu710751DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi4:07
jx871370DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic3:10
jx871371DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic4:10
jx871372DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic5:10
jx871373DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic8:10
kc706531DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi5:07

Sida golden mosaic Braco virus ()
hq009521DNA-A, isolate Liguanea:2008
jx162594DNA-A, isolate Jamaica:Liguanea:2008 clone pBrA3
jx162595DNA-A, isolate Jamaica:Liguanea:2008 clone pBrA4

Sida golden mosaic Buckup virus ()
dq665866AC1 and AC4 proteins, Enfield strain
hq008338DNA-A, isolate St. Elizabeth:2004
hq009518DNA-B, isolate St. Elizabeth:2004
jx162591DNA-A, isolate Jamaica:St. Elizabeth:2004
jx162592DNA-B, isolate Jamaica:St. Elizabeth:2004

Sida golden mosaic Costa Rica virus (SiGMCRV)

Sida golden mosaic Florida virus (SiGMFV)
he806443DNA-B, Cuban isolate 04B_1_C1207
hm003778DNA-B, isolate Cuba:Havana:Malvastrum:111:2009
hm003779DNA-A, isolate Cuba:Havana:Malvastrum:111:2009
hm359015DNA-A, isolate Cuba:Havana:Malvastrum:123:2009
hm359016DNA-B, isolate Cuba:Havana:Malvastrum:123:2009
u77963DNA-A, Florida isolate I

Sida golden mosaic Honduras virus (SiGMHV)

Sida golden mosaic Lara virus ()
hq386857Replication protein AC1 and intergenic region, Venezuelan clone M3p20
jx857693DNA-A, isolate Venezuela:Lara:M1:2009
jx857694DNA-B, isolate Venezuela:Lara:M1:2009

Sida golden mosaic Liguanea virus ()
he806445DNA-B, Cuban isolate 05B_1_C1209
hm859902DNA-A, Florida whitefly VEM1 isolate
hm859903DNA-B, Florida whitefly VEM2 isolate
hq009522DNA-A, isolate Jamaica:1:2008

Sida golden mosaic virus (SiGMV)
af039841DNA-B, Florida isolate
af049336DNA-A, Florida isolate
dq318933Coat protein, Yucatan Malvastrum isolate
ef537046DNA-B, Florida Sida acuta isolate
fj513076AC4 protein and intergenic region, Florida Phaseolus isolate
gq357649DNA-A, Florida Phaseolus isolate
hm626517DNA-B, Florida Citra whitefly VEM isolate
hq822123DNA-A, Sida yellow mottle isolate Cuba:Sancti Spiritus 159:2009
hq822124DNA-B, Sida yellow mottle isolate Cuba:Sancti Spiritus 159:2009
jn411687DNA-A, Sida yellow mottle isolate Cuba:Sancti Spiritus 159-1:2009
jn411688DNA-B, Sida yellow mottle isolate Cuba:Sancti Spiritus 159-1:2009

Sida golden mottle virus (SiGMtV)
gu997691DNA-A, Bradenton Florida isolate
gu997692DNA-B, Bradenton Florida isolate

Sida golden yellow vein virus (SiGYVV)
aj577395DNA-A, Cuba Havana isolate
hq009519DNA-A, isolate Liguanea2:2008
hq009520DNA-B, isolate Liguanea2:2008
hq896203DNA-A, Cuban isolate 177
jf907582DNA-B, Cuban isolate 177
jn411689DNA-A, Malvastrum isolate CU:Camaguey 177-1:09
jn411690DNA-B, Malvastrum isolate CU:Camaguey 177-1:09
jx162593DNA-B, isolate Jamaica:Liguanea2:2008
u77964DNA-A, Florida isolate II

Sida leaf curl virus (SiLCuV)
am050730DNA-A, Hainan isolate Hn57
am050731Movement protein AV2, Hainan isolate Hn60
dq641706DNA-A, Vietnamese Thanhhoa Abutilon isolate 61
dq641707DNA-A, Vietnamese Thanhhoa Abutilon isolate 62

Sida micrantha mosaic virus (SiMMV)
aj557451DNA-A, Brazilian isolate A2B2
aj557452DNA-B, Brazilian isolate B1
aj557453DNA-B, Brazilian isolate A2B2
eu908733DNA-A, Brazilian okra isolate 5157
eu908734DNA-B, Brazilian okra isolate 5157
fj686693DNA-A, Brazilian soybean isolate BR:Sag3:Soy:08
fj686694DNA-B, Brazilian isolate BR:Sag3:Soy:08
fn436003DNA-A, Brazilian isolate Mato grosso do sul:1:2007
fn436004DNA-B, Brazilian isolate Mato grosso do sul:1:2007
fn436005DNA-A, Brazilian isolate Mato grosso do sul:2:2007
fn436006DNA-B, Brazilian isolate Mato grosso do sul:2:2007
hm357459DNA-A, Brazilian isolate GO60
hm585431DNA-A, isolate SimMV-rho[BoVi07]
hm585432DNA-B, isolate SimMV-rho[BoVi07]
hm585433DNA-A, isolate SimMV-MGS2:07-Bo
hm585434DNA-B, isolate SimMV-MGS2:07-Bo
hm585437DNA-A, isolate SimMV-rho[Bo:CF1:07]
hm585438DNA-B, isolate SimMV-rho[Bo:CF1:07]
hm585439DNA-A, isolate SimMV-rho[Bo:CF2:07]
hm585440DNA-B, isolate SimMV-rho[Bo:CF2:07]
jx415187DNA-A, isolate Santaremensis[BR:GO:Luz780:03]
jx415194DNA-A, isolate Santaremensis[BR:780Si4a:08]
jx415195DNA-A, isolate Santaremensis[BR:780Si4b:08]
kc706532DNA-B, isolate BR:Jai43:08
kc706533DNA-B, isolate BR:Jai175:08
kc706534DNA-B, isolate BR:Vic24:10
kc706535DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda37:05
kc706536DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda43:05
kc706537DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda8:05

Sida mosaic Alagoas virus ()
jf694471DNA-A, isolate BgV02A.1.C59
jf694472DNA-A, isolate BgV02A.1.C61
jf694473DNA-B, isolate BgV02B.1.C34
jf694474DNA-B, isolate BgV02B.1.C63
jf694475DNA-B, isolate BgV02B.1.C66
jx871380DNA-A, isolate BR:Rla1:10
jx871381DNA-A, isolate BR:Rla2:10

Sida mosaic Bolivia virus 1 ()
hm585441DNA-A, isolate SiMBoV1
hm585442DNA-B, isolate SiMBoV1

Sida mosaic Bolivia virus 2 ()
hm585443DNA-A, isolate SiMBoV2
hm585444DNA-B, isolate SiMBoV2

Sida mosaic Sinaloa virus (SiMSV)
dq356428DNA-B, Sinaloa isolate
dq520944DNA-A, isolate Guasave-Sinaloa

Sida mottle Alagoas virus ()
jx871384DNA-A, isolate BR:Vsa1:10
jx871385DNA-A, isolate BR:Vsa2:10
jx871386DNA-A, isolate BR:Mar1:10
jx871387DNA-A, isolate BR:Mar2:10
jx871388DNA-A, isolate BR:Mar3:10

Sida mottle virus (SiMoV)
aj557450DNA-A, Brazilian isolate A1B3
aj557454DNA-B, Brazilian isolate A1B3
ay090555DNA-A, Brazilian isolate
fn557522DNA-A isolate SP77 labelled Sida micrantha mosaic virus
fn557523DNA-B isolate SP77 labelled Sida micrantha mosaic virus
jx871377DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic10:10
jx871378DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic11:10

Sida yellow blotch virus ()
jx871382DNA-A, isolate BR:Chp1:10

Sida yellow leaf curl virus (SIYLCV)
eu710750DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi3:07
kc706538DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi1:07
kc706539DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi2:07

Sida yellow mosaic Alagoas virus ()
jx871383DNA-A, isolate BR:Vsa3:10

Sida yellow mosaic China virus (SiYMCNV)
aj810092Movement protein V2 and partial coat protein, Chinese isolate Hn41
aj810096Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Hn8
aj810097Movement protein V2 and partial coat protein, Chinese isolate Hn40
am048837Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Hn7

Sida yellow mosaic virus (SiYMV)
ay090558DNA-A, Brazilian isolate
jx871369DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic1:10

Sida yellow mosaic Yucatan virus (SiYMYuV)
dq875872DNA-A, Yucatan isolate
dq875873DNA-B, Yucatan isolate

Sida yellow net virus ()
jx871376DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic2:10

Sida yellow vein Madurai virus (SiYVMaV)
am259382Complete sequence, Indian Madurai isolate

Sida yellow vein Vietnam virus (SiYVVNV)
dq641696DNA-A, Vietnamese Hanoi Sida rhombiforlia isolate

Sida yellow vein virus (SiYVV)
aj250731DNA-B, Honduras strain 3
eu184016Coat protein, Barrackpore isolate
he806449DNA-B, Cuban isolate 10B_1_C1210
y11099DNA-A, Honduras strain
y11100DNA-B, Honduras strain 1
y11101DNA-B, Honduras strain 2

Sidastrum golden leaf spot virus ()
hm357458DNA-A, Brazilian isolate DF334

Siegesbeckia yellow vein Guangxi virus (SbYVGxV)
am238692Complete sequence, isolate G111
am238693Movement protein AV2, isolate G110
am238694Movement protein AV2, isolate G112

Siegesbeckia yellow vein virus (SbYVV)
am183224Complete sequence, isolate GD13
am230634Complete sequence, isolate GD24
am230635Complete sequence, isolate GD27
am230636Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GD11
am230637Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GD12
am230638Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GD16
am230639Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GD21
am230640Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GD22
am230641Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GD25
am230642Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GD30
jf682838Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Fz11
jx294076Complete sequence, Chinese isolate GZ01

Solanum mosaic Bolivia virus ()
hm585435DNA-A, isolate SoMBoV
hm585436DNA-B, isolate SoMBoV

South African cassava mosaic virus (SACMV)
af155806DNA-A, South African strain
af155807DNA-B, South African strain
aj422132DNA-A, Madagascar isolate M12
aj575560DNA-A, Zimbabwe isolate

Soybean blistering mosaic virus (SbBMV)
ef016486DNA-A, Argentine isolate NOA

Soybean chlorotic blotch virus ()
gq472985DNA-A, Nigerian isolate Sb19
gq472986DNA-B, Nigerian isolate Sb19
gq472987DNA-A, Nigerian isolate Cs1
gq472988DNA-B, Nigerian isolate Cs1
kc508642DNA-A, Nigerian isolate SbCBV1
kc508643DNA-A, Nigerian isolate SbCBV7

Soybean chlorotic spot virus ()
jx122965DNA-A, isolate BR:Jai9254.10
jx122966DNA-B, isolate BR:Jai9254.10

Soybean crinkle leaf virus (SbCLV)
ab050781Complete sequence, Japanese isolate

Soybean mild mottle virus ()
gq472984Complete sequence, Nigerian isolate Sb17

Spilanthes yellow vein virus (SpYVV)
dq641694DNA-A, Vietnamese Dalat Spilanthes isolate

Spinach yellow vein virus ()
jx678285Most of coding sequence, Indian Sikar isolate

Squash leaf curl China virus (SLCCNV)
ab027465DNA-A, Chinese isolate
ab330078DNA-A, Thailand isolate
af509741DNA-A, Vietnam isolate K
af509742DNA-B, Vietnam isolate B
af509743DNA-A, Vietnam isolate B
aj704586Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G25
am260205DNA-A, Chinese isolate Hn61
am260206DNA-A, Chinese isolate G25
am260207DNA-B, Chinese isolate Hn61
am260208DNA-B, Chinese isolate G25
am286794DNA-A, Pakistan:Lahore clone CPoAL4(3)
am709505DNA-B, Pakistan Momordica charantia clone BGBL22-5
am778959DNA-B, Pakistan Cucurbita pepo clone CPoBL2
ay184487DNA-A, Indian Coimbatore pumpkin isolate
ay184488DNA-B, Indian Combatore pumpkin isolate
ay396151Coat protein AV1, Lucknow pumpkin isolate
dq026296DNA-A, Indian Lucknow pumpkin isolate
dq272543Movement protein AV2, Delhi pumpkin isolate
dq272544Replication enhancer AC3, Delhi pumpkin isolate
dq272545TrAP protein AC2, Delhi pumpkin isolate
dq272546AC4 protein, Delhi pumpkin isolate
ef197940DNA-A, Malaysian cucumber isolate MC1
eu487031DNA-A, Philippines (Benguet) chayote isolate P54
eu543562DNA-A, Thailand Nakhon Pathom wax gourd isolate
eu573715DNA-A, Indian Varnasi pumpkin isolate
fj232922Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate
fj859881DNA-B, Indian Varanasi pumpkin isolate
gq225732Coat protein AV1 isolate PUM:08:2
gq225733Coat protein AV1 isolate PUM:08:1
gq225734Coat protein AV1 isolate PUM:08:3
gq225735Coat protein AV1 isolate PUM:08:4
gq225736Coat protein AV1, Faijabad pumpkin isolate
gu967381DNA-A, Varanasi pumpkin isolate
gu967382DNA-B, Varanasi pumpkin isolate
hm101172Coat protein AV1, Indian chilli isolate
hm566112DNA-A, Chinese Cucumis melo 2010 isolate
hm566113DNA-B, Chinese Cucumis melo 2010 isolate
jn587811DNA-A, Indian isolate Pum:IARI
jn624306DNA-B, Indian isolate Pum:IARI
kc171648DNA-A, isolate GZ01
kc171649DNA-B, isolate GZ01
kc222956Replication protein AC1, isolate Delhi

Squash leaf curl Philippines virus (SLCPHV)
ab085793DNA-A, Philippines isolate
ab085794DNA-B, Philippines isolate
dq866135DNA-A, Taiwan isolate PA1
ef199774DNA-A, Taiwan isolate AFPK5slv
eu310406DNA-A, Taiwan isolate Wg1
eu487033DNA-A, Philippines (Laguna) squash isolate P88
eu487041DNA-A, Philippines (Batangas) pumpkin isolate P133
jf746195DNA-A, Taiwan Sechium isolate 1-1
jf746196DNA-B, Taiwan Sechium isolate 1-1

Squash leaf curl virus (SLCV)
af256203DNA-A Arizona watermelon isolate WAZ
ay206998Coat protein, Israel isolate
dq285016DNA-A, Californian isolate 10
dq285017DNA-B, Californian isolate 10
dq285018DNA-B, Arizona watermelon isolate WAZ
dq285019DNA-A, Cairo isolate
dq364057Coat protein, Egyptian Giza isolate
ef532620DNA-A, Jordanian isolate
ef532621DNA-B, Jordanian isolate
fj844410AC4 protein and intergenic region, Egyptian Kahat isolate
gq273921Coat protein, Jordanian isolate JOR-C1
gq273922Coat protein, Syrian isolate SYR-C2
hm368373DNA-A, Lebanese isolate LB2
hm368374DNA-B, Lebanese isolate LB2
hq184436DNA-A, Israel isolate IL
hq184437DNA-B, Israel isolate IL
jn871584Truncated coat protein AV1, isolate LBm1
jx131281DNA-A, Jordanian isolate
jx131282DNA-B, Jordanian isolate
jx444574DNA-B, Jordanian Homra isolate
jx444577DNA-A, Jordanian Homra isolate
kc441465DNA-A, Palestine isolate PAL
kc441466DNA-B, Palestine isolate PAL
m38182DNA-B, Lazarowitz & Lazdins, 1991
m38183DNA-A, Lazarowitz & Lazdins, 1991

Squash leaf curl Yunnan virus (SLCYNV)
aj420319DNA-A, isolate Y23
ay639879Coat protein, Thailand, Khonkaen province, Cassia isolate labelled Tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand virus

Squash mild leaf curl virus (SMLCV)
af421552DNA-A, Californian isolate R
af421553DNA-B, Californian isolate R
dq285014DNA-A, Californian isolate 4
dq285015DNA-B, Californian isolate 4

Sri Lankan cassava mosaic virus (SLCMV)
aj314737DNA-A, Colombo isolate
aj314738DNA-B, Colombo isolate
aj575821DNA-B Kattukuda isolate
aj579307DNA-A, Indian Adivaram isolate
aj579308DNA-B, Indian Adivaram isolate
aj607394DNA-A, Indian Salem isolate
aj890224DNA-A, Indian isolate Kerala 15
aj890225DNA-A, Indian isolate Kerala 17
aj890226DNA-A, Indian Kerala C4 isolate
aj890227DNA-A, Indian Tamil Nadu 2 isolate
aj890228DNA-A, Indian Tamil Nadu 6 isolate
aj890229DNA-A, Indian Tamil Nadu 7 isolate
am238430Defective recombinant DNA-B, clone D5B
am238431Defective recombinant DNA-B, clone D15B
am238432Defective recombinant DNA-A, clone D8A1
am238433Defective recombinant DNA-A clone D8A2
ay738105Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Thrissur isolate
jn595785Replication protein AC1, Indian isolate Yethapur
kc424490DNA-A, Indian Attur isolate

Stachytarpheta leaf curl virus (StaLCV)
aj495814Complete sequence, Chinese Hainan Hn5 isolate
aj514870AC4 protein and intergenic region, isolate H2-Y1
aj564742Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Hn6-1
aj564743Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Hn5-4
aj810156Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Hn30
aj810157Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Hn34
aj810158Movement protein V2 and partial coat protein, Chinese isolate Hn26
aj810159Movement protein V2 and partial coat protein, Chinese isolate Hn27
aj810160Movement protein V2 and partial coat protein, Chinese isolate Hn28
aj810161Movement protein V2 and partial coat protein, Chinese isolate Hn29
aj810162Movement protein V2 and partial coat protein, Chinese isolate Hn31
aj810163Movement protein V2 and partial coat protein, Chinese isolate Hn32
aj810164Movement protein V2 and partial coat protein, Chinese isolate Hn33
aj810165Movement protein V2 and partial coat protein, Chinese isolate Hn35

Sunn hemp leaf distortion virus ()
fj455449DNA-A Barrakpore isolate (perhaps a strain of Euphorbia leaf curl virus)
gq183867DNA-A, isolate Barrackpore2

Sweet potato golden vein associated virus ()
hq333143Complete sequence, isolate US:MS:1B-3
hq393444Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPGVaV-PB1[BR:CA:08]
hq393447Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPGVaV-RO[BR:Uti:08]
hq393452Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPGVaV-RO[BR:PV1:08]
hq393454Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPGVaV-RO[BR:OPO:08]
hq393457Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPGVaV-RO[BR:PV2:08]
hq393459Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPGVaV-RO[BR:Cac:08]

Sweet potato leaf curl Canary virus (SPLCCanV)
ef456742Complete sequence, Spanish isolate BG04
ef456745Complete sequence, Spanish isolate BG07
eu856365Complete sequence, isolate ES:CI:BG21:02
fj529203Complete sequence, isolate ES:CI:BG25:02

Sweet potato leaf curl China virus (SPLCCNV)
dq512731Complete sequence, Chinese isolate
jf736657Complete sequence, Chinese clone SPLCV B-3
jn657687Defective interfering DNA, Chinese isolate ZJ
jx961671Complete sequence, isolate Gogumdo-25
jx961673Complete sequence, isolate Muan-GE21
jx961674Complete sequence, isolate Muan-GE31

Sweet potato leaf curl Georgia virus (SPLCGV)
af326775Complete sequence, isolate Georgia 16
ef151926Coat protein, Indian Bhuveneswar isolate (labelled Sweet potato leaf curl virus)
ef154833Coat protein, Indian Trivandrum isolate (labelled Sweet potato leaf curl virus)
fn995425AC2 protein, Guatemalan isolate A1GT
jx448368Complete sequence, isolate China: Hebei: 2011

Sweet potato leaf curl Lanzarote virus (SPLCLanV)
ef456746Complete sequence, Spanish isolate BG27
eu839579Complete sequence, isolate ES:MAL:BG30:06
hq393476Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-SP[BR:PP:09]

Sweet potato leaf curl Sao Paulo virus ()
hq393477Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCSPV-[BR:AlvM:09]
jq621844Complete sequence, South African strain PstI-012 isolate SPLCSPV-[ZA:WP:2011]

Sweet potato leaf curl Sichuan virus ()
kc488316Complete sequence, isolate China:Sichuan15:2012

Sweet potato leaf curl South Carolina virus ()
hq333144Complete sequence, isolate US:SC:648B-9

Sweet potato leaf curl Spain virus (SPLCESV)
ef456741Complete sequence, Spanish isolate BG1
ef456743Complete sequence, Spanish isolate BG05
eu839576Complete sequence, isolate ES:Mal:IG1:06, labelled Ipomoea yellow vein virus
fj151200Complete sequence, isolate ES:Mal:IG2:06
fj969831Complete sequence, Sweet potato mosaic associated virus isolate BR:BSB1
hq393448Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCESV-BA[BR:Uti:08]
hq393458Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCESV-BA[BR:Cac:08]
jq621843Complete sequence, South African strain PstI-01 isolate SPMaV-[ZA:WP:2011]

Sweet potato leaf curl Uganda virus ()
fr751068Complete sequence, Kampala 2008 isolate

Sweet potato leaf curl virus (SPLCV)
ab433786Complete sequence, Japanese Miyazaki isolate
ab433787Complete sequence, Japanese Kumamoto isolate
ab433788Complete sequence, Japanese Kyoto isolate
af104036Complete sequence, USA isolate
aj586885Complete sequence, Sicilian isolate labelled Ipomoea yellow vein virus
dq644562Complete sequence, Puerto Rican isolate PR80-N2
dq644563Complete sequence, Puerto Rican isolate Merremia N4
ef456744Complete sequence, Spanish isolate BG06
ef591125Disrupted recombinant Spanish isolate BG9
eu056325Coat protein, Malaysian Serdang isolate
eu253456Complete sequence, Chinese isolate RL31
eu267799Complete sequence, Chinese isolate RL7
eu309693Complete sequence, Chinese isolate
eu856364Complete sequence, isolate ES:CI:BG12:02
eu856366Complete sequence, isolate ES:CI:BG13:02
fj176701Complete sequence, Jiangsu isolate
fj455517AV2 protein, Egyptian Giza isolate
fj515896Complete sequence, Chinese isolate F-p1
fj515897Complete sequence, Chinese isolate F-p2
fj515898Complete sequence, Chinese isolate F-p3
fj560719Complete sequence, South Korean isolate J-508
fj969832Complete sequence, isolate CE-[BR:For1]
fj969833Complete sequence, isolate RS1-[BR:Tav1]
fj969834Complete sequence, isolate RS2-[BR:Est1]
fj969835Complete sequence, isolate RS2-[BR:Mac1]
fj969836Complete sequence, isolate RS2-[BR:Poa1]
fj969837Complete sequence, isolate RS2-[BR:Ros1]
fn806776Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Y338
hm754634Complete sequence, South Korean isolate
hm754635Complete sequence, South Korean isolate
hm754636Complete sequence, South Korean isolate
hm754637Complete sequence, South Korean isolate
hm754638Complete sequence, South Korean isolate
hm754639Complete sequence, South Korean isolate
hm754640Complete sequence, South Korean isolate
hm754641Complete sequence, South Korean isolate
hq333135Complete sequence, isolate US:SC:377-23
hq333136Complete sequence, isolate US:SC:634-2
hq333137Complete sequence, isolate US:SC:634-7
hq333138Complete sequence, isolate US:SC:646B-11
hq333139Complete sequence, isolate US:MS:1B-1a
hq333140Complete sequence, isolate US:MS:4B-14
hq333141Complete sequence, isolate US:MS:WS1-4
hq333142Complete sequence, isolate US:MS:WS3-8
hq393442Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PR[BR:Uru:08]
hq393443Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-US[BR:CA1:08]
hq393445Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PR[BR:CA:08]
hq393446Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-US[BR:CA2:08]
hq393449Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PR[BR:Ria:08]
hq393450Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-US[BR:PA:08]
hq393451Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-US[BR:PV:08]
hq393453Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-US[BR:OPO:08]
hq393455Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PR[BR:OPO:08]
hq393456Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PE[BR:PV:08]
hq393460Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PR[BR:Cac:08]
hq393461Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PE[BR:PF:09]
hq393462Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PE[BR:Cau1:09]
hq393463Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PE[BR:Cau2:09]
hq393464Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PE[BR:MP1:09]
hq393465Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PE[BR:MP2:09]
hq393466Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PE[BR:MP4:09]
hq393467Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PE[BR:MP5:09]
hq393468Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PE[BR:MP6:09]
hq393469Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PE[BR:MP7:09]
hq393470Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-PE[BR:MP3:09]
hq393471Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-US[BR:AM1:09]
hq393472Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-US[BR:AM2:09]
hq393473Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-SP[BR:AlvM:09]
hq393474Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-US[BR:AM3:09]
hq393475Complete sequence, Brazilian isolate SPLCV-US[BR:AM4:09]
jf768740Complete sequence, Chinese isolate MG
jn657686Defective interfering DNA, Chinese isolate JS
jq349087Complete sequence, isolate Bella Vista
jx050195Complete sequence, Indian isolate SPLCV-IYV-1:Del
jx050196Complete sequence, Indian isolate SPLCV-IYV-2:Del
jx050197Complete sequence, Indian isolate SPLCV-ILC:Del
jx286653Complete sequence, Chinese isolate GZ01
jx286654Complete sequence, Chinese isolate GZ02
jx286655Complete sequence, Chinese isolate XN01
jx961670Complete sequence, isolate GE31
jx961672Complete sequence, isolate Jido-20

Tobacco apical stunt Mexico virus ()
dq318934Coat protein, Yucatan Rhynchosia isolate

Tobacco apical stunt virus (TbASV)
af076855Coat protein, Mexican isolate

Tobacco curly shoot virus (TbCSV)
af240675Complete sequence, Yunnan isolate Y1
af240676Defective DNA, Yunnan y2 isolate
aj420318Complete sequence, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y35
aj457986Complete sequence, Yunnan tomato isolate Y41
aj512763Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y93
aj512764Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y98
aj512765Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y99
aj512766Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y108
aj512767Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y111
aj512768Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y115
aj512769Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y121
aj512770Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y130
aj512771Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y132
aj566745Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tomato isolate Y163
aj971266Complete sequence, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y282
aj971510Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y271
aj971511Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y272
aj971512Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y274
aj971513Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y282
am261664Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y288
am261665Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y289
am261666Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y291
am261667Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y315
ay887174Coat protein, Lucknow Calendulla yellow net isolate
ef119337Coat protein, Indian Crotalaria isolate
gq994095Complete sequence, Indian tomato leaf curl Ranchi isolate
gu001879Complete sequence, Chinese pepper isolate SC118
gu199583Complete sequence, Chinese Alternanthera philoxeroides isolate YN20 clone 20-9
gu199584Complete sequence, Chinese Mirabilis jalapa isolate YN18 clone 18-6
gu199585Movement protein AV2, Chinese Mirabilis isolate YN18 clone 18-2
gu199586Movement protein AV2, Chinese Alternanthera isolate YN20 clone 20-1
hf569269Replication enhancer AC3, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y309
hf569270Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y342
hf569271Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y343
hf569272Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y344
hf569273Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y346
hf569274Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y348
hf569275Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y349
hf569276Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y350
hf569277Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y351
hf569278Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y352
hf569279Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y345
hf569280Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y347
hf569281Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y-M7
hf569282Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y-R1
hf569283Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y-R2
hf569284Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y-R8
hf569285Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y-T7
hf569286Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ageratum isolate Y-T8
hg003650Complete sequence, isolate Y-T8
hm856626Replication enhancer AC3 , Indian isolate SILIGURI-1
hq597031Movement protein AV2, West Bengal isolate SILIGURI-1
jf461062Coat protein, Indian isolate Cob4
jf509102Coat protein, West Bengal isolate COB5
jf825867AV2, AV1, AC3 and AC2 proteins, Indian tomato isolate COB-6
jf922010Movement protein AV2, West Bengal isolate SILIGU-3
jf922011AC3 and AC2 proteins, West Bengal isolate SILIGU-3
jn387045Complete sequence, Indian isolate To-Ag-1
jn676053Complete sequence, tomato leaf curl Ranchi virus isolate GUW-2
jn676055AC3 and AC2 proteins, West Bengal isolate SILIGURI-1
jx457341Complete sequence, Indian isolate TC366 clone Tch82
jx457342Complete sequence, Indian isolate TC366 clone TCb1
jx467692Complete sequence, Indian isolate TC366 clone TCh6
jx467693Complete sequence, Indian isolate TC366 clone TCb8

Tobacco leaf curl Comoros virus ()
am701760Complete sequence, Comoros:Grande Comore, simboussa isolate
am701762Complete sequence, Comoros:Grande Comore, Foubouni isolate

Tobacco leaf curl Cuba virus (TbLCuCV)
am050143Complete sequence, Taguasco isolate

Tobacco leaf curl Japan virus (TbLCJV)
ab028604Complete sequence, Japanese isolate
ab055008Complete sequence, isolate Jp2, strain Nara
ab079689Complete sequence, isolate Jp3
ab287439Complete sequence, Ibaraki honeysuckle isolate
ef612716AC4 protein and intergenic region, Japanese honeysuckle isolate
ef620536Complete sequence, Japanese Lonicera japonica isolate

Tobacco leaf curl Philippines virus ()
eu295548Complete sequence, isolate Bukidnon 41

Tobacco leaf curl Pusa virus ()
hq180391Complete sequence, isolate IN:Pusa:Tb:10

Tobacco leaf curl Thailand virus (TbLCuTHV)
dq871221Complete sequence, Thailand tomato isolate

Tobacco leaf curl virus ()
am051085Movement protein AV2, Vietnamese Bavi isolate
fn401521Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate YYJi4
hm856624Movement protein AV2, Indian isolate COB1

Tobacco leaf curl Yunnan virus (TbLCYNV)
af240674Complete sequence, Yunnan Y3 isolate
aj512758Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y118
aj512759Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y123
aj512760Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y131
aj512761Complete sequence, isolate Y136
aj512762Complete sequence, isolate Y143
aj566744Complete sequence, Yunnan isolate Y161
aj811912Partial DNA-A including AC4 gene, Guangxi isolate G7
aj971267Complete sequence, Yunnan isolate Y283
aj971505Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y218
aj971506Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y273
aj971507Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y275
aj971508Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y276
aj971509Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y283
am261657Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y309
am261658Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y310
am261659Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y311
am261660Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y314
am261661Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y316
am261662Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Ageratum isolate Y317
am261663Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y290
ay633751Coat protein AV1, Thailand Tak province isolate
ay639605Coat protein, Thailand Chiang Mai tobacco isolate, labelled Tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand virus
fj687388Coat protein AV1, Thailand isolate goatweed:Nakhon Pathom:2008

Tobacco leaf curl Zimbabwe virus (TbLCZV)
af077748Coat protein, Zimbabwe M strain
af077749Coat protein, Zimbabwe S strain
af350330Complete sequence, Zimbabwe isolate
af368274Truncated sequence containing V2, N-terminus of the coat protein, N-terminus of C1 and the C4 protein, Zimbabwe mild strain
af368275Truncated sequence containing N-terminus of V2, N-terminus of C1 and the C4 protein, Zimbabwe HG strain
am701756Complete sequence, Comoros:Grande Comore, Foumboudziouni isolate

Tobacco leaf rugose virus (TbLRV)
aj488768DNA-A, Havana isolate

Tobacco mottle leaf curl virus (TbMoLCV)
fm160943DNA-A, Cuban isolate

Tobacco yellow crinkle virus (TbYCV)
fj213931DNA-A, Cuban tobacco isolate
fj222587DNA-A, Cuban pepper isolate
hq896204DNA-B, Cuban tobacco isolate 3

Tomato bright yellow mosaic virus ()
kc791690DNA-A, Brazilian isolate BA167

Tomato bright yellow mottle virus ()
hm357457Central region DNA-A including AC2, AC3 and partial coat protein, Brazil Carnaubal-Ceara isolate
kc791691DNA-A, Brazilian isolate TO167

Tomato chino La Paz virus (ToChLPV)
ay339618DNA-A, La Plaz isolate
ay339619DNA-A, El Carrizal isolate
dq347948DNA-A, Mexican isolate Solanum MM1
dq347949DNA-A, Mexican isolate Solanum MM4
hm459852DNA-A, pepper Baja California isolate
jn676150DNA-A, Mexican isolate SLP4

Tomato chlorotic leaf distortion virus ()
hq171986DNA-A, Venezuelan tomato mottle leaf curl Zulia virus isolate 217L (identical to HQ201952)
hq201952DNA-A, Venezuelan Zulia isolate
hq201953DNA-B, Venezuelan Zulia isolate
jn241632DNA-A, Venezuelan isolate Capsicum:2004
jn241633DNA-B, Venezuelan isolate Capsicum:2004

Tomato chlorotic mottle virus (ToCMoV)
af490004DNA-A, isolate BA-Se1
af491306DNA-B, isolate BA-Se1
ay049206Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region, AC1 and AC4 proteins, isolate MG-Ig1
ay049209Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region and AC4 protein, isolate RJ-Sf1
ay049210Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region and AC4 protein, isolate PE-Be1
ay049213Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region, AC4 protein and coat protein, isolate BA-Ju2
ay049220Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region and AC4 protein, isolate PE-Pt4
ay049223Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region and AC4 protein, isolate PE-Pq1
ay090557DNA-A, Brazilian crumple isolate
dq336353DNA-A, Brazilian isolate Igarape1:1996
dq336354DNA-B, Brazilian isolate Igarape1:1996
kc706540DNA-A, isolate BR:Car219.3:08
kc706541DNA-A, isolate BR:Car234.3:08
kc706542DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo153:08
kc706543DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo154:08
kc706544DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo170a:08
kc706545DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo170s:08
kc706546DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo171:08
kc706547DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo180:08
kc706548DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo181:08
kc706549DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo182:08
kc706550DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo184:08
kc706551DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo186:08
kc706552DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo187:08
kc706553DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo188:08
kc706554DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo191:08
kc706555DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo192:08
kc706556DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo193:08
kc706557DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo194:08
kc706558DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo195:08
kc706559DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo209:08
kc706560DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo210:08
kc706561DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo211:08
kc706562DNA-B, isolate BR:Flo194:08
kc706563DNA-B, isolate BR:Flo197:08
kc706564DNA-B, isolate BR:Car217.1:08
kc706565DNA-B, isolate BR:Car231:08
kc706566DNA-B, isolate BR:Car236.2:08
kc706567DNA-B, isolate BR:Car238.1:08

Tomato chlorotic vein virus (ToCVV)
ay049205Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region and AC4 protein, isolate DF-Br-1

Tomato common mosaic virus (ToCMV)
eu710754DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi22:07
eu710755DNA-B, isolate BR:Coi22:07
kc706568DNA-A, isolate BR:Jai131:08
kc706569DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi10:07
kc706570DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi11:07
kc706571DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi12:07
kc706572DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi15:07
kc706573DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi18:07
kc706574DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi20:07
kc706575DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi21:07
kc706576DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi23:07
kc706577DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi24:07
kc706578DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi7:07
kc706579DNA-A, isolate BR:Coi8:07
kc706580DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda10:05
kc706581DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda31:05
kc706582DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda32:05
kc706583DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda40:05
kc706584DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda44:05
kc706585DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda48:05
kc706586DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda51:05
kc706587DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda55:05
kc706588DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda56:05
kc706589DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda9:05
kc706590DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda42:05
kc706591DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda53:05
kc706592DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda8:05
kc706593DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda20:05
kc706594DNA-B, isolate BR:Coi17:07
kc706595DNA-B, isolate BR:Coi11:07
kc706596DNA-B, isolate BR:Coi13:07
kc706597DNA-B, isolate BR:Coi6:07
kc706598DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda39:05
kc706599DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda57:05
kc706600DNA-B, isolate BR:Coi18:07
kc706601DNA-B, isolate BR:Coi15:07
kc706602DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda25:05
kc706603DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda19:05
kc706604DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda27:05

Tomato crinkle leaf yellows virus ()
jn419010DNA-B, isolate BR:Mac3:10
jn419011DNA-B, isolate BR:Qui1:10

Tomato crinkle virus (ToCrV)
ay049218Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region and AC4 protein, isolate PE-Pq3

Tomato crinkle yellow leaf virus (ToCYLV)
ay090556DNA-B, Brazilian isolate

Tomato curly stunt virus (ToCSV)
af261885DNA-A, South African isolate

Tomato dwarf leaf virus ()
jn564749DNA-A, isolate AR:Pichanal:397
jn564750DNA-B, isolate AR:Pichanal:397

Tomato golden leaf distortion virus ()
hm357456Almost complete but defective DNA-A, isolate TO45

Tomato golden leaf spot virus ()
kc626021Complete but apparently defective sequence, isolate TO83 Araguaina

Tomato golden mosaic virus (TGMV)
jf694488DNA-A, isolate csTGMV[92/11]
jf694489DNA-B, isolate csTGMV[92/11]
jf694490DNA-A, isolate yvTGMV[92/11]
jf694491DNA-B, isolate yvTGMV[92/11]
k02029DNA-A, YV isolate
k02030DNA-B, YV isolate
m73794DNA-B, Com isolate

Tomato golden mottle virus (ToGMoV)
af132852DNA-A, Guatemala isolate GT94-R2
dq406674DNA-B, Mexican isolate SLP
dq520943DNA-A, isolate Rioverde-SLP
ef501976DNA-A, isolate Rioverde SLP2
ef501978Intergenic region with most of coat protein, isolate Rioverde SLP3

Tomato golden vein virus ()
ay751742Coat protein AV1, intergenic region and parts of AC1 and AC3, Brazilian isolate PA-05
dq346650Coat protein AV1, intergenic region and parts of AC1 and AC3, Brazilian isolate Ta4

Tomato infectious yellows virus (ToIYV)
ay049208Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region and AC4 protein, isolate MG-Bi1

Tomato interveinal chlorosis virus ()
jf803252DNA-A, isolate PE[BR:Mdc2681:04]
jf803253DNA-A, isolate PE[BR:BSF2729:04]
jn418998DNA-A, isolate BR:Mur1:09

Tomato leaf curl Anjouan virus ()
am701758Complete sequence, Comoros:Anjouan, Ouani isolate

Tomato leaf curl Antsiranana virus ()
am701766Complete sequence, Madagascar:Diana, Antsalaka isolate
am701767Complete sequence, Madagascar:Menabe, Miandrivazo isolate

Tomato leaf curl Arusha virus (ToLCArV)
dq519575DNA-A, Tanzanian Tengeru isolate
ef194760DNA-A, Tanzanian isolate AFTT23

Tomato leaf curl Bangalore virus (ToLCBV)
af165098Complete sequence, isolate LCV-Ban4
af295401Complete sequence, Bangalore-5 isolate
af428255Complete sequence, Kolar strain
ay428770Complete sequence, isolate AVT1
ay456684Complete sequence, Indian cotton Fatehababad isolate
ay738102Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Mallenahalli isolate
dq358098Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, isolate TNAU1
dq358099Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, isolate TNAU2
dq852623Complete sequence isolate Kerala II
dq887537Complete sequence, isolate Kerala IV
gu170806Complete sequence, isolate To-KLR.1
gu474418Complete sequence, Indian Hessarghetta isolate 18
z48182Complete sequence, Hong & Harrison, 1995

Tomato leaf curl Bangladesh virus (ToLCBDV)
af188481Complete sequence, Bangladesh BD2 isolate
jf825866Coat protein, Indian isolate GUW-1

Tomato leaf curl Cebu virus (ToLCCeV)
eu295554Complete sequence, isolate Misamis Oriental 31
eu487008Complete sequence, Philippines (Midanao) chili clone AFPL3-2
eu487009Complete sequence, Philippines (Midanao) tomato clone AFPL9
eu487025Complete sequence, Philippines (Nueva Ecija) tomato isolate P2-1
eu487042Complete sequence, Philippines (Cebu) tomato isolate P134
eu487043Complete sequence, Philippines (Cebu) tomato isolate P135
eu487044Complete sequence, Philippines (Cebu) pepper isolate P152

Tomato leaf curl China virus (ToLCCNV)
aj558118Complete sequence, Guangxi isolate G32
aj558119Complete sequence, Guangxi isolate G18
aj704581Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G14
aj704582Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G17
aj704583Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G19
aj704584Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G31
aj704585Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G33
aj704598TrAP protein AC2, Guangxi isolate G22
aj704599TrAP protein AC2, Guangxi isolate G55
aj704600TrAP protein AC2, Guangxi isolate G60
aj704601TrAP protein AC2, Guangxi isolate G61
aj704602Complete sequence, Guangxi isolate G16
aj704603Complete sequence, Guangxi isolate G63
aj811909Partial DNA-A including AC1, AC2 and AC4 genes, Guangxi isolate G7
aj811910Movement protein AV2, Guangxi isolate G7
hf674929Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX0718-1
hf674930Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX0718-3
hf674931Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX0718-4
hf674932Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX1011-14
hf674933Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX1012-1
hf674934Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX1227-6
jf681158Complete sequence, Chinese tobacco isolate JX-2
jx972142Complete sequence, Chinese isolate OX2

Tomato leaf curl Comoros virus (ToLCKMV)
aj865341Complete sequence, isolate Dembeni
am701759Complete sequence, Comoros:Anjouan, Bambas isolate

Tomato leaf curl Cotabato virus (ToLCCoV)
eu487047Complete sequence, Philippines (Mindanao) tomato isolate GSD1
eu487048Complete sequence, Philippines (Mindanao) tomato isolate GSD6

Tomato leaf curl Diana virus ()
am701765Complete sequence, Madagascar:Diana, Namakely isolate

Tomato leaf curl Ghana virus (ToLCGV)
eu350585Complete sequence, Ghanaian isolate FGH5-3
eu847739Complete sequence, Ghanaian Kumasi isolate GOTB2-2
fj685620Complete sequence, Togo 2006 isolate
fj685621Complete sequence, Nigerian 2006 isolate
fm210277Complete sequence, Cameroon isolate TOS2B1F1
fm210278Complete sequence, Cameroon isolate TOS2B1F4
fn675291Defective sequence, labelled Okra leaf curl Mali alphasatellite isolate Njo5d2
fn675292Defective sequence, labelled Ageratum leaf curl Cameroon alphasatellite isolate ODL1D1
fn675293Defective sequence, labelled Ageratum leaf curl Cameroon alphasatellite isolate AGLD3
fn675294Defective sequence, labelled Ageratum leaf curl Cameroon alphasatellite isolate ODL1D2
fn675295Defective sequence, labelled Ageratum leaf curl Cameroon alphasatellite isolate OMHD2
he659516Complete sequence, Tomato leaf curl Cameroon-Fontem isolate TFB17
he659517Complete sequence, Tomato leaf curl Togo-Fontem isolate TFB2

Tomato leaf curl Guangdong virus (ToLCGuV)
ay602165Complete sequence, Chinese Guangdong isolate G2

Tomato leaf curl Guangxi virus (ToLCGxV)
am236784Complete sequence, isolate GX-1
am236785Complete sequence, isolate GX-2
am236786Complete sequence, isolate GX-3

Tomato leaf curl Gujarat virus (ToLCGV)
af413671DNA-A, Indian Gujarat (Vadodara district) isolate
af449999DNA-A, Indian Varanasi isolate
ay190290DNA-A, Varanasi strain isolate 1
ay190291DNA-B, Varanasi strain isolate 1
ay234383DNA-A, Nepal Panchkhal isolate
dq629101DNA-A, isolate CTS, labelled Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus
dq987480AC1 and AC4 proteins, Dharwad isolate
dq988524Coat protein, Dharwad isolate
eu573714DNA-A, Dhanbad isolate
fr819708DNA-A, Xanthium clone tlcgv-Xant
gq994098DNA-A, Indian isolate Ramgarh
hm625838DNA-A, Pune isolate clone JGB2
jx547015DNA-A, isolate Antiyur:Erode, labelled Tomato leaf curl virus

Tomato leaf curl Hainan virus ()
fn256261Complete sequence, Hainan tomato isolate HaNHK7
fn434083Complete sequence, Hainan tomato isolate
gq338766Complete sequence, Vietnamese isolate Hung Yen (wrongly named Tomato leaf curl Vietnam virus)
gq373254Complete sequence, isolate Hanoi 112
gq870288Complete sequence, isolate 7TL
hq162268Complete sequence, isolate Vietnam/Hungyen/papaya/2010

Tomato leaf curl Hanoi virus ()
hq162270Complete sequence, isolate Vietnam/Hanoi/tomato/2010

Tomato leaf curl Hsinchu virus (ToLCHsV)
dq866131DNA-A, Taiwan isolate CT1
ef125190DNA-A, Fujian isolate F3
ef125191Movement protein AV2, Fujian isolate F4
eu284178Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ramie mosaic isolate
eu596959DNA-A, Ramie mosaic isolate
eu596960DNA-B, Ramie mosaic isolate
fj874926DNA-B, Chinese Ramie mosaic tobacco isolate F3
fj874927DNA-B, Chinese Ramie mosaic tobacco isolate F4
fn396969DNA-A, Chinese Ramie mosaic Jiangsu isolate J4
fn396970DNA-B, Chinese Ramie mosaic Jiangsu isolate J4
fn396971DNA-A, Chinese Ramie mosaic Jiangsu isolate Z1
fn396972DNA-B, Chinese Ramie mosaic Jiangsu isolate Z1
fn396973Movement protein AV2, Chinese Ramie mosaic Jiangsu isolate J5

Tomato leaf curl Ilocos virus (ToLCIlV)
eu295551Complete sequence, isolate Ilocos 41

Tomato leaf curl Java virus (ToLCJV)
ab100304Complete sequence, isolate Indonesia 1
ab162141Complete sequence, Java Ageratum isolate
ab189847Partial sequence including intergenic region, C4, V2 and parts of C1 and V1 proteins, Purwokerto isolate
ab189848Partial sequence including intergenic region, C4, V2 and parts of C1 and V1 proteins, Magelang isolate
ab246171Partial sequence including intergenic region, V2 and parts of C1 and V1 proteins, Jember tobacco isolate

Tomato leaf curl Joydebpur virus (ToLCJoV)
aj875159Complete sequence, Bangladesh Gazipur isolate
dq673859Complete sequence, Indian chili isolate
ef194765Complete sequence, Indian Kalyani chilli isolate
eu431114Coat protein, Amadalavalasa Hibiscus cannabinus isolate
eu431116Complete sequence, Amadalavalasa Hibiscus cannabinus isolate
fj345401Complete sequence, Amadalavalasa isolate
fj345402Complete sequence, Ponduru isolate
hm007095Complete sequence, isolate India/Baruipur/Chilli/2007 clone pCHBarB22
hm007098Complete sequence, isolate India/Ghazipur/Chilli/2007 clone pChGhB38
hm007102Complete sequence, isolate India/Jaunpur/Chilli/2007 clone pChJauB1
hm007108Complete sequence, isolate India/Kolkata/Chilli/2007 clone pChKolB67
hm007109Complete sequence, isolate India/Kolkata/Chilli/2007 clone pChKolK75
hm007117Complete sequence, isolate India/Patna/Chilli/2008 clone pChPatnB9
hm134227Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Panipat-5
hm991146Complete but doubtful sequence, Varanasi Capsicum isolate
jn176565Complete sequence, Kalyani clone NKJ1
jn663852Complete sequence, isolate Chhapra clone BamH I-2
jq654460Complete sequence, clone HJP3
jq654461Complete sequence, clone HJP05
jq654462Complete sequence, clone HJP07
jq654463Complete sequence, clone HJP09

Tomato leaf curl Karnataka virus (ToLCKV)
ay007615Coat protein, isolate Kar1
ay297924Complete sequence, Iranian Iranshahr isolate
ay375241Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, Lucknow tomato isolate
ay738100Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Aurangabad isolate
ay738101Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Shimoga isolate
ay753203Coat protein, Arasikere isolate
ay754812Complete sequence, Janti isolate
dq339120Coat protein, Indian Tagetes erecta isolate
dq339121Coat protein, Indian Parthenium hysterophorus isolate
dq629102Complete sequence, isolate CTM, labelled Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus
eu604297Movement protein AV2 and coat protein AV1, Lucknow petunia isolate
fj436982Coat protein, Bahraich isolate
fj514798Complete sequence, Punjab mint isolate
hf563618Replication enhancer AC3, Pakistan Mentha clone M1
hf563619Replication enhancer AC3, Pakistan Mentha clone M2
hf563620Replication enhancer AC3, Pakistan Mentha clone M3
hm007094Complete sequence, isolate India/Banglore/Chilli/2008 clone pChBanB2
hm134235Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Bahadurgarh-1
hm803118Complete sequence, Indian clone IKH12
hm851186Complete sequence, Indian clone IKB3
jq178365AC2 and AC3 proteins, Jatropha isolate
jx524172Complete sequence, isolate Lucknow
jx678965Complete sequence, Indian sunflower isolate ToLCKV
jx987088Complete sequence, Lucknow Zinnia isolate
kc713784Complete sequence, Indian isolate MPT [Coimbatore; Tamil Nadu]
u38239Complete sequence, Bangalore isolate 2

Tomato leaf curl Kerala virus (ToLCKeV)
eu910140Complete sequence Kerala isolate K5
eu910141Complete sequence Kerala isolate K3

Tomato leaf curl Laos virus (ToLCLV)
af195782Complete sequence, Laos isolate

Tomato leaf curl Madagascar virus (ToLCMGV)
aj865338Complete sequence, isolate Morondova
aj865339Complete sequence, isolate Toliary

Tomato leaf curl Malaysia virus (ToLCMV)
af327436DNA-A, Malaysia, Klang isolate

Tomato leaf curl Mali virus (ToLCMLV)
ay502936Complete sequence, Mali isolate

Tomato leaf curl Mayotte virus (ToLCYTV)
aj865340Complete sequence, isolate Kahani

Tomato leaf curl Mindanao virus (ToLCMiV)
eu487046Complete sequence, Philippines (Mindanao) tomato isolate P162

Tomato leaf curl Moheli virus ()
am701763Complete sequence, Comoros:Moheli, Fomboni isolate

Tomato leaf curl Namakely virus ()
am701761Complete sequence, Comoros:Grande Comore, Dimadjou isolate
am701764Complete sequence, Madagascar:Antsiranana, Namakely isolate
fn600540Complete sequence, Comoros:Fouboun isolate

Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus (ToLCNDV)
ab330079DNA-A, Thailand cucumber isolate
ab330080DNA-B, Thailand cucumber isolate
ab368447DNA-A, Thailand bottle gourd isolate
ab368448DNA-A, Thailand muskmelon isolate
ab613825DNA-A, isolate Indonesia:Java:Cucumber:2008
ab613826DNA-B, isolate Indonesia:Java:Cucumber:2008
af102276DNA-A, Angled luffa leaf curl virus isolate, Thailand
af448058DNA-A, Pakistan Dargai isolate
af448059DNA-A, Pakistan Islamabad isolate
af524893Replication protein AC1, Indian IARI isolate
aj620187DNA-A, Paksitan Solanum 1997 isolate
aj620188DNA-B, Paksitan Solanum 1997 isolate
aj875157DNA-A, Bangladesh severe Jessore isolate
aj875158DNA-B, Bangladesh severe Jessore isolate
am087114Movement protein AV2, severe strain, Jessore isolate 1
am087115Movement protein AV2, severe strain, Jessore isolate 2
am258977DNA-A Lahore tomato clone ToA2
am286433DNA-A, New Delhi pumpkin isolate 1
am286434DNA-A, New Delhi pumpkin isolate 2
am286435DNA-B, New Delhi pumpkin isolate 2
am292302DNA-A, Multan Luffa isolate
am392426DNA-B, Pakistan:Punjab, Multan clone repensB
am491590DNA-A, Pakistan Momordica charantia clone BGAL4(1) labelled bitter gourd yellow vein virus
am747291DNA-A, Pakistan Bitter Gourd Mn-05
am778833DNA-B, Pakistan Solanum esculentum clone ToBL6(2)
am849547DNA-B, Pakistan Momordica charantia clone BGBM7(1)
am849548DNA-A, Pakistan Solanum nigrum clone SnAa
am850115DNA-A, Indian Himachal potato isolate
am947506DNA-A, clone BA1
am947507DNA-B, clone BB1
ay150304DNA-B, Pakistain Islamabad isolate
ay150305DNA-B, Pakistain Dargai isolate
ay158080DNA-B, Indian potato apical leaf curl isolate
ay260504Replication protein AC1, Indian Jabalpur isolate
ay260505Replication protein AC1, Indian Dharwad isolate
ay286316DNA-A, Indian potato apical leaf curl isolate
ay309957Coat protein, AC2 protein and AC3 protein, Luffa isolate
ay353080Replication protein AC1, wrongly labelled Papaya leaf curl virus New Delhi isolate
ay363306Replication protein AC1, Raipur isolate
ay428769DNA-A, isolate AVT1
ay438563DNA-B, isolate AVT1
ay686500Coat protein, Indian Pumpkin yellow vein mosaic virus isolate
ay883570Coat protein, Lucknow chilli isolate
ay939924DNA-B, Indian Luffa isolate
ay939926DNA-A, Indian Luffa isolate
dq020490DNA-B, bitter gourd isolate
dq029202Coat protein, Himachal isolate
dq116880DNA-A Khanewal chilli isolate clone PC2No10
dq116882DNA-B Khanewal chilli isolate clone PC2No10
dq116883DNA-A Multan tomato isolate clone PT10
dq116885DNA-A Rahim Yar Khan tomato isolate 2 clone PT6
dq119573Replication protein AC1, Lucknow isolate
dq141676Coat protein, Kanpur pepper isolate
dq169056DNA-A, New Delhi isolate of Tsai 2005
dq169057DNA-B, New Delhi isolate of Tsai 2005
dq272540Coat protein, Indian bottle gourd isolate
dq272541Coat protein, Indian luffa isolate
dq339118Coat protein, Indian Datura metel isolate
dq339119Coat protein, Indian Eclipta alba isolate
dq339123Coat protein, Indian Solanum nigrum isolate
dq431844Replication protein AC1, Kanpur isolate
dq431845Replication protein AC1, Bahraich isolate
dq431846Coat protein, Bahraich isolate
dq873412Movement protein BC1, Indian Bahraich chillii isolate
dq989325DNA-A, New Delhi papaya isolate
ef035482DNA-A, Indian isolate OY142
ef043230DNA-A, Happur potato isolate
ef043231DNA-A, Meerut potato isolate
ef043232DNA-B, Meerut potato isolate
ef043233DNA-B, Happur potato isolate
ef043394DNA-B, Indian isolate OY142
ef063145Partial DNA-A including AV2, AV1, AC3, and AC2 proteins, Indian cotton Hissar isolate
ef068246DNA-A, Indian tomato isolate
ef123060Coat protein, Lucknow Hibiscus isolate
ef194275Coat protein, Indian Lucknow papaya isolate
ef408038DNA-B, isolate tomato del25 2006
ef450316DNA-A, Bangladesh cucumber isolate
ef620534DNA-A, Pakistan Luffa acutangula isolate
ef620535DNA-B, Pakistan Luffa acutangula isolate
eu006068AC4 protein, New Delhi cucumber isolate
eu006069AC4 protein, New Delhi tobacco isolate
eu006070AC4 protein, New Delhi chilli isolate
eu006071AC4 protein, New Delhi papaya isolate
eu309045DNA-A, Indian Bahraich chilli isolate
eu366163Coat protein, Indian Gorakhpur isolate AKT
eu375489Coat protein, Lucknow potato isolate
eu439258Coat protein AV1, Bahraich potato isolate
eu439260Coat protein AV1, Gorakhpur Momordica isolate
eu439261Coat protein AV1, Gorakhpur Luffa isolate
eu688960AC4 protein, Indian Jatropha isolate
eu688961AC4 protein, Indian Ageratum isolate
fj468356DNA-A, Indian Pune isolate X 8
fj561298DNA-A, Bhendi yellow vein Haryana virus [2003:Karnal] isolate OY76
fj744541Replication protein AC1, Faizabad pumpkin isolate
fn179278Intergenic region, movement protein AV2, and most of coat protein AV1, Pakistan pepper isolate
fn356024DNA-B, Indian Himachal isolate
fn432357DNA-B, Pakistan Sonchus isolate
fn435309DNA-A, Pakistan potato isolate clone MS1
fn435310DNA-A, Pakistan potato isolate clone MS4
fn435311DNA-B, Pakistan potato isolate clone MS2
fn435312DNA-B, Pakistan potato isolate clone MS5
fn645905DNA-A, Indian Haryana clone 4-RCA-AI-F
fn645916AC3 protein, Haryana clone 8-RCA-AII-p
gq225737Coat protein AV1, Varanasi pumpkin isolate
gq284842Coat protein AV1, Lucknow chilli pepper isolate
gq284844Movement protein BC1, Lucknow chilli pepper isolate
gq865546DNA-A isolate ToLCV-186b
gu112082DNA-A, isolate OY81A
gu112083DNA-B, Indian isolate OY81A
gu112084DNA-A, isolate OY135
gu112085DNA-B, Indian isolate OY135
gu112086DNA-A, isolate OY136B
gu112087DNA-B, Indian isolate OY136B
gu112088DNA-A, isolate OY164A
gu112089DNA-B, Indian isolate OY164A
gu180095DNA-A, Taiwan melon isolate OM
gu180096DNA-B, Taiwan melon isolate OM
gu831539Coat protein AV1, chilli pepper isolate DHO1
gu831540Coat protein AV1, chilli pepper isolate DHO5
gu831541Coat protein AV1, chilli pepper isolate RKE1
gu831542Coat protein AV1, chilli pepper isolate RKE2(1)
gu831543Coat protein AV1, chilli pepper isolate RKE2(2)
gu831544Nuclear shuttle protein BV1, chilli pepper isolate DHO1
gu831545Nuclear shuttle protein BV1, chilli pepper isolate RKE1
hg316125DNA-A, isolate Lahore
hg316126DNA-B, isolate Lahore
hm007113DNA-A, isolate India/New Delhi/Chilli/2009 clone pChNDK31
hm007120DNA-A, isolate India/Tumkur/Chilli/2008 clone pChTumB2
hm159454DNA-A, New Delhi severe isolate
hm159455DNA-B, New Delhi severe isolate
hm245383Coat protein AV1, isolate TLCV-Cob-02
hm345979DNA-A, Pune severe isolate
hm803117DNA-B, Indian clone IPH6
hm856625Partial DNA-A, isolate COB-2 including AV2, AV1, AC3 and AC2 proteins
hm989845DNA-A, Indian Luffa clone JLX10
hm989846DNA-B, Indian Luffa clone JLH13
hq141673DNA-A, Indian Pune clone JID27
hq141674DNA-B, Indian Pune clone JID17
hq264185DNA-A, Maharastra eggplant isolate
hq264186DNA-B, Maharastra eggplant isolate
hq542082DNA-B, Indian isolate OY131 (labelled Bhendi yellow vein Delhi virus)
hq586005DNA-B, Indian isolate OY-T (labelled Bhendi yellow vein mosaic virus)
hq586006DNA-B, Indian isolate OY77B (labelled Bhendi yellow vein mosaic virus)
hq586007DNA-B, Indian isolate OY174 (labelled Bhendi yellow vein mosaic virus)
hq597032Partial sequence including AV2, AV1, AC3 and AC2 proteins, West Bengal isolate SILIGURI-2
hq597033Partial sequence including AV2, AV1, AC3 and AC2 proteins, West Bengal isolate COB-3
hq658479DNA-A, isolate PK;Mul;06
hq840736Coat protein AV1, Lucknow Coccinia isolate
jf825865Coat protein AV1, Indian isolate RAI-1
jn129254DNA-A, Indian isolate Pum:IARI:06
jn208136DNA-A, isolate India:Ash gourd:2011
jn208137DNA-B, isolate India:Ash gourd:2011
jn393309Replication protein AC1, Indian Shimla potato apical leaf curl isolate
jn663848DNA-B, isolate Bengaluru clone XbaI-6
jn663867DNA-B, isolate New Delhi clone Xba I-5
jn663871DNA-B, isolate Palampur clone Xba I-6
jn676054Coat protein AV1, isolate SILIGU-4
jn809814DNA-A, Thailand Sauropus isolate AFSP2c
jq291733AC2 protein, Indian Shimla potato apical leaf curl isolate
jq897969DNA-A, Indian isolate ToLCVIANDS1.1-A (may not be this species)
jx232220DNA-A, isolate Raebareli
jx460805DNA-A, Indian isolate ABH-NBS-JNU
kc205206Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate H-SJ-1
kc205207Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate H-SJ-2
kc205208Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate H-SJ-3
kc205209Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate H-SJ-4
kc205210Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate H-SJ-5
kc205211Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate H-SH-6
kc205212Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate H-SH-7
kc205213Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate H-SM-20
kc205214Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate HIS-1
kc205215Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate HIS-2
kc205216Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate HIS-3
kc205217Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate HIS-4
kc205218Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate HIS-5
kc205219Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate HIS-7
kc205220Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate HIS-8
kc205221Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate HIS-9
kc205222Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate HIS-10
kc205223Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate JAL-2
kc205224Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate JAL-4
kc205225Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate JAL-10
kc205226Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate UNA-4
kc205227Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate UNA-6
kc205228Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate H-SM(T)22
kc205229Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-1
kc205230Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-3
kc205231Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-5
kc205232Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-7
kc205233Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-9
kc205234Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-11
kc205235Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-13
kc205236Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-15
kc205237Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-17
kc205238Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-19
kc205239Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-21
kc205240Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-23
kc205241Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-25
kc205242Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-27
kc205243Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD-29
kc205244Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate GWA-1
kc205245Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate GWA-5
kc205246Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate GWA-7
kc205247Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate GWA-11
kc205248Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate GWA-14
kc205249Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate BAP-1
kc205250Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate BAR-1
kc205251Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate LUD-1
kc205252Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate JAG-1
kc205253Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate JAG-2
kc205254Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate BAD-1
kc205255Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate FAI-4
kc205256Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate FAI-T12
kc205257Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate FAI-19
kc205258Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate PAT-5
kc205259Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate PAT-15
kc205260Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate ANA-T1
kc205261Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate ALI-2
kc205262Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate ALI-3
kc205263Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate ALI-4
kc205264Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate UCH-1
kc205265Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate HIS2-1
kc205266Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate HIS2-2
kc205267Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD2-1
kc205268Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD2-2
kc205269Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate JOR-1
kc205270Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate JOR-2
kc205271Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate JOR-3
kc205272Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate JOR-4
kc205273Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate KAL-1
kc205274Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate KAL-6
kc205275Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD2-3
kc205276Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD2-4
kc205277Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD2-5
kc205278Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD2-6
kc205279Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD2-7
kc205280Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD2-8
kc205281Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD2-9
kc205282Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate MOD2-10
kc205283Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate DEE-1
kc205284Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate DEE-2
kc205285Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate BHU-1
kc205286Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate KOT-5
kc205287Coat protein AV1, Indian potato isolate KOT-8
kc207815Coat protein AV1, isolate India:UP:Bahraich:Luffa cylindrica:2012
kc207816Coat protein AV1, isolate India:UP:Bahraich:Chilli:2011
kc207817Coat protein AV1, isolate India:UP:Bahraich:Potato:2011
kc207818Coat protein AV1, isolate India:UP:Bahraich:Tomato1:2011
kc207819Coat protein AV1, isolate India:UP:Bahraich:Tomato2:2011
kc465466DNA-A, isolate India/Bijnor/2012
kc513822DNA-A, Indian isolate Lucknow
kc545812DNA-A, isolate India:Delhi:Cucumis:2012
kc545813DNA-B, isolate India:Delhi:Cucumis:2012
u15015DNA-A, severe strain
u15016DNA-A, mild strain
u15017DNA-B, severe strain
x78956Coat protein, Hallan et al., 1994
x89653DNA-B, Lucknow isolate
y16421DNA-A, Lucknow isolate

Tomato leaf curl Oman virus ()
fj956700Complete sequence, Oman isolate Alb22
he819239Complete sequence, isolate KB-18

Tomato leaf curl Palampur virus ()
am494976DNA-A, Pakistan Cucumis melo clone MLA
am884015DNA-A Palampur isolate
am992534DNA-B Palampur isolate
eu547681DNA-B, Jiroft isolate
eu547682DNA-A, Roodan isolate
eu547683DNA-A, Jiroft isolate
fj660423DNA-B, Iranian isolate IR:Jir1:T55P:Cuc:08
fj660424DNA-B, Iranian isolate IR:Kah:T9P:Cuc:07
fj660425DNA-B, Iranian isolate IR:Jir8:T58X:Cuc:08
fj660426DNA-B, Iranian isolate IR:Jir7:T11P:Cuc:07
fj660427DNA-B, Iranian isolate IR:Jir6:T3P:Cuc:07
fj660428DNA-B, Iranian isolate IR:Jir5:T51P:Cuc:08
fj660429DNA-B, Iranian isolate IR:Jir4:T6P:Cuc:07
fj660430DNA-B, Iranian isolate IR:Jir3:T4P:Cuc:07
fj660431DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir8:T58P:Cuc:08
fj660432DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir5:T51X:Cuc:08
fj660433DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Ker:T8X:Cuc:07
fj660434DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Kah:T9X:Cuc:07
fj660435DNA-B, Iranian isolate IR:Jir9:T7P:Cuc:07
fj660436DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir5:T6X:Cuc:07
fj660437DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir9:T7X:Cuc:07
fj660438DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir7:T11X:Cuc:07
fj660439DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir3:T4X:Cuc:07
fj660440DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir:T1X:Cuc:07
fj660441DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir6:T3X:Cuc:07
fj660442DNA-B, Iranian isolate IR:Roo:T10X:Tom:06
fj660443DNA-B, Iranian isolate IR:Jir:T55X:Cuc:08
fj660444DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir:T55X:Cuc:08
fj668379DNA-B, Iranian Kernan isolate
fj931537DNA-A, Varanasi pumpkin isolate
fn555137Coat protein AV1, Faisalabad Memordica isolate
fn555138TrAP protein AC2, Faisalabad Memordica isolate
fr851930DNA-B, Punjab isolate (defective)
fr856888DNA-B, Punjab Vehari isolate (defective)
gq225738Coat protein AV1 isolate PUM:08:1
gu253914AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Lakhimpur cucurbit isolate
hq848383AC2 and AC3 proteins, Lucknow Jatropha isolate
jf501719DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir:T13X:Me:06
jf501720DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir:T65X:Cuc:08
jf501721DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir:T56X:Cuc:08
jf501722DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir:T63X:Cuc:08
jf501723DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir:T61X:Cuc:08
jf501724DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir:T5X:Cuc:07
jf501725DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Ira:M4P:Mel:09
jf501726DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Bar:B908P:bea:10
jf501727DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir:K1P:Squ:09
jf501728DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Kha:W9P:Wat:10
jq825226DNA-A, Iranian isolate IR:Jir:T69P:Cuc:08
kc456161DNA-A, isolate Punjab
kc456162DNA-B, isolate Punjab

Tomato leaf curl Patna virus ()
eu862323Complete sequence, Patna tomato isolate
gu253915Complete sequence, Lucknow tobacco isolate
gu440580Complete sequence, Lucknow cotton isolate
hq848381AC2 and AC3 proteins, Lucknow Jatropha isolate
jn381198Coat protein, Indian isolate JM-AS-1

Tomato leaf curl Philippines virus (ToLCPV)
ab050597Complete sequence, Philippines isolate
ab307731Complete sequence, Laguna isolate
ab377111Complete sequence, Laguna1 isolate
ab377112Complete sequence, Laguna2 isolate
ab377113Complete sequence, Los Banos L3 isolate
af136222Complete sequence, Los Banos 1 isolate
dq092867Complete sequence, San Leonardo isolate
eu295549Slightly incomplete sequence, isolate Bukidnon 42
eu295550Complete sequence, isolate Bulacan 31
eu295552Complete sequence, isolate Ilocos 42
eu295553Complete sequence, isolate Laguna 21
eu295555Complete sequence, isolate Nueva Viscaya 13
eu487026Complete sequence, Philippines (Nueva Ecija) tomato isolate P2
eu487027Complete sequence, Philippines (Nueva Ecija) tomato isolate P7
eu487028Complete sequence, Philippines (Pangasinan) tomato isolate P20
eu487029Complete sequence, Philippines (Benguet) tomato isolate P36
eu487030Complete sequence, Philippines (Benguet) tomato isolate P41
eu487032Complete sequence, Philippines (Laguna) tomato isolate P77
eu487034Complete sequence, Philippines (Laguna) tomato isolate P93
eu487035Complete sequence, Philippines (Laguna) tomato isolate P96
eu487036Complete sequence, Philippines (Laguna) tomato isolate P101
eu487037Complete sequence, Philippines (Laguna) tomato isolate P102
eu487038Complete sequence, Philippines (Laguna) pepper isolate P108
eu487039Complete sequence, Philippines (Batangas) tomato isolate P115
eu487040Complete sequence, Philippines (Batangas) tomato isolate P118

Tomato leaf curl Pune virus (ToLCPuV)
ay754814Complete sequence, Pune isolate

Tomato leaf curl Rajasthan virus ()
dq339117DNA-A, Rajasthan 2005 isolate

Tomato leaf curl Senegal virus (ToLCSV)
d88800Partial sequence DNA-A including intergenic region, movement protein and most of coat protein

Tomato leaf curl Seychelles virus (ToLCSCV)
am491778Complete sequence, Seychelles Mahe isolate

Tomato leaf curl Sinaloa virus (ToLCSInV)
af040635Coat protein
af110515Coat protein, Costa Rican isolate
aj508781Coat protein, Nicaragua isolate NI3
aj508782DNA-B, Nicaraguan isolate NI1
aj508783DNA-B, Nicaraguan isolate NI2
aj608286DNA-A, Nicaragua isolate NI2
jn408718AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3154
jn408720AC2 and AC3 proteins, Costa Rican isolate 07-3223

Tomato leaf curl Sri Lanka virus (ToLCSLV)
af274349DNA-A, Sri Lanka, Bandarawela isolate

Tomato leaf curl Sudan virus (ToLCSDV)
ay044137Complete sequence, isolate Gezira 1
ay044139Complete sequence, isolate Shambat
ef110891Complete sequence, Yemen isolate
gu180085Complete sequence, Wad Madani isolate
he819244Complete sequence, Oman isolate Manah
jf919723Complete sequence, Yemeni defective interfering isolate Ye:DI-1
jf919724Complete sequence, Yemeni defective interfering isolate Ye:DI-4
jf919725Complete sequence, Yemeni defective interfering isolate Ye-DI:5
jf919726Complete sequence, Yemeni defective interfering isolate Ye-DI:8
jf919727Complete sequence, Yemeni defective interfering isolate Ye-DI:15
jf919728Complete sequence, Yemeni isolate Tih:tom3:05
jf919729Complete sequence, Yemeni isolate Tih:tom11:05
jf919730Complete sequence, Yemeni isolate Tih:tom12:05
jf919731Complete sequence, Yemeni isolate Tih:tom1:05
jf919732Complete sequence, Yemeni isolate Tih:tom5:05
jf919733Complete sequence, Yemeni isolate Had:tob20:89
jf919734Complete sequence, Yemeni isolate Had:tob40:89
jn591385Complete sequence, Oman isolate Mir1
jn591386Complete sequence, Oman isolate Mir2

Tomato leaf curl Sulawesi virus ()
fj237614Complete sequence, Indonesian isolate FI01No1-2
fj237615Complete sequence, Indonesian isolate FI04-1No1-1
fj237616Complete sequence, Indonesian isolate FI05No1-3
fj237617Complete sequence, Indonesian isolate FI08No1-1
fj237618Complete sequence, Indonesian isolate FI09No1
fj237619Complete sequence, Indonesian isolate FI013No1-2
fj237620Complete sequence, Indonesian isolate FI014No5

Tomato leaf curl Taiwan virus (ToLCTWV)
am698099Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ23
am698100Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ24
am698101Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ25
am698102Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ26
am698103Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ27
am698104Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ28
am698105Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ15
am698106Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ17
am698107Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ18
am698108Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ19
am698109Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ21
am698110Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ22
am698111Complete sequence, Chinese isolate ZJ16
am698112Complete sequence, Chinese isolate ZJ20
am698113Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ11
am698114Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ12
am698115Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ13
am698116Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ14
dq237918Complete sequence, Chinese Guangdong isolate BS
dq866122Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate FD2-2
dq866123Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate GT6-4
dq866125Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate Ch1
dq866126Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate C1
dq866127Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate T1
dq866128Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate LJC14-2
dq866129Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate HT7
dq866130Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate KD
ef457935Intergenic region with AC4 protein and movement protein AV2, Taiwan isolate PT4737-8
ef457936Intergenic region with AC4 protein and movement protein AV2, Taiwan isolate 87-1
eu624503Complete sequence, Hong Kong isolate HKT1
fn256292Complete sequence, Chinese Zhejiang tomato isolate ZJWZ5
gu723708Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate NT1-1
gu723709Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate NT1-4
gu723710Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate LY5
gu723711Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate 15-7
gu723712Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate J1-8
gu723713Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate 87-1
gu723714Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate YL7-1
gu723715Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate YL7-8
gu723716Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate LS5
gu723717Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate LS8
gu723718Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate NH10-6-1
gu723719Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate NH10-6-6
gu723720Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate YL10-3-1
gu723721Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate H7-1
gu723722Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate H7-3
gu723723Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate H8-1
gu723724Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate H8-5
gu723725Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate H9-1
gu723726Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate H4-2
gu723727Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate T3-3
gu723728Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate T3-6
gu723729Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate T2-1
gu723730Complete sequence, Taiwan isolate T2-4
jq867093Complete sequence, Chinese isolate NS1
jq867094Complete sequence, Chinese isolate PY1
jx128094Complete sequence, isolate YG1
jx128095Complete sequence, isolate JF01
jx128096Complete sequence, isolate BY01
jx128097Complete sequence, isolate ZLT01
jx128098Complete sequence, isolate ZC01
jx982137Complete sequence, isolate XN01
u88692Complete sequence, clone pTW1

Tomato leaf curl Tanzania virus (ToLCTZV)
u73498Partial sequence DNA-A including intergenic region and movement protein, isolate Tanzania 1

Tomato leaf curl Toliara virus ()
am701768Complete sequence, Madagascar:Menabe, Miandrivazo isolate

Tomato leaf curl Uganda virus (ToLCUV)
dq127170DNA-A, Iganga isolate

Tomato leaf curl Vietnam virus (ToLCVV)
af264063Complete sequence, Co Nhue-Tu Liem-Hanol isolate
dq641705Complete sequence, Hanoi tomato isolate
eu189149Complete sequence, Vietnamese isolate DX2
eu368372Complete sequence, isolate HA
gq246940Complete sequence, isolate Hai Duong 120
gq246941Complete sequence, isolate Haiphong 23
gq338765Complete sequence, isolate Trang Mong
gq338767Complete sequence, isolate Hanoi 103
gq338768Complete sequence, isolate Haiduong 122
hq162269Complete sequence, isolate Vietnam/Hanoi/tomato/2010

Tomato leaf curl virus (ToLCV)
af084006Complete sequence, isolate D1
af084007Complete sequence, Australian isolate D2
aj810340Coat protein, Indian New Delhi, Alipur pepper isolate 1
aj810341Coat protein, Indian Assam tomato isolate 2
aj810342Coat protein, Indian Aurangabad tomato isolate 3
aj810343Coat protein, Indian Aziznagar tomato isolate 4
aj810344Coat protein, Indian Belgaum tomato isolate 5
aj810345Coat protein, Indian Belgaum tomato isolate 6
aj810346Coat protein, Indian Belgaum tomato isolate 7
aj810347Coat protein, Indian Belgaum parthenium isolate 8
aj810348Coat protein, Indian Calcutta tomato isolate 9
aj810349Coat protein, Indian Coimbatore tomato isolate 10
aj810350Coat protein, Indian Coimbatore tomato isolate 11
aj810351Coat protein, Indian Icrisat tomato isolate 12
aj810352Coat protein, Indian Idigapalli tomato isolate 13
aj810353Coat protein, Indian Kannur tomato isolate 14
aj810354Coat protein, Indian Kotapalli tomato isolate 15
aj810355Coat protein, Indian Kotapalli tomato isolate 16
aj810356Coat protein, Indian Nasik tomato isolate 17
aj810357Coat protein, Indian Panipat malvastrum isolate 18
aj810358Coat protein, Indian Patna tomato isolate 19
aj810359Coat protein, Indian Pune tomato isolate 20
aj810360Coat protein, Indian Pune tomato isolate 21
aj810361Coat protein, Indian Ranibennur tomato isolate 22
aj810362Coat protein, Indian Ranibennur tomato isolate 23
aj810363Coat protein, Indian Ranibennur tomato isolate 24
aj810364Coat protein, Indian Roht tomato isolate 25
aj810365Coat protein, Indian Roht tomato isolate 26
aj810366Coat protein, Indian Thrissur, Kerala tomato isolate 27
aj810367Coat protein, Indian Kerala ageratum isolate 28
aj810368Coat protein, Indian Tirupathi, Andhra pradesh tomato isolate 29
aj810369Coat protein, Indian Maderahalli, karnataka tomato isolate 30
aj810370Coat protein, Indian Janti tomato isolate 31
aj810371Coat protein, Indian Tirupathi tomato isolate 32
aj810372Coat protein, Indian Patna cowpea isolate 33
ay690431Coat protein, Indian Chinthappalli isolate
ay691899Coat protein, Indian Coimbatore isolate
ay691900Coat protein, Indian Jabalpur isolate
ay691901Coat protein, Indian Jobner isolate
ay691902Coat protein, Indian Varanasi isolate
ay838895Coat protein, Indian Maharastra isolate
dq343284Coat protein, soybean isolate
dq365829AC4 protein, Indian isolate IARI
dq987481AC2 protein, Dharwad isolate
eu263016Coat protein, Lucknow mint isolate MV3
fj002571Coat protein, Indian Mentha isolate MS-6
hm134229Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Panipat-7
hm134234Coat protein, Indian papaya isolate Najafgrah-2
jx075186Coat protein, isolate South Korea:Chungnam:Buyeo:Tomato(8):2012
kc222952Coat protein AV1, isolate Hyderabad
kc222953Coat protein AV1, isolate Guntur
kc222954Coat protein AV1, isolate Pune
kc253231Coat protein, Indian isolate YSPDBT-1206
s53251Complete sequence, Australian isolate, Dry et al., 1993

Tomato leaf deformation virus ()
gq334472Complete sequence, isolate PE:PT1:To:03
jx501502Complete sequence, isolate PA98-1-1
jx501503Complete sequence, isolate PA98-2-1
jx501504Complete sequence, isolate PA210-3
jx501505Complete sequence, isolate PA10-S8
jx501506Complete sequence, isolate PA10-S9
jx501507Complete sequence, isolate PA98-2-TM8
jx501508Complete sequence, isolate PA98-2-TM13
jx501509Complete sequence, isolate PA98-2-TM5
jx501510Complete sequence, isolate EA-LE3-5K
kc237066C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PT3:2003
kc237067C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PT4:2003
kc237068C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PT6:2003
kc237069C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PT9:2008
kc237070C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PT10:2008
kc237071C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PT11:2008
kc237072C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P2:2009
kc237073C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P4:2009
kc237074C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P5:2009
kc237075C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P17:2009
kc237076C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P22:2009
kc237077C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P24:2009
kc237078C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P29:2009
kc237079C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P91:2009
kc237080C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P92:2009
kc237081C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P97:2009
kc237082C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P110:2009
kc237083C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P111:2009
kc237084C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P121:2009
kc237085C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P122:2009
kc237086C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P123:2009
kc237087C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P127:2009
kc237088C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P130:2009
kc237089C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P132:2009
kc237090C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P134:2009
kc237091C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P135:2009
kc237092C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P138:2009
kc237093C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P148:2009
kc237094C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P150:2009
kc237095C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P154:2009
kc237096C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P175:2009
kc237097C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P176:2009
kc237098C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P177:2009
kc237099C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P178:2009
kc237100C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P180:2009
kc237101C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P181:2009
kc237102C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P182:2009
kc237103C4 protein, Peruvian isolate P184:2009
kc237104C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PE4:2010
kc237105C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PE5:2010
kc237106C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PE6:2010
kc237107C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PE7:2010
kc237108C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PE12:2010
kc237109C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PE14:2010
kc237110C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PE63:2010
kc237111C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PE64:2010
kc237112C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PE65:2010
kc237113C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PE75:2010
kc237114C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PE76:2010
kc237115C4 protein, Peruvian isolate PE77:2010

Tomato leaf distortion virus (ToLDV)
eu710749DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda4:05
kc706605DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda47:05

Tomato mild leaf curl virus ()
dq336352DNA-B, Brazlian isolate Uberlandia3:1996

Tomato mild mosaic virus (ToMMV)
eu710752DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda58:05
eu710753DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda58:05
jx871374DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic6:10
jx871375DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic7:10
kc706606DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic17.1:10
kc706607DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic17.2:10
kc706608DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic19:10
kc706609DNA-B, isolate BR:Vic14:10
kc706610DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda59:05
kc706611DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda60:05
kc706612DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda59:05
kc706613DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda60:05
kc706614DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda1:05

Tomato mild yellow leaf curl Aragua virus (ToMYLCV)
ay927277DNA-A, Venezuelan isolate V10
ef547938DNA-B, Venezuelan isolate V10
jn368145DNA-A, Euphorbia mosaic Venezuela isolate Aragua Eu1
jn368146DNA-B, Euphorbia mosaic Venezuela isolate Aragua Eu1

Tomato mosaic Havana virus (ToMHV)
ef088197DNA-A, Nicaraguan tomato isolate
y14874DNA-A, Quivican
y14875DNA-B, Quivican

Tomato mottle Argentina virus ()
jq714137DNA-A, isolate Ar:Pichanal:400
jq714138DNA-B, isolate Ar:Pichanal:400

Tomato mottle leaf curl virus (ToMoLCV)
ay049211Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region, AC4 protein and coat protein, isolate PB-Cg3
ay049212Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region and AC4 protein, isolate BA-Ju1
ay049215Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region and AC4 protein, isolate PE-Pt3
ay049216Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region and AC4 protein, isolate PE-Pq2
ay049217Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region and AC4 protein, isolate PE-Pt1
ay049219Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region and AC4 protein, isolate PE-Pt2
ay049221Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region, AC4 protein and coat protein, isolate PE-Pt6
ay049222Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region, AC4 protein and coat protein, isolate PE-Pt5
ay049224Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region, AC4 protein and coat protein, isolate PB-Cg2
ay049225Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region, AC4 protein and coat protein, isolate PE-Pt7
ay049226Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region, AC4 protein and coat protein, isolate PB-Cg1
ay049227Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region and AC4 protein, isolate RN-Mo1
jf803246DNA-A, isolate DF[BR:PADFM:04]
jf803247DNA-A, isolate DF[BR:PA2143:04]
jf803248DNA-A, isolate DF[BR:Turv2911:04]
jf803249DNA-A, isolate DF[BR:Turv2904:04]
jf803250DNA-A, isolate PE[BR:Juaz2586:04]
jf803251DNA-A, isolate PE[BR:Bez2665:04]
jf803264DNA-B, isolate DF[BR:PADFM:04]
kc706615DNA-A, isolate BR:Jai13:08
kc706616DNA-A, isolate BR:Jai56:08

Tomato mottle Taino virus (ToMoTV)
af012300DNA-A, Cuban isolate
af012301DNA-B, Cuban isolate
aj563919Replication protein AC1, intergenic region and coat protein AV1, Cuban Boyeros isolate

Tomato mottle virus (ToMoV)
ay965900DNA-A, Puerto Rico isolate
ay965901DNA-B, Puerto Rico isolate
dq865248Coat protein, Yucatan isolate
l02618Nuclear shuttle protein BV1, clone pTFB-1
l14460DNA-A, Florida isolate
l14461DNA-B, Florida isolate
m90495Replication protein AC1, Florida B1 isolate

Tomato rugose mosaic virus (ToRMV)
af291705DNA-A, Brazilian Uberlandia isolate
af291706DNA-B, Brazilian Uberlandia isolate

Tomato rugose yellow leaf curl virus ()
jn381813DNA-A, isolate U1, clone 1
jn381814DNA-B, isolate U1, clone 3
jn381815DNA-A, isolate U1, clone 2
jn381816DNA-B, isolate U1, clone 4
jn381817DNA-B, isolate U1, clone 5
jn381818DNA-B, isolate U1, clone 6
jn381819DNA-A, isolate U2, clone 1
jn381820DNA-B, isolate U2, clone 2
jn381821DNA-A, isolate U3, clone 1
jn381822DNA-B, isolate U3, clone 2
jn381823DNA-A, isolate U4, clone 1
jn381824DNA-B, isolate U4, clone 2
jn381825DNA-A, isolate U5, clone 1
jn381826DNA-B, isolate U5, clone 3
jn381827DNA-A, isolate U5, clone 2
jn381828DNA-B, isolate U5, clone 4
jn381829DNA-B, isolate U5, clone 5
kc132844DNA-A, Argentine isolate MT8

Tomato severe leaf curl virus (ToSLCV)
af130415DNA-A, Guatemala isolate GT96-1
aj508784DNA-A, Nicaraguan isolate NI1
aj508785DNA-A, Nicaraguan isolate NI2
dq347946DNA-A, Mexican isolate Rioverde-SLP1
dq347947DNA-A, Mexican isolate Rioverde-SLP2
jn676151DNA-A, Mexican isolate SLP3
jn680352DNA-A, Mexican Huasteca isolate

Tomato severe mosaic virus ()
ay049207Partial sequence DNA-A, including intergenic region and AC4 protein, isolate MG-Ig2

Tomato severe rugose virus (ToSRV)
ay029750DNA-A, Brazilian Minas Gerais isolate
dq207749DNA-A, Brazilian pepper isolate Petrolina de Goias
ef534708DNA-B, Brazilian pepper isolate Petrolina de Goias Baccatum-9
eu086591DNA-A, Brazilian Sumare strain
eu600238Intergenic region DNA-A with AC4 protein, Brazilian potato isolate IAC
fj824808DNA-A, Brazilian isolate PJU-Sao Paulo
gu358449DNA-B, Brazilian Sumare strain
hq606467DNA-A, Brazilian isolate Pi-1
hq606468DNA-B, Brazilian isolate Pi-1
jf803260DNA-A, isolate MG[BR:Pip1696:03]
jf803261DNA-A, isolate MG[BR:Pip1792:03]
jf803262DNA-A, isolate MG[BR:Ind2857:04]
jf803263DNA-A, isolate DF[BR:PADFM:04]
jx415188DNA-A, isolate [BR:GO:Goi1646:03]
jx415190DNA-A, isolate [BR:768Cro3a:08]
jx415193DNA-A, isolate [BR:768Tom8b:08]
jx415196DNA-A, isolate [BR:780Tom3:08]
jx415197DNA-A, isolate [BR:1646Nic1:08]
jx415198DNA-A, isolate [BR:1646Tom4a:08]
jx415199DNA-A, isolate [BR:1646Tom4b:08]
jx415201DNA-A, isolate [BR:3539Tom8a:09]
jx415202DNA-A, isolate [BR:3539Tom8b:09]
jx865615DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic01:09
jx865616DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic02:09
jx865617DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic03:09
jx865618DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic04:09
jx865619DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic05:09
jx865620DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic06:10
jx865621DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic07:10
jx865622DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic08:10
jx865623DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic09:10
jx865624DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic010:10
jx865625DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic11:10
jx865626DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic12:09
jx865627DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic13:09
jx865628DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic14:09
jx865629DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic15:09
jx865630DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic17:10
jx865631DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic18:10
jx865632DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic19:10
jx865633DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic20:10
jx865634DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic21:09
jx865635DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic22:09
jx865636DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic23:10
jx865637DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic24:10
jx865638DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic25:10
jx865639DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic26:09
jx865640DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic27:09
jx865641DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic28:09
jx865642DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic29:10
jx865643DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic30:10
jx865644DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic31:10
jx865645DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic32:10
jx865646DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic33:10
jx865647DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic34:10
jx865648DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic35:10
jx865649DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic36:10
jx865650DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic40:10
kc004068DNA-A, isolate BR:Jai125:08
kc004069DNA-A, isolate BR:Jai127:08
kc004070DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo165:08
kc004071DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo202:08
kc004072DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo203:08
kc004073DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo206:08
kc004074DNA-A, isolate BR:Flo208:08
kc004075DNA-A, isolate BR:Car214:08
kc004076DNA-A, isolate BR:Car218.1:08
kc004077DNA-A, isolate BR:Car219.10:08
kc004078DNA-A, isolate BR:Car220:08
kc004079DNA-A, isolate BR:Car224:08
kc004080DNA-A, isolate BR:Car226.3:08
kc004081DNA-A, isolate BR:Car227:08
kc004082DNA-A, isolate BR:Car228:08
kc004083DNA-A, isolate BR:Car230:08
kc004084DNA-A, isolate BR:Car232:08
kc004085DNA-A, isolate BR:Car233:08
kc004086DNA-A, isolate BR:Car235:08
kc004087DNA-A, isolate BR:Car236.1:08
kc004088DNA-A, isolate BR:Car237.6:08
kc004089DNA-A, isolate BR:Car238:08
kc004090DNA-A, isolate BR:Vic25:10
kc706617DNA-A, isolate BR:Car218.3:08
kc706618DNA-A, isolate BR:Car221:08
kc706619DNA-A, isolate BR:Car226.5:08
kc706620DNA-A, isolate BR:Car237:08
kc706621DNA-B, isolate BR:Car217.6:08
kc706622DNA-B, isolate BR:Car223:08
kc706623DNA-B, isolate BR:Car234.5:08
kc706624DNA-B, isolate BR:Car237:08
kc706625DNA-B, isolate BR:Car235:08
kc706626DNA-B, isolate BR:Car237.6:08
kc706627DNA-B, isolate BR:Car238:08

Tomato yellow distortion leaf virus (ToYDLV)
fj174698DNA-A, Cuban isolate
fj999999DNA-B. Cuban isolate
he806439DNA-B, Cuban isolate 03B_1_C1208
he806441DNA-B, Cuban isolate 03B_ClB1
jq425075DNA-A, Cuban isolate Ad

Tomato yellow leaf curl Axarquia virus (TYLCAxV)
ay227892Complete sequence, isolate Es-mh800
jn859138Complete sequence, isolate Portugal:Algarve 38:Solanum nigrum:2002

Tomato yellow leaf curl China virus (TYLCCNV)
af186752Defective DNA, isolate I
af186753Defective DNA, isolate II
af311734Complete sequence
aj319674Complete sequence, Yunnan tobacco Y5 isolate
aj319675Complete sequence, Yunnan tobacco Y10 isolate
aj319676Complete sequence, Yunnan tobacco Y11 isolate
aj319677Complete sequence, Yunnan tobacco Y8 isolate
aj320074Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y4
aj320075Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y6
aj420316Complete sequence, Yunnan tobacco Y36 isolate
aj420317Complete sequence, Yunnan tobacco Y38 isolate
aj457823Complete sequence, Yunnan tobacco Y64 isolate
aj457985Complete sequence, Yunnan isolate Y25
aj512754Movement protein AV2 and coat protein, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y43
aj512755Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y45
aj512756Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y87
aj512757Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y92
aj514313Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tomato isolate Y24
aj514314Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tomato isolate Y26
aj514315Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tomato isolate Y27
aj781302Complete sequence, Yunnan isolate Y43
aj784151Defective subgenomic DNA, isolate Y10 clone 1
aj784152Defective subgenomic DNA, isolate Y10 clone 2
aj971319AC2 and AC3 proteins, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y190
aj971320AC2 and AC3 proteins, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y195
aj971321AC2 and AC3 proteins, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y198
aj971322AC2 and AC3 proteins, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y205
aj971323AC2 and AC3 proteins, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y206
aj971324AC2 and AC3 proteins, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y249
aj971325AC2 and AC3 proteins, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y251
aj971326AC2 and AC3 proteins, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y299
aj971327AC2 and AC3 proteins, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y300
aj971328AC2 and AC3 proteins, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y301
aj971329AC2 and AC3 proteins, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y302
aj971330AC2 and AC3 proteins, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y303
aj971486Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Siegesbeckia isolate Y253
aj971487Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Siegesbeckia isolate Y254
aj971488Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Siegesbeckia isolate Y255
aj971489Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Siegesbeckia isolate Y284
aj971490Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Siegesbeckia isolate Y285
aj971491Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Siegesbeckia isolate Y286
aj971514Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y190
aj971515Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y194
aj971516Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y195
aj971517Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y198
aj971518Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y205
aj971519Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y299
aj971520Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y300
aj971521Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y301
aj971522Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y302
aj971523Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Malvastrum isolate Y303
am050555Complete sequence, Chinese Guangxi tobacco isolate G102
am051086Movement protein AV2, Vietnamese Caobang tobacco leaf curl isolate
am181683Complete sequence, Solanum aculeatissimum isolate Y322
am260701Complete sequence, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y231
am260702Complete sequence, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y244
am260703Complete sequence, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y295
am261326Complete sequence, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y264
am261839Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y231
am261840Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y238
am261841Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y240
am261842Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y241
am261843Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y244
am261844Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y248
am261845Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y261
am261846Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y262
am261847Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y263
am261848Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y264
am261849Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y265
am261850Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y266
am261851Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y268
am261852Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y318
am261853Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y319
am261854Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y320
am261855Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate Y321
am261856Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Solanum aculeatissimum isolate Y322
am261857Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Siegesbeckia isolate Y323
am261858Movement protein AV2, Yunnan Siegesbeckia isolate Y324
am261861Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tomato isolate Y297
am261862Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tomato isolate Y298
am980509Complete sequence, Malvastrum isolate Y278
d88773Movement protein AV2
dq206962Movement protein AV2, Yunnan tobacco isolate
dq256460Complete sequence, Chinese Yunnan bean isolate YM
ef011559Complete sequence, Chinese Datura isolate YN72
ef011561Movement protein AV2, Chinese Datura isolate YN72 from 2005
eu365686Complete sequence, isolate Dali198
fn985163Complete sequence, Chinese Xinjiang isolate XJ26-4
gu199588Complete sequence, Chinese tomato isolate SC65 clone A-3
gu199591Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SC65 clone 8
hf674922Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate GX0104-3
jf681150AC2 and AC3 proteins, Chinese tobacco isolate JX-4
jf681152AC2 and AC3 proteins, Chinese tobacco isolate JX-6
jf681153AC2 and AC3 proteins, Chinese tobacco isolate LeY-1
jf681154AC2 and AC3 proteins, Chinese tobacco isolate LY-1
jf681156AC2 and AC3 proteins, Chinese tobacco isolate JX-1
jf681157AC2 and AC3 proteins, Chinese tobacco isolate DB-1
jx679251Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SC176
jx679252Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SC226-8
kc189893Complete sequence, isolate SC44
kc456665Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SC44-9
kc456666Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SC327-39

Tomato yellow leaf curl Dan Xa virus (TYLCDXV)
eu189150DNA-A, Vietnamese isolate DX1

Tomato yellow leaf curl Guangdong virus (TYLCGuV)
ay602166Complete sequence, Chinese Guangdong isolate G3
gq169042Complete sequence, isolate G32

Tomato yellow leaf curl Indonesia virus (TYLCIDV)
af189018DNA-A, Lembang isolate

Tomato yellow leaf curl Kanchanaburi virus (TYLCKaV)
af511527DNA-B, Thailand eggplant Kan2 isolate
af511528DNA-B, Thailand tomato Kan1 isolate
af511529DNA-A, Thailand tomato Kan1 isolate
af511530DNA-A, Thailand eggplant Kan2 isolate
dq169054DNA-A, Vietnam tomato isolate
dq169055DNA-B, Vietnam tomato isolate
dq641702DNA-A, Vietnamese Binhduong eggplant isolate

Tomato yellow leaf curl Malaga virus (TYLCMalV)
af271234Complete sequence, Malaga isolate ES42199
jn859135Complete sequence, isolate Portugal:Algarve 2:2001
jn859137Complete sequence, isolate Portugal:Algarve 6:2001

Tomato yellow leaf curl Mali virus (TYLCMLV)
ay502934Complete sequence, Mali isolate
dq358913Complete sequence, Ethiopian isolate AFLEP2-3-19
eu847740Complete sequence, Ghana Kumasi isolate
fm212660Complete sequence, isolate Cameroon:Gashiga:Pepper1:2007
fm212661Complete sequence, isolate Cameroon:Gashiga:Pepper2:2007
fm212662Complete sequence, isolate Cameroon:Gashiga:Tomato1:2007
fm212663Complete sequence, isolate Cameroon:Gashiga:Tomato2:2007

Tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus (TYLCSV)
aj519675Complete sequence, Gran Canaria isolate U83-8
am176565Movement protein and partial coat protein, Moroccan isolate Saidia:2001
ay702650Complete sequence, Murcia strain isolate from Morocco
ay736854Complete sequence, Sicily strain, Tunisia Bkalta isolate
dq845787Complete sequence, Israel isolate
gu951759Complete sequence, isolate IT:Sic:04
jn859134Complete sequence, isolate Portugal:Algarve 2:2001
jn859136Complete sequence, isolate Portugal:Algarve 6:2001
jx131285Complete sequence, Jordanian isolate
l27708Complete sequence, Spanish Almeria isolate
x61153Complete sequence, Kheyr-Prour et al., 1991
z25751Complete sequence, Spanish Murcia isolate
z28390Complete sequence, Sicily isolate
z86067Movement protein and partial coat protein, Spanish isolate clone 44
z86068Movement protein and partial coat protein, Spanish isolate clone 59

Tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand virus (TYLCTHV)
af141897DNA-B, Attathom et al., 1994
af141922DNA-A, Attathom et al., 1994
af206674DNA-A, Myanmar isolate
aj495812DNA-A, Chinese Yunnan isolate Y72
aj514316Movement protein AV2, isolate Y70
aj514317Movement protein AV2, isolate Y71
aj514318Movement protein AV2, isolate Y79
aj514319Movement protein AV2, isolate Y77
aj514320Movement protein AV2, isolate Y80
aj514321Movement protein and coat protein, isolate Y73
ay514630DNA-A, Chiang Mai isolate
ay514631DNA-A, Nong Khai isolate
ay514632DNA-A, Sakon Nakhon isolate
ay514633DNA-B, Chiang Mai isolate
ay514634DNA-B, Nong Khai isolate
ay514635DNA-B, Sakon Nakhon isolate
ay633750Coat protein AV1, Thailand tobacco Kamphaensaen isolate
dq871220DNA-B, Thai isolate AIT
dq871222DNA-A, Thai isolate AIT
ef457929Intergenic region with AC4 protein and movement protein AV2, Taiwan isolate 1-1
ef457930Intergenic region with non-functional AC4 protein and movement protein AV2, Taiwan isolate 5-1
ef457931Intergenic region with AC4 protein and movement protein AV2, Taiwan isolate 65-1
ef457932Intergenic region with AC4 protein and movement protein AV2, Taiwan isolate 71-1
ef457933Intergenic region with AC4 protein and movement protein AV2, Taiwan isolate CK1
ef457934Intergenic region with AC4 protein and movement protein AV2, Taiwan isolate YS1
ef577264DNA-A, Taiwan isolate CK18
ef577265DNA-B, Taiwan isolate CK18
ef577266DNA-A, Taiwan isolate LY3
ef577267DNA-B, Taiwan isolate LY3
eu249457DNA-A, Tainan pepper isolate clone AFP2-4
eu249458DNA-B, Tainan pepper isolate clone BFP2-4
fj687387Coat protein AV1, Thailand isolate pepper:Nakhon Pathom:2008
fj687389Coat protein AV1, Thailand isolate soybean:Chiang Mai:2008
gu208515DNA-A, Taiwan pepper isolate LG6-2
gu208516DNA-A, Taiwan pepper isolate LJ3-5
gu208517DNA-A, Taiwan pepper isolate SG4-3
gu208518DNA-A, Taiwan pepper isolate HW2-2
gu208519DNA-B, Taiwan pepper isolate LG6-2
gu208520DNA-B, Taiwan pepper isolate LJ3-5
gu208521DNA-B, Taiwan pepper isolate SG4-3
gu208522DNA-B, Taiwan pepper isolate HW2-2
gu723731DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate TP6-5
gu723732DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate HSG5-3
gu723733DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate HSG1-6
gu723734DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate HS3-1
gu723735DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate NT3-5
gu723736DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate NT4-1
gu723737DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate NT5-4
gu723738DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate NT1-3
gu723739DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate J2-6
gu723740DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate J8-2
gu723741DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate LY2
gu723742DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate LY5
gu723743DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate TM32
gu723744DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate 1-1
gu723745DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate PT4-1
gu723746DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate PY2-7
gu723747DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate PT3-7
gu723748DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate H5-5
gu723749DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate H6-4
gu723750DNA-A, Taiwan tomato isolate TC2
gu723751DNA-B, Taiwan tomato isolate CK2
gu723752DNA-B, Taiwan tomato isolate D8
gu723753DNA-B, Taiwan tomato isolate LY2
gu723754DNA-B, Taiwan tomato isolate LY5
gu723755DNA-B, Taiwan tomato isolate TM32
hf674923Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate YNT-1
hf674924Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate YNT-2
hf674925Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate YNT-3
x63015DNA-A, Rochester et al., 1994
x63016DNA-B, Rochester et al., 1994

Tomato yellow leaf curl Vietnam virus (TYLCVNV)
dq641697DNA-A, Vietnamese Hanoi tomato isolate

Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV)
ab014346Complete sequence, Japanese Shizuoka strain
ab014347Complete sequence, Japanese Aichi strain
ab110217Complete sequence, Japanese strain Ng
ab110218Complete sequence, Japanese strain Sz
ab116629Complete sequence, Japanese strain Miy
ab116630Complete sequence, Japanese strain Omu
ab116631Complete sequence, Japanese strain Mis
ab116632Complete sequence, Japanese strain SzY
ab116633Complete sequence, Japanese strain Atu
ab116634Complete sequence, Japanese strain Kis
ab116635Complete sequence, Japanese strain SzD
ab116636Complete sequence, Japanese strain SzOs
ab192965Complete sequence, Japanese isolate Tosa
ab192966Complete sequence, Japanese isolate Tosa(H)
ab363566Complete sequence, Japanese Tomigusuku isolate
ab439841Complete sequence, Japanese Tochigi isolate
ab439842Complete sequence, Japanese Tokai isolate
ab613208Complete sequence, South Korean isolate IS
ab613209Complete sequence, South Korean isolate NS
ab636264Complete sequence, South Korean strain YS
ab636409Complete sequence, South Korean isolate TYLCV-GJ
ab636410Complete sequence, South Korean isolate TYLCV-CJ-cgh
ab636411Complete sequence, South Korean isolate TYLCV-CJ-Ljs
ab636412Complete sequence, South Korean isolate TYLCV-CJ-Kdo
ab669434Complete sequence, South Korean strain CC
ab730586AC3 protein and most of coat protein, Japanese Kure isolate
af024715Complete sequence, Dominican Republic isolate
af071228Complete sequence, Spanish isolate Sp7297
af105975Complete sequence, Portuguese strain
aj132711Complete sequence, Iranian isolate
aj223505Complete sequence, Cuban isolate
aj489258Complete sequence, Spanish Almeria isolate
aj519441Complete sequence, Spanish isolate CB1/99
aj812277Complete sequence, Turkish isolate Mersin 1
aj842306Movement protein V2, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 2004-1
aj842307Movement protein V2, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 2004-2
aj842308Movement protein V2, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 2004-3
aj842309C4 protein, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 2004-1
aj842310C4 protein, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 2004-2
aj842311C4 protein, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 2004-3
aj842312C4 protein, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 1997
aj865337Complete sequence, mild strain Reunion isolate
am156863Coat protein AV1, Thailand Passiflora isolate HD
am176566Movement protein V2, Moroccan isolate Berkane:2001
am176567Movement protein V2, Moroccan isolate Meknes:2002
am176568Movement protein V2, Moroccan isolate Agadir:1999
am282874Complete sequence, Shanghai isolate
am282875Movement protein V2, Shanghai isolate
am409201Complete sequence, Reunion isolate RE4
am498061Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate APIFA
am498062Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 00_1
am498063Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 00_1
am498064Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 97_1
am498065Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 00_1
am498066Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 01_2
am498067Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Piton Saint Leu 01_1
am498068Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 01_2b
am498069Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 98_1a
am498070Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 01_1
am498071Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Bassin Martin
am498072Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Etang Sale 01_2
am498073Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Etang sale
am498074Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 01_2
am498075Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 01_3
am498076Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Piton Saint Leu
am498077Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 01_2
am498078Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Ravine des cabris
am498079Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Ravine des Cabris
am498080Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Etang Sale 02_2
am498081Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Etang Sale 02_1
am498082Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 02_1
am498083Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 02_2
am498084Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Louis 02_1
am498085Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 02_3
am498086Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Ravine des Cabris
am498087Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Ravine des Cabris 03_1
am498088Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Etang Sale 03_2
am498089Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 03_1
am498090Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 03_2
am498091Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 03_3
am498092Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Ravine des Cabris 03_4
am498093Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 03_1
am498094Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Etang Sale
am498095Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 98_2
am498096Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Louis 04_2a
am498097Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Louis 04_1a
am498098Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 97_2
am498099Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 97_3
am498100Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre
am498101Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 98_1
am498102Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles
am498103Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 98_2
am498104Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 97_4
am498105Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 98_3
am498106Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Bassin Martin 03_1
am498107Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Bassin Martin
am498108Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Bassin Martin 03_2
am498109Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Bassin Martin
am498110Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Bassin Martin
am498111Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Bassin Martin
am498112Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Entre Deux
am498113Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Entre Deux
am498114Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Etang Sale 03_1
am498115Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Etang Sale 03_2a
am498116Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Etang Sale 01_3
am498117Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Etang Sale 03_3
am498118Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 98_4
am498119Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 98_5
am498120Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Manapany
am498121Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 04_1
am498122Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 98_2
am498123Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 98_3
am498124Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 98_4
am498125Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 03_4
am498126Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 03_5
am498127Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 04_2
am498128Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 04_3
am498129Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile 98_5
am498130Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Petite ile
am498131Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Piton Saint Leu 03_1
am498132Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Piton Saint Leu 04_1
am498133Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Piton Saint Leu 03_2
am498134Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Piton Saint Leu 04_2
am498135Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Piton Saint Leu
am498136Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Ravine des Cabris
am498137Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Ravine des Cabris 04_2
am498138Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Ravine des Cabris 03_2
am498139Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Ravine des Cabris
am498140Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Ravine des Cabris
am498141Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Ravine des Cabris
am498142Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Ravine des Cabris 03_3
am498143Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 00_2
am498144Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 01_1
am498145Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 01_2a
am498146Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Gilles 03_1a
am498147Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Joseph
am498148Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Joseph
am498149Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Joseph
am498150Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Joseph
am498151Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Louis 04_2
am498152Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Louis 04_1
am498153Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Louis 02_2
am498154Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Louis 03_1
am498155Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Louis
am498156Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 00_1b
am498157Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 97_5
am498158Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 98_6
am498159Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 00_2a
am498160Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 97_6
am498161Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 98_7
am498162Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 00_2
am498163Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 97_7
am498164Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 00_3
am498165Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 97_8
am498166Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 97_9
am498167Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 97_10
am498168Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 97_11
am498169Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre 97_12
am498170Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Saint Pierre
am498171Movement protein AV2, Reunion isolate Tampon
am698117Complete sequence, Chinese isolate ZJ3
am698118Complete sequence, Chinese isolate ZJ6
am698119Complete sequence, Chinese isolate ZJ8
am698120Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ1
am698121Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ2
am698122Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ4
am698123Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ5
am698124Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ7
am698125Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ9
am698126Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJ10
ay044138Complete sequence, isolate Gezira 2
ay134494Complete sequence, Puerto Rico isolate
ay319645Movement protein V2, Guadeloupe isolate
ay319646Coat protein AV1 V1, Guadeloupe isolate
ay530931Complete sequence, Florida isolate
ay594174Complete sequence, Egyptian Ismailia Governate isolate
ay594175Coat protein V1, Replication protein C1 and C4 protein, Jordan mild isolate
dq139329Coat protein AV1, South Carolina tomato isolate
dq144621Complete sequence, Italian isolate 8-4/2004
dq302033Intergenic region with C4 protein and parts of C1, V1 and V2, Venezualan isolate A72L
dq377367Movement protein V2 Mexican Sinaloa isolate
dq631892Complete sequence, Mexican Culiacan isolate
dq644565Complete sequence, Oman Al-Batinah isolate
ef051116Complete sequence, Lebanese isolate Ra3
ef054893Complete sequence, Jordanian isolate
ef054894Complete sequence, Jordanian mild isolate
ef060196Complete sequence, Moroccan isolate
ef101929Complete sequence, Tunisian isolate
ef107520Complete sequence, Egyptian isolate Nob
ef110890Complete sequnece, Texas isolate
ef158044Complete sequence, Jordanian cucumber mild isolate
ef185318Complete sequence, Lebanese isolate LBa4
ef210554Complete sequence, Arizona isolate
ef210555Complete sequence, Mexican Sonora isolate
ef423644AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1S-C.66 400dpi type III
ef423645AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.2 130dpi type IV isolate
ef423646AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.8 130dpi type IV isolate
ef423647AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.11 130dpi type IV isolate
ef423648AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.14 130dpi type IV isolate
ef423649AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.18 13 dpi type IV isolate
ef423650AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.24 130dpi type IV isolate
ef423651AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.30 130dpi type IV isolate
ef423652AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.34 130dpi type IV isolate
ef423653AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.42 130dpi type IV isolate
ef423654AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.6 400dpi type IV isolate
ef423655AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.7 400dpi type IV isolate
ef423656AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.21B 400dpi type IV isolate
ef423657AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.23 400dpi type IV isolate
ef423658AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.25 400dpi type IV isolate
ef423659AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.26 400dpi type IV isolate
ef423660AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.4 400dpi type IV isolate
ef423661AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.20 400dpi type IV isolate
ef423662AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.48 400dpi type IV isolate
ef423663AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmA-C.49 400dpi type IV isolate
ef423664AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmB-C.45 400dpi type IV isolate
ef423665AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmB-C.73 400dpi type IV isolate
ef423666AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmB-C.77 400dpi type IV isolate
ef423667AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1S-C.73 130dpi type V
ef423668AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1S-C.105 130dpi type V
ef423669AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1S-C.120 130dpi type V
ef423670AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1St-C.6 15dpt type V
ef423671AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1St-C.16 15dpt type V
ef423672AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1St-C.34 15dpt type V
ef423673AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1St-C.12 15dpt type V
ef423674AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1S-C.117 400dpi type VI
ef423675AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1S-C.108 400dpi type VI
ef423676AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1S-C.3 400dpi type VII isolate
ef423677AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1S-C.4 400dpi type VII isolate
ef423678AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1S-C.5 400dpi type VII isolate
ef423679AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1S-C.78 400dpi type VII isolate
ef423680AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1S-C.87 400dpi type VII isolate
ef423681AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.7 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423682AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.9 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423683AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.10 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423684AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.11 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423685AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.13 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423686AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.14 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423687AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.19 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423688AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.20 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423689AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.21 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423690AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.33 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423691AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.42 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423692AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.48 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423693AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.49 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423694AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.51 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423695AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.66 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423696AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.73 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423697AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant Ty-1St-C.79 15dpt type VII isolate
ef423698AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1S-C.79 400dpi type VIII
ef423699AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1St-C.21 15dpt type VIII
ef423700AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1St-C.41 15dpt type VIII
ef423701AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1St-C.66 15dpt type VIII
ef423702AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate Ty-1S-C.10 400dpi type IX
ef423703AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate MmA-C.19 130dpi type X
ef423704AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate MmA-C.21 130dpi type X
ef423705AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmB-C.2 400dpi type XI isolate
ef423706AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmB-C.7 400dpi type XI isolate
ef423707AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmB-C.31 400dpi type XI isolate
ef423708AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant MmB-C.115 400dpi type XI isolate
ef428441AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate MmA-C.27 130dpi type XII
ef428442AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate MmA-C.9 400dpi type XII
ef428443AC3 and AC2 proteins, recombinant isolate MmA-C.15 400dpi type XII
ef433426Complete sequence, cucumber isolate
ef490995Movement protein V2 and coat protein V1, Martinique isolate
ef523478Complete sequence, Mexican Sinaloa isolate
ef539831Complete sequence, Californian Brawley isolate
eu031444Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Sh10
eu085423Complete sequence, Iranian strain Ir2
eu143745Complete sequence, Jordanian Homrat Al-Sahen cucumber mild isolate
eu143754Intergenic region and Movement protein AV2, Jordanian squash mild isolate
eu224314Intergenic region and movement protein AV2, Mexican Sinaloa tomatillo isolate
eu224315Intergenic region and movement protein AV2, Mexican Sinaloa potato isolate
eu430290Coat protein AV1, US isolate KY T1A
eu430291Coat protein AV1, US isolate KY T7D
eu430292Coat protein AV1, US isolate KY C14B
eu635776Complete sequence, Iranian Kahnooj isolate
eu677426Movement protein AV2, Iranian isolate Orzuiyeh
eu677427Movement protein AV2, Iranian isolate Abadeh
eu677428Movement protein AV2, Iranian isolate Roodan-8
eu677429Movement protein AV2, Iranian isolate Ch12
eu677430Movement protein AV2, Iranian isolate He
eu714094Movement protein AV2, Iranian isolate Lar
eu734831Complete sequence, Sicilian TYLCV/TYLCSV recombinant isolate IT:R-2-2
eu734832Complete sequence, Sicilian TYLCV/TYLCSV recombinant isolate IT:R-2-5
eu834058Intergenic region with C4 protein and parts of C1, V1 and V2, Iranian isolate AY
eu834059Intergenic region with C4 protein and parts of C1, V1 and V2, Iranian isolate BA
eu834060Intergenic region with C4 protein and parts of C1, V1 and V2, Iranian isolate Bo
eu834061Intergenic region with C4 protein and parts of C1, V1 and V2, Iranian isolate Ji
eu834062Intergenic region with C4 protein and parts of C1, V1 and V2, Iranian isolate Kh
eu834063Intergenic region with C4 protein and parts of C1, V1 and V2, Iranian isolate Mi
eu834064Intergenic region with C4 protein and parts of C1, V1 and V2, Iranian isolate Sh
eu834065Movement protein AV2, Iranian isolate Ch16
fj012358Complete sequence, Mexican Guasave isolate
fj012359Most of sequence (missing part of coat protein), Sinaloa tomatillo isolate in complementary sense
fj355946Complete sequence, Iranian Abadeh isolate
fj439569Complete sequence, Netherlands isolate 3181291
fj609655Complete sequence, Mexican Guasave isolate
fj646611Complete sequence, Chinese isolate AH1
fj939640Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SDZB
fj956701Complete sequence, Oman isolate Alb12
fj956702Complete sequence, Oman isolate Alb13
fj956703Complete sequence, Oman isolate Alb23
fj956704Complete sequence, Oman isolate Alb26
fj956705Complete sequence, Oman isolate Alb34
fj956706Complete sequence, Oman isolate Alb76 (identical to EU635776)
fn252890Complete sequence, Chinese Zhejiang tomato isolate ZJHZ1
fn256256Complete sequence, Chinese Zhejiang tomato isolate ZJHZ12
fn256257Complete sequence, Chinese Shandong tomato isolate SDJN2
fn256258Complete sequence, Chinese Shanghai tomato isolate SH3
fn256259Complete sequence, Chinese Jiangsu tomato isolate JSNJ1
fn293161Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate JSNJ1
fn293162Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SDJN1
fn293163Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SDJN2
fn293164Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SDJN3
fn293165Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SDZB1
fn293166Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SDZB2
fn293167Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SH3
fn293168Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJCX1
fn293169Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJCX4
fn293170Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJHZ1
fn293171Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJHZ12
fn392880Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HeBWX1
fn392881Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HeBWX2
fn392882Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HeBWX3
fn392883Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HeBWX4
fn392884Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HeBWX5
fn650801Movement protein AV2, Chinese Anhui isolate AH-HB3
fn650805Movement protein AV2, Chinese Anhui isolate AH-HB4
fn650806Movement protein AV2, Chinese Anhui isolate AH-HB6
fn650807Complete sequence, Chinese Anhui isolate AH-HB1
fn650808Complete sequence, Chinese Anhui isolate AH-HB2
fn651641Movement protein AV2, Chinese Anhui isolate AH-HB5
fn651784Movement protein AV2, Chinese Anhui isolate AH-HB7
fn651785Movement protein AV2, Chinese Anhui isolate AH-HB8
fn651790Movement protein AV2, Chinese Anhui isolate AH-HB9
fn666599Movement protein AV2, Chinese Anhui isolate AH-HB10
fr851297Complete sequence, isolate Grenada:Hermitage:2007
fr851298Complete sequence, isolate Grenada:Paradise:2007
gq141873Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Bus
gq352537Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDZB
gq352538Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDZZ
gq861426Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[JO:Ju:08]
gq861427Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-Mld[JO:Ju:08]
gu076440Complete sequence, Iranian isolate IL[IR:Ta30:06]
gu076441Complete sequence, Iranian isolate OM[IR:Ji31:06]
gu076442Complete sequence, Iranian isolate Ker[IR:Ho32:06]
gu076443Complete sequence, Iranian isolate Ker[IR:Ho33:06]
gu076444Complete sequence, Iranian isolate IL[IR:Sh40:07]
gu076445Complete sequence, Iranian isolate IL[IR:Or28:07]
gu076446Complete sequence, Iranian isolate IL[IR:Sh46:07]
gu076447Complete sequence, Iranian isolate IL[IR:Sh47:07]
gu076448Complete sequence, Iranian isolate Ker[IR:Ka23:06]
gu076449Complete sequence, Iranian isolate Ker[IR:Ka21:06]
gu076450Complete sequence, Iranian isolate OM[IR:Ji48:07]
gu076451Complete sequence, Iranian isolate OM[IR:Ro25:06]
gu076452Complete sequence, Iranian isolate OM[IR:Ji42:06]
gu076453Complete sequence, Iranian isolate OM[IR:Ji31p:06]
gu076454Complete sequence, Iranian isolate Bou[IR:Ge29:06]
gu084381AC3 protein, Beijing isolate
gu111505Complete sequence, Chinese Jiangsu isolate XH2
gu126513Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Hwas
gu178813Complete sequence, isolate Australia:Brisbane1:2006 BRIP51987
gu178814Complete sequence, isolate Australia:Brisbane2:2006 BRIP51988
gu178815Complete sequence, isolate Australia:Brisbane3:2006 BRIP49032
gu178816Complete sequence, isolate Australia:Brisbane4:2006 BRIP49036
gu178817Complete sequence, isolate Australia:Bundaberg1:2006 BRIP49041
gu178818Complete sequence, isolate Australia:Brisbane5:2006 BRIP49046
gu178819Complete sequence, isolate Australia:Bundaberg2:2006 BRIP49053
gu178820Complete sequence, isolate Australia:Bundaberg3:2006 BRIP51989
gu199587Complete sequence, Chinese tomato isolate SD2 clone A-7
gu199590Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SD2 clone 2
gu322423Complete sequence, Hawaii Poamoho isolate
gu322424Complete sequence, Hawaii Wailuku isolate
gu325632Complete sequence, Korean isolate Nons
gu325633Complete sequence, Korean isolate Jeju
gu325634Complete sequence, Korean isolate Bos
gu348995Complete sequence, Chinese Hebei isolate HBLF3
gu355941Complete sequence, Guatemala:Salama Valley isolate
gu434141Complete sequence, isolate CN:SH:Tomato1:08
gu434142Complete sequence, isolate CN:AH:HF:Tomato1:08
gu434143Complete sequence, isolate CN:SH:Cowpea:08
gu434144Complete sequence, isolate CN:SH:Sweetpepper:08
gu563330Complete sequence, Chinese Tianjin isolate
gu951436Complete sequence, isolate Baoding
gu951437Complete sequence, isolate Handan
gu983859Complete sequence, isolate Beijing3
he603241Complete sequence, isolate New Caledonia:Noumea1:2010
he603242Complete sequence, isolate New Caledonia:Noumea2:2010
he603243Complete sequence, isolate New Caledonia:Noumea3:2010
he603244Complete sequence, isolate New Caledonia:Noumea4:2010
he603245Complete but possibly aberrant sequence, isolate New Caledonia:La Foa:2010
he603246Complete sequence, isolate New Caledonia:Ouvea:2010
he819240Complete sequence, isolate KB18-7
he819241Complete sequence, isolate Bidiya
he819242Complete sequence, isolate NZ-74
he819243Complete sequence, isolate BidBid
he819245Complete sequence, isolate T-38
hf674943Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJHZ12-1
hf674944Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJHZ12-2
hf674945Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJHZ12-3
hf674946Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJHZ12-4
hf674947Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJHZ12-5
hf674948Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJHZ12-6
hf674949Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJJX11
hf674950Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJWZ11-1
hf674951Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJWZ11-2
hf674952Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJWZ11-3
hf674953Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJWZ11-4
hf674954Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJWZ11-5
hf674955Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate ZJWZ11-6
hf674956Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HNKF11
hf674957Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HNLY11
hf674958Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HNXX11-1
hf674959Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HNXX11-2
hf674960Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HNZZ11-1
hf674961Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HNZZ11-2
hf674962Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HNZZ11-3
hf674963Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HNZZ11-4
hf674964Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HNZZ11-5
hf674965Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SDWF12-1
hf674966Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SDWF12-2
hf674967Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SDWF12-3
hf674968Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SX11-1
hf674969Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SX11-2
hf674970Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate SX11-3
hm043732Complete sequence, Chinese strain SDSG
hm130912Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Masan
hm130913Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Jeonju
hm130914Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Jeju
hm208334Complete sequence, Chinese Hebei isolate HBLF4
hm358879Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDYN
hm448447Complete sequence, isolate Mauritius
hm459851Complete sequence, isolate Baja California
hm627880Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDDZ
hm627881Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDDY
hm627882Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDHZ
hm627883Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDJN
hm627884Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDLY
hm627885Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDZB
hm856873Complete sequence, isolate Samcheonpo 1
hm856909Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Busan 8
hm856910Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Buyeo 12
hm856911Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Goseong 21
hm856912Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Gunwi 19
hm856913Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Gwangju 30
hm856914Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Gwangyang 6
hm856915Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Gyeongju 52
hm856916Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Iksan 9
hm856917Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Jangheung 44
hm856918Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Nonsan 1
hm856919Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Uiseong 41
hm988987Complete sequence, isolate Kailua-Kona
hq260984Complete but defective sequence, South Korean isolate CW
hq702861Complete sequence, isolate SDLZ
hq702862Complete sequence, isolate SDSG
hq702863Complete sequence, isolate HeZe
jf301667Complete sequence, isolate SD-JiNing
jf301668Complete sequence, isolate SD-Qingdao
jf414236Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDTA
jf414237Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNSQ
jf451352Complete sequence, Kuwait isolate KISR
jf727878Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SJZ1
jf817218Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SJZ2
jf833036Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Langfang
jf964959Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Handanquzhou
jn182213Coat protein AV1, Venezuelan isolate 20090109-46
jn183872Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Damyang 43
jn183873Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Damyang 1
jn183874Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Damyon 17
jn183875Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Damyang 34
jn183876Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Damyang 38
jn183877Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Gongju 49
jn183878Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Okcheon 1
jn183879Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Andong 1
jn183880Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Andong 2
jn412854Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SX-8
jn604484Complete sequence, Oman isolate KW1
jn604485Complete sequence, Oman isolate KW2
jn604486Complete sequence, Oman isolate KW3
jn604487Complete sequence, Oman isolate DT1
jn604488Complete sequence, Oman isolate DT2
jn680149Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Goseong
jn680150Complete sequence, South Korean isolate Haenam
jn680353Complete sequence, Mexican Huasteca isolate
jn990922Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HBBD
jn990923Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HBDC
jn990924Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNJX
jn990925Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNNH
jn990926Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNZM
jn990927Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDJN
jn990928Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDLW
jq002660Coat protein AV1, isolate HN-luohe
jq002661Coat protein AV1, isolate HN-huaxian
jq002662Coat protein AV1, isolate HN-nanyang
jq002663Coat protein AV1, isolate HN-shangqiu
jq002664Coat protein AV1, isolate HN-tongxu
jq002665Coat protein AV1, isolate HN-xinxiang
jq002666Coat protein AV1, isolate HN-zhongmou
jq004028Complete sequence, isolate HNZZ158
jq004045Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HBDZ
jq004046Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HBQX
jq004047Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HBRY
jq004048Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNHJ
jq004049Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNKF
jq004050Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNPY
jq004051Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNSJ
jq004052Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNXW
jq013089Complete sequence, isolate To
jq013090Complete sequence, isolate Gh
jq013091Complete sequence, isolate Gj
jq034613Complete sequence, isolate HNHX
jq034614Coat protein AV1, isolate Jiyuan
jq034615Coat protein AV1, isolate Kaifeng
jq034616Coat protein AV1, isolate Luoyang
jq034617Coat protein AV1, isolate Neihuang
jq034618Coat protein AV1, isolate Pingdingshan
jq034619Coat protein AV1, isolate Qingfeng
jq034620Coat protein AV1, isolate Xinyang
jq034621Coat protein AV1, isolate Zhumadian
jq034622Coat protein AV1, isolate Zhengzhou
jq038232Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HBYQ
jq038233Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNMC
jq038234Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNQF
jq038235Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNQX
jq038236Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNTY
jq038237Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNWH
jq038238Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNWZ
jq038239Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HNXX
jq038240Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDCL
jq231214Complete sequence, Iranian isolate Kermanshah
jq303121Complete sequence, isolate isolate MX:SLP:11
jq326957Complete sequence, Chinese isolate AH-M4-23
jq354991Complete sequence, isolate IRQ
jq411237Complete sequence, Chinese isolate Shouguang
jq414025Complete sequence, Iranian isolate Neyshabur
jq754307Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HNZK
jq768337Coat protein AV1, isolate ShanDong1-1
jq768338Coat protein AV1, isolate ShanDong1-2
jq768339Coat protein AV1, isolate ShanDong1-3
jq768340Coat protein AV1, isolate ShangHai1-1
jq768341Coat protein AV1, isolate ShangHai1-2
jq768342Coat protein AV1, isolate ZheJiang1-1
jq768343Coat protein AV1, isolate ZheJiang1-2
jq768344Coat protein AV1, isolate ZheJiang1-3
jq807735Complete sequence, Chinese isolate KS2-5
jq867092Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SS11
jq9283371.2 kb including C4 protein and IR, Iranian isolate 121-Dardaz
jq9283381.2 kb including C4 protein and IR, Iranian isolate 125-Dargaz
jq9283391.2 kb including C4 protein and IR, Iranian isolate BO
jq9283401.2 kb including C4 protein and IR, Iranian isolate 186-Kermanshah
jq9283411.2 kb including C4 protein and IR, Iranian isolate 203-Sabzevar
jq9283421.2 kb including C4 protein and IR, Iranian isolate 205-Sabzevar
jq9283431.2 kb including C4 protein and IR, Iranian isolate 206-Sabzevar
jq9283441.2 kb including C4 protein and IR, Iranian isolate FD
jq9283451.2 kb including C4 protein and IR, Iranian isolate 185-Kazeron
jq928346Complete sequence, Iranian isolate 63-Birjand
jq928347Complete sequence, Iranian isolate Cherry-Fadisheh
jq928348Complete sequence, Iranian isolate 120-Dargaz
jq928349Complete sequence, Iranian isolate 143-Bojnord
jq990967Replication enhancer AC3, Chinese isolate KQT
jq990968Replication enhancer AC3, Chinese isolate MAF
jq990969Replication enhancer AC3, Chinese isolate SGF
jq990970Replication enhancer AC3, Chinese isolate STN
jx025074Coat protein AV1, Venezuelan isolate 20042603
jx070042Complete sequence, Chinese isolate JN11
jx070043Complete sequence, Chinese isolate BZ28
jx070044Complete sequence, Chinese isolate LY39
jx070045Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HZ65
jx075183Coat protein AV1, isolate South Korea:Chungnam:Buyeo:Tomato(1):2012
jx075184Coat protein AV1, isolate South Korea:Chungnam:Buyeo:Tomato(3):2012
jx075185Coat protein AV1, isolate South Korea:Chungnam:Buyeo:Tomato(5):2012
jx075187Coat protein AV1, isolate South Korea:Chungnam:Buyeo:Tomato(F1):2012
jx075188Coat protein AV1, isolate South Korea:Chungnam:Buyeo:Tomato(F2):2012
jx128099Complete sequence, isolate SS12
jx128100Complete sequence, isolate JS88
jx131286Complete sequence, Jordanian isolate
jx239482AC2 protein, Shandong isolate
jx239483AC3 protein, Shandong isolate
jx239484Coat protein AV1, Shandong isolate
jx444575Complete sequence, Jordanian Homra isolate
jx456637Complete sequence, Chinese isolate KSCTo4
jx456638Complete sequence, Chinese isolate KSCTo16
jx456639Complete sequence, Chinese isolate KYCTo18
jx456640Complete sequence, Chinese isolate KZPTo20
jx456641Complete sequence, Chinese isolate KSCPe6
jx456642Complete sequence, Chinese isolate KSCPe7
jx456643Complete sequence, Chinese isolate KSCEg1
jx456644Complete sequence, Chinese isolate KSCDa
jx669541Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDCS
jx669542Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDFX
jx669543Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDMY
jx669544Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDYT
jx675237Complete sequence, Chinese tomato isolate HZ
jx856172Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDTA
jx856173Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SDTZ
jx910534Complete sequence, isolate JS-AA-06
jx961665Complete sequence, isolate Cheongwon2
jx961666Complete sequence, isolate Ganghwa2
jx961667Complete sequence, isolate Hwasun29
jx961668Complete sequence, isolate Pyeongtaek1
jx961669Complete sequence, isolate Seongnam1-1
jx997756Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX8-1
jx997757Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX8-2
jx997758Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX8-3
jx997759Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX8-4
jx997760Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX8-5
jx997761Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX8-6
jx997762Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX73-1
jx997763Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX73-2
jx997764Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX73-3
jx997765Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX73-4
jx997766Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate sx73-5
jx997767Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate sx73-6
jx997768Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX96-1
jx997769Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX96-2
jx997770Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX96-3
jx997771Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX96-4
jx997772Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX96-5
jx997773Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX96-6
jx997774Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate SX185-1
jx997775Movement protein AV2, Chinese hollyhock isolate sx185-2
jx997776Movement protein AV2, Chinese hollyhock isolate sx185-3
jx997777Movement protein AV2, Chinese hollyhock isolate sx185-4
jx997778Movement protein AV2, Chinese hollyhock isolate sx185-5
jx997779Movement protein AV2, Chinese hollyhock isolate sx185-6
jx997780Movement protein AV2, Chinese cowpea isolate SX136-01
jx997781Movement protein AV2, Chinese cowpea isolate sx136-02
jx997782Movement protein AV2, Chinese cowpea isolate sx136-03
jx997783Movement protein AV2, Chinese cowpea isolate sx-136-04
jx997784Movement protein AV2, Chinese cowpea isolate SX136-05
jx997785Movement protein AV2, Chinese cowpea isolate sx136-06
jx997786Movement protein AV2, Chinese cowpea isolate SX136-07
jx997787Movement protein AV2, Chinese cowpea isolate SX136-08
jx997788Movement protein AV2, Chinese cowpea isolate SX137-01
jx997789Movement protein AV2, Chinese cowpea isolate sx137-04
jx997790Movement protein AV2, Chinese cowpea isolate sx137-06
jx997791Movement protein AV2, Chinese cowpea isolate sx137-08
jx997792Movement protein AV2, Chinese hollyhock isolate sx186-02
jx997793Movement protein AV2, Chinese hollyhock isolate sx186-03
jx997794Movement protein AV2, Chinese hollyhock isolate SX186-05
jx997795Movement protein AV2, Chinese hollyhock isolate sx186-06
jx997796Movement protein AV2, Chinese hollyhock isolate sx186-08
jx997797Movement protein AV2, Chinese tomato isolate sx8-14
jx997798Complete sequence, Chinese tomato isolate SX73
jx997799Complete sequence, Chinese tomato isolate sx96
jx997800Complete sequence, Chinese cowpea isolate SX136
jx997801Complete sequence, Chinese cowpea isolate sx137
jx997802Complete sequence, Chinese hollyhock isolate SX185
jx997803Complete sequence, Chinese hollyhock isolate sx186
kc106635Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:5-2]
kc106636Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:8-1]
kc106637Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:11-1]
kc106638Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:23-7]
kc106639Complete but defective sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:23-1]
kc106640Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:23-A]
kc106641Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:28-7]
kc106642Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:28-3]
kc106643Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:28-5]
kc106644Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:28-2]
kc106645Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:28-8]
kc106646Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:132-1]
kc106647Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:132-13]
kc106648Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:A1]
kc106649Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:A2]
kc106650Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:C3]
kc106651Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:C5]
kc106652Complete sequence, isolate TYLCV-IL[IR:Boj:C6]
kc207940Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate KM-1
kc207941Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate KY-1
kc207942Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate KY-2
kc211184Complete sequence, Chinese isolate MS001
kc293824Coat protein AV1, Chinese isolate Yl (remainder of sequence incomplete and probably defective)
kc312655Complete sequence, Chinese isolate AH-BB
kc312656Complete sequence, Chinese isolate AH-HF
kc312657Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HB-SJZ
kc312658Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HB-TS
kc312659Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HB-WH1
kc312660Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HB-WH2
kc312661Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HN-ZZ
kc312662Complete sequence, Chinese isolate JS-NJ
kc312663Complete sequence, Chinese isolate JS-NT
kc312664Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SD-LC
kc312665Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SD-SG
kc312666Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SD-WF
kc312667Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SH1
kc312668Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SH2
kc312669Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SX-XA1
kc312670Complete sequence, Chinese isolate SX-XA2
kc312671Complete sequence, Chinese isolate ZJ-HZ
kc312672Complete sequence, Chinese isolate ZJ-JX
kc312673Complete sequence, Chinese isolate ZJ-NB
kc428753Complete sequence, Chinese Xinjiang isolate KSQ1-3
kc461215Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate HY-2
kc702796Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HBCL
kc702797Complete sequence, Chinese isolate HBFN
kc702798Complete sequence, Chinese isolate JLSY
u65089Coat protein AV1, Cuban isolate
x15656Complete sequence, Navot et al., 1991
x76319Complete sequence, mild strain

Tomato yellow leaf curl Yunnan virus ()
kc686705Complete sequence, isolate YN2013 clone 10
kc686706Complete sequence, isolate YN2013 clone 1
kc686707Complete sequence, isolate YN2013 clone 2
kc686708Complete sequence, isolate YN2013 clone 3
kc686709Complete sequence, isolate YN2013 clone 6
kc686710Complete sequence, isolate YN2013 clone 7

Tomato yellow margin leaf curl virus (TYMLCV)
ay508993DNA-A, Venezuela, Merida isolate
ay508994DNA-B, Venezuela, Merida isolate

Tomato yellow mosaic virus (ToYMV)
gu320571AC1 and AC4 proteins, Antigua Sanderson isolate

Tomato yellow mottle virus (ToYMoV)
af112981Replication protein AC1 and partial coat protein, Costa Rica CR1 isolate
kc176780DNA-A, Costa Rican isolate clone 27
kc176781DNA-B, Costa Rican isolate clone 31

Tomato yellow spot virus (ToYSV)
dq336350DNA-A, Brazlian isolate Bicas2:1999
dq336351DNA-B, Brazlian isolate Bicas2:1999
fj538207DNA-A, Argentinian bean isolate
jq429791DNA-A, Brazilian Leonurus mosaic isolate PR88
jx513952DNA-A, isolate BR:MCR7:Le:09
jx513953DNA-B, isolate BR:MCR7:Le:09
kc683374DNA-A, Leonorus mosaic isolate PAR07
kc706628DNA-A, isolate BR:Jai56.1:08

Tomato yellow vein streak virus (ToYVSV)
ay829113AC4 protein, intergenic region and incomplete coat protein, Brazilian isolate IAC
ef417915DNA-A, Brazilian isolate Ba-3
ef417916DNA-B, Brazilian isolate Ba-3
ef459696DNA-A, Brazilian isolate G-22
gq387369DNA-A, Argentinian isolate T06
jf803254DNA-A, tomato golden vein isolate DF[BR:Ita1220:03]
jf803255DNA-A, tomato golden vein isolate DF[BR:Taq1613:03]
jf803256DNA-A, tomato golden vein isolate DF[BR:Pip1670:03]
jf803257DNA-A, tomato golden vein isolate DF[BR:Pip1719:03]
jf803258DNA-A, tomato golden vein isolate DF[BR:Pip1799:03]
jf803259DNA-A, tomato golden vein isolate DF[BR:Arag3043:04]
jf803265DNA-B, tomato golden vein isolate DF[BR:Pip1719:03]
kc706629DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda12:05
kc706630DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda13:05
kc706631DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda14:05
kc706632DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda17:05
kc706633DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda2:05
kc706634DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda21:05
kc706635DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda22:05
kc706636DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda23:05
kc706637DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda24:05
kc706638DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda26:05
kc706639DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda28:05
kc706640DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda29:05
kc706641DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda3:05
kc706642DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda30:05
kc706643DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda33:05
kc706644DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda35:05
kc706645DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda38:05
kc706646DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda41:05
kc706647DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda45:05
kc706648DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda46:05
kc706649DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda49:05
kc706650DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda50:05
kc706651DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda52:05
kc706652DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda54:05
kc706653DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda6:05
kc706654DNA-A, isolate BR:Pda7:05
kc706655DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda13:05
kc706656DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda21:05
kc706657DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda14:05
kc706658DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda30:05
kc706659DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda18:05
kc706660DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda50:05
kc706661DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda36:05
kc706662DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda3:05
kc706663DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda52:05
kc706664DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda23:05
kc706665DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda24:05
kc706666DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda6:05
kc706667DNA-B, isolate BR:Pda5:05

Unnamed Anoda begomovirus ()
dq318926Coat protein, Yucatan isolate

Unnamed bean begomovirus ()
dq914441Movement protein AV2, Chinese isolate

Unnamed cucurbit begomovirus ()
eu366164Coat protein, Indian Gorakhpur isolate

Unnamed hibiscus begomovirus ()
dq022659Movement protein AV2

Unnamed loofah begomovirus ()
fj667943Coat protein, Thailand Khon Kaen isolate

Unnamed pumpkin begomovirus ()
fj667944Coat protein, Thailand Suphan Buri isolate

Unnamed sweet potato begomovirus ()
gq268223Defective sequence SPBV-D-DNA-[1] isolate CNPH 1085
gq268224Defective sequence SPBV-D-DNA-[2] isolate CNPH 981
gq268225Defective sequence SPBV-D-DNA-[3] isolate CNPH 1067
gq268226Defective sequence SPBV-D-DNA-[4] isolate CNPH 1239
gq268227Defective sequence SPBV-D-DNA-[5] isolate CNPH 1043
gq268228Defective sequence SPBV-D-DNA-[6] isolate CNPH 1090
gq268229Defective sequence SPBV-D-DNA-[7] isolate CNPH 1168
gq268230Defective sequence SPBV-D-DNA-[8] isolate CNPH 1015
gq268231Defective sequence SPBV-D-DNA-[9] isolate CNPH 598

Unnamed Tabernaemontana begomovirus ()
dq339124Coat protein, Indian Tabernaemontana divaricata isolate

Unnamed tobacco begomovirus ()
eu849092Replication enhancer AC3, isolate Cuba:Granma:2007
eu873000Replication protein AC1, isolate Cuba:Granma:2007

Unnamed tomato begomovirus ()
aj422123Movement protein, Madagascar isolate Tulear1
aj422124Movement protein, Madagascar isolate Tulear2
aj620911Movement protein V2, Mayotte Dembeni isolate
aj620912Movement protein V2, Mayotte Combani isolate
aj620913Movement protein V2, Mayotte Kahani isolate
am048869Movement protein AV2, Chinese Yunnan isolate Y207
ay738097Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Belgaum isolate CR-2004-2
ay738098Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Panipat isolate CR-2004-3
ay738099Central region including part of coat protein and complete AC2 and AC3 proteins, Indian Bangalore isolate CR-2004-4

Unnamed wax gourd begomovirus ()
fj667942Coat protein, Thailand Suphan Buri isolate

Velvet bean severe mosaic virus ()
fn543425DNA-A, Lucknow isolate
fn543426DNA-B, Lucknow isolate

Vernonia yellow vein Fujian virus ()
jf265670Complete sequence, Chinese isolate VeYVFjV

Vernonia yellow vein virus (VeYVV)
am182232DNA-A, Indian Madurai isolate

Vigna yellow mosaic virus ()
kc430936DNA-A, Mexican isolate Yautepec-2007
kc430937DNA-B, Mexican isolate Yautepec-2007

Watermelon chlorotic stunt virus (WmCSV)
aj012081DNA-A, Briddon et al.
aj012082DNA-B, Briddon et al.
aj245650DNA-A, Sudan isolate
aj245651DNA-B, Sudan isolate
aj245652DNA-A, Iranian isolate
aj245653DNA-B, Iranian isolate
ef201809DNA-A, Israeli isolate
ef201810DNA-B, Israeli isolate
eu561236DNA-B, isolate JOR
eu561237DNA-A, isolate JOR
he800539DNA-B, Oman isolate Als-2
hm368371DNA-A, Lebanese isolate LB1
hm368372DNA-B, Lebanese isolate LB1
jn618980DNA-B, Oman isolate Als-1
jn618981DNA-A, Oman isolate Als-1
jn618982DNA-A, Oman isolate Als-2
jn618983DNA-A, Oman isolate Als-3
jn618984DNA-A, Oman isolate Als-4
jn624386DNA-A, Oman isolate Als-5
jn673223Substantial sequence of DNA-A including proteins AC1-AC4, Palestinian isolate PA
jx131283DNA-A, Jordanian isolate
jx131284DNA-B, Jordanian isolate
jx444576Movement protein AV2, isolate JOR
kc462552DNA-A, Palestine isolate PAL
kc462553DNA-B, Palestine isolate PAL

Wissadula golden mosaic St Thomas virus (WGMSTV)
dq395343DNA-A, Jamaican Wissadula isolate
eu158095DNA-B, Jamaican Wissadula isolate
gq355487DNA-B, Jamaican Albion isolate
gq355488DNA-A, Jamaican Albion isolate